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t15495.12021-02-02About the new seriesyou thought it was episode 4 but it was me dio.
t14035.12020-05-22She did it all by herselfDidn't expect the Staff, Director, Vocals, Scenario were only done by a single person., would be impressed if she's also an artist. sasuga
t8189.252019-11-17This is why you use proven seiyuus in big titlesHer accent is the reason.
t13148.12019-11-147 Deadly SinsSloth - Acheval Gluttony - Jabber Envy - Rochefort Wrath - Seydes Lust - Ophelia Pride - Felton Greed - Rocinante
t10438.82019-10-25Best girl poll!Misaki reminds me of Komi-san in manga
t10438.72019-10-25Best girl poll!Misaki can be weird sometimes, but I like her.
t12961.62019-10-18[SPOILER] VERY CAREFULThe OP is cute yes it is horror but not that much
t12945.162019-10-02TwelveAra ara~ I really like if this website never dies.
t12938.12019-09-29why is it tag as r-18?just curious, I just watched an anime version of this cuz of the horror.
t12920.12019-09-27Mizuha best route....the marriage proposal :D
t6448.92019-09-19completely CPU based?Get the updated patch for the GPU Settings, it would get smooth.
t12859.12019-09-14100% the longest game, I even playedI'm sure there are other longest VN there, but as for me this is the longest VN I even played, took me more than 120 hours. Slice of Life VN :D
t12828.12019-09-06Discussions and SummaryFap~ Fap~ Fap~ Spurt~~~
t12825.12019-09-05Discussions and Summaryfap~ fap~ fap~ spurt~
t12824.12019-09-05Discussions and SummaryI'm sure you watch the anime version, but you will like it If you play the VN version.
t4221.62019-09-05Why is it tagged yaoi?I remember that scene.
t12823.12019-09-05I have finished playing this game.Didn't expect my 2 side heroines, ended up becoming a heroine.
t12813.12019-09-02Discussions and SummaryI'm sure you are surprised when you get ****ed by her before the intro.
t12812.12019-09-02Summary of this game.I'm sure you really cried after reading this game. The plot really seems similar to Re:Zero, Steins:Gate, Rewrite, etc. of any time travel abilities