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c85311.92019-10-18 at 15:03kurosakijinOgawa RyuuAgain he has no senpai heroine.
c65754.82019-10-18 at 15:00kurosakijinKurogane TadashiHe has no senpai heroine in this game, so I take it out, whoever puts it.
c33530.182019-10-18 at 03:33kurosakijinMutsumi Harutojust finished the game recently might add this.
c16741.112019-09-19 at 11:19kurosakijinElektrichka SapsanEnglish term of Leche is Rachel, don't change it, I will kill you.
r61397.42019-09-19 at 07:51kurosakijinALL x CATIONok, since entry is deleted ill add it here.
r66315.12019-09-19 at 07:48kurosakijinPretty x Cation 2 - All x Cation Editionadditional, just fix my grammar.
r66314.12019-09-19 at 07:42kurosakijinPurely x Cation - All x Cation EditionSince I played this game, I might add this, just fix if something is wrong, you cannot judge the base I put inside the animation because I played it.
c51034.282019-09-18 at 10:54kurosakijinKousaka HarukaI'm not the person who put that spoiler. I only fixed the grammar the person who putted that there, also stop judging a person who sucks at using
c51034.262019-09-17 at 14:01kurosakijinKousaka Harukathat sudden announcement of f***
c65754.22019-09-17 at 13:45kurosakijinKurogane TadashiProtagonist fixed name. will add the Description once it's fully translated.
c85312.22019-09-17 at 13:42kurosakijinKurogane Tadashiremoved
c85312.12019-09-17 at 13:41kurosakijinKurogane TadashiBirthday, Blood type, and other traits are chosen inside the game. You also choose what hobby, and favorite subjects you take, which includes the
r66262.72019-09-17 at 13:30kurosakijin[All x Cation] Pretty x Cation ~ An Eternal Sweetheart's Every Daysource
v14005.242019-09-17 at 13:30kurosakijinPretty x Cationfix
r66262.62019-09-17 at 13:26kurosakijin[All x Cation] Pretty x Cation ~ An Eternal Sweetheart's Every Dayupdate
c85311.22019-09-17 at 13:01kurosakijinOgawa Ryuuprotagonist
c85311.12019-09-17 at 12:58kurosakijinOgawa RyuuMC's status, Blood type, Birthday, and other details are modified inside the game, you can make the protagonist wears glass, decide what hobby he has
v14005.232019-09-15 at 15:18kurosakijinPretty x Cationtime
r66262.42019-09-15 at 11:09kurosakijinPretty x Cationimage edit.
r66262.32019-09-15 at 11:08kurosakijinPretty x Cationen patchi
r66262.22019-09-15 at 11:08kurosakijinPretty x Cationos
r66262.12019-09-15 at 11:07kurosakijinPretty x Cationtranslation announced
r66261.22019-09-15 at 11:06kurosakijinPretty x Cation - Append Life Patchrefix
r66261.12019-09-15 at 11:05kurosakijinPretty x CationAppend Patch
v20626.92019-09-05 at 23:10kurosakijinHime-sama Love Life! -Motto! Ichaicha ☆ Paradise!-duration
v16846.232019-09-05 at 23:10kurosakijinHime-sama Love Life!duration, of all stories
c51034.252019-09-03 at 04:05kurosakijinKousaka HarukaUwU
c51034.232019-09-03 at 01:48kurosakijinKousaka Haruka..
c51034.222019-09-03 at 01:48kurosakijinKousaka HarukaUwU
c51034.212019-09-03 at 01:47kurosakijinKousaka HarukaI forgot the one trait to add.
c51034.202019-09-03 at 00:49kurosakijinKousaka Haruka(*´ω`)
c60020.232019-09-02 at 07:56kurosakijinNiimi KakeruPlease do not put spoilers