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t2108.38362021-06-22Candidates for deletionis not r73025.2 also the same release? then the english release probably shouldn't be separated if that the case.
w2262.102021-06-22Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai^probably the tag just have a bad naming choice. the alias "love overcomes all" is more fiting with the actual desc. but nowaday the tag has been
t2108.38342021-06-22Candidates for deletionI'm genuinely confused. that means r78576 should be devided into several enties since link said that the release have several localized names? I've
t2108.38322021-06-22Candidates for deletionr73025.2 is different name a valid reason to divide a release entry?
t16293.52021-06-22an all too common problem#1 well, the title is "wagamama" (selfish) and "high spec" (hard to handle). so... that said, the heroines in this vn are actually pretty bearable
t16294.42021-06-22Tag vote in v13553well, people often confuse Protagonist's Sister-in-Law as a Heroine and Protagonist's Non-blood-related Sister as a Heroine as well which often lead
t16294.22021-06-22Tag vote in v13553that means the relation between them is father and daughter-in-law. for some reason here in vndb, we separate Non-blood-related Incest (adopted
t15936.192021-06-22Regarding c97029.1I've been quite interested on reading some 3 on 10 titles for a while, so I might pick that one up as well. although, I really need to finish other
t8242.6092021-06-21The how to edit thread^I used to do the same. but I stopped after I realized that some "all X" tags doesn't have its "single" counterparts (and it's pretty boorish to have
t8242.6052021-06-21The how to edit threadt3314.2440 it's most likely okay to remove them individually. Yorhel just don't want to fill the notification and the edit history that caused by the
w2253.32021-06-20Hentai na Ore wa Shinshi ni Narazaru o Enai -The Importance of Creating an Environment Conducive to Be, or Not to Be.-does this vn warrant a Philosophy tag?
t16275.22021-06-19Regarding v31038.4yeah actually have the same opinion, but I'm a dumbass who edit shits while he's tired af. it's most likely going to be 終わらない悪夢 ~寝取られループ
t16270.102021-06-18Need help to include these gamesthe desc on the wiki is actually not really that interesting lol, but I translated it anyway. here you go: When riding the bullet train "Nozomi no
t16270.82021-06-18Need help to include these gamesWikipedia mentions the GBA version as well, but not too much. quote: "同年11月29日にアテナから発売されたゲームボーイアドバンス (GBA) 用ソフト『彼岸花』とタイトルや原作は同じだが、内容が異なっている" roughly
t16270.42021-06-18Need help to include these games#2 "cluster amaryllis" is just a direct translation for "higanbana", so it's not the game title. the first game and second game are the same, so
t16270.32021-06-18Need help to include these gamesthe first and second game are definetely the same story, only the graphics are changed/improved. I've only watched the first vids for each games, but
t3617.25502021-06-16Tags suggestions/fixesah, please add the abbreviation "SNS" too while you are it. thanks
t16240.62021-06-14Question about staff rolesgood to know
t16240.42021-06-14Question about staff roles#1 did you just mistake scenario for scenery?
t16230.72021-06-12Regarding c97833.5yeah, sounds good to me.
t16230.52021-06-12Regarding c97833.5but doesn't Loli Shopkeeper sounds a little off to you even in English? I mean, I would have thought that the shopkeeper is a loli if I had not take
t16230.32021-06-12Regarding c97833.5that's news to me. but still, the name order is still there. while I get it that the shopkeeper might be a lolicon, the name would be "lolicon na
t16230.12021-06-12Regarding c97833.5I don't play the game, but would not the name be "Shopkeeper Rori"? he doesn't look like a loli obviously, and from the name order, Shopkeeper would
t16222.32021-06-10downvotes?it would makes sense if it's only one, but there are several of them currently. another wild guess that they open multiple VN tabs and input the tags
t16222.12021-06-10downvotes?ummm.... why are you downvoting tags that no one but you actually vote it? link or was there actually someone voted before they redraw their votes?
t15939.402021-06-07Play length editsand minigames and other gameplay elements
t950.9502021-06-07VNDB Suggestions!can we have the "Vote Average" in VN listing table placed between Release Date and Popularity? it looks a little off right now. thank you for the
w2173.102021-06-06Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Ero Mahou Gakuen!never thought I'd see wall of texts in a nukige review's comment section.
t16054.422021-06-05Reporting MTL releasesnah, I unintentionally encountered that one while I was looking for imouto-vn candidates.
t16054.392021-06-05Reporting MTL releasesr80207
t16054.382021-06-05Reporting MTL releasestch... there goes my dream of being an evil magistrate
t16054.362021-06-05Reporting MTL releasesif I encountered an MTL in the internet, but I refuse to add it to db, will it be a good or bad decision? will I be a hero or a villain?
t16188.62021-06-05Question about tagging#4, if it were me, yes, or at least, I wouldn't downvote them. I'd tag it as Fictional Modern Day Japanese Town as long as the VN doesn't explicitly
t16177.22021-06-03Tag vote in v12180I applied a more specific trait as exchange link that said, why did you downvote link? you said it yourself that she is blood-related sister of the
t16158.42021-06-02New title romanisationShinigami -Shibito Magire- if we look only at the logo. "shibito magire" could be an alias depending on how the official title is written. let's wait
t12800.762021-05-31Querying DatabasesI don't know if this is what they call programming tricks or this query link really has nothing to do with VN releases...
t3314.25432021-05-28Traits#2542 "Look, the problem I see is that people are trying to put western meaning to a Japanese term. While 'senpai' does technically mean 'senior' it
t950.9452021-05-28VNDB Suggestions!#944 it's in the wishlist link. it's been getting more frequent lately, perhaps worse than the NSFW edit wars. let's hope the feature be implemented
t3314.25412021-05-26Traitsif I understand the decriptions right, it lean the traits to be placed as coworker child as well, making them child traits for both schoolmate and
t3314.25382021-05-26Traitsand which definition would we use? right now it's very clear that a senpai mean they are senior in school year. but if we move it under acquiantance
t3314.25362021-05-25TraitsI don't see how it can be any of use. there are many other traits that can be used as better replacement to them. beside, kouhai and senpai
t3314.25342021-05-25TraitsI'm not sure creating general kouhai and senpai under acquitance is a good idea. the trait would surely be overused. just look at how senpai and
t3617.25302021-05-25Tags suggestions/fixesrequesting that Spontaneous Power-ups and its child tag should be in content category instead. also this one t3617.2523.
t16054.232021-05-24Reporting MTL releasesr73764.2
t16102.42021-05-24this sucks#1 woah, we got the best constructive criticism here
t2108.37702021-05-23Candidates for deletionseems like Ayumu 3 Slave Maker is a doujin game that never got finished in development, a public release never existed. last post about the game is
t16090.12021-05-22Regarding r47370.10lol, we keep editing the same entries at the same time. I'll wait until you've done this time.
t16073.32021-05-20Regarding v28802.1shouldn't it marked as "alternative version" then? similar to a one-shot of a manga. there is another VN entry with similar case as this: Amakan
t16072.12021-05-19walkthrougha walkthrough because the choices are not very obvious and can be really frustating link