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t8242.8812021-12-04The how to edit threadnah, halloween party have become a cosplay event lately with no relation to spooky stuff whatsoever, so it's mostly applicable, as long as it fits
t12800.902021-12-03Querying Databasesevery query with r.type does not work now (including the ones here d18). pretty sure it could work if I replace it with something else but I don't
w3231.12021-12-01Imolicious"don't try to bang your sister, that's cringe"I would not be deluded!
t17434.12021-11-30tag voteslink is there any particular reason you downvoted nukige tag in all those VNs? most of the them fulfilled the critera of being a nukige in this site
t2520.6192021-11-30Minor error/sit still works in 1000th page link. so the bug is exclusive to him because he surpassed what a mortal being can do.
t3314.26842021-11-29Traitseh, while I myself think it's a bad trait, it's a harmless one. might as well use it since it's approved
t3314.26822021-11-29Traitsabout half-(...) traits, it might be more fitting to rename them to (...)-blooded (like this Divine Blooded) so it include all possible situations
t2520.6172021-11-29Minor error/syou can't go to Skorpy's "last" page in tag history for some reason link
t17428.42021-11-29Regarding p12712.3that's a weird one. I guess you can put ALF co. LTD. as an alias.
t17428.22021-11-28Regarding p12712.3the releases have only chinese as the language though, so you mean the company use "ALT co,. LDT" for those releases? which name they use when they
t8242.8752021-11-27The how to edit threadromanized arabic have a strict rule in both sentence and title. one of the thing to bear in mind you should not ever write "ال" (al) with lower case
t8242.8692021-11-27The how to edit threadbrowsed my edit history got some: r84657 r8460 r19179 r81448 link (I honestly don't know what NOeSIS means so I stayed out of it) nothing's too
t8242.8642021-11-27The how to edit threadthe only upside I can think with abolishing the caps rule is that we would not need to think about word play and the likes, so we can prevent cases
t8242.8612021-11-26The how to edit threadI believe that should not be the case. the reason why scripts such as Japanese or Korean follow English capitalization rule in this site should be
t3617.26752021-11-21Tags suggestions/fixes"but the discussion says the tag is meant for progressive/sjw games."it's actually to keep out the silly tag Amare Game, which result in more
t3617.26732021-11-21Tags suggestions/fixes"because all the heroines are white."and I'm pretty sure you meant race, my friend. as someone who live in a nation with diverse cultural backgrounds
t8242.8522021-11-16The how to edit threadyes. just change the citation into [Modified from Mangagemer] as clarifier.
w3141.22021-11-16Love Sweets"there is zero comedy. Or Am I missing something?"turns out the word plays got lost in translation, since it's one of the vn biggest charm, alongside
t2108.43632021-11-15Candidates for deletionmy eyes feel blessed looking at the new relation graph. I think I will give you some pats on the back for that. so the problem was the messy release
t10302.3482021-11-14Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadthis user voted on unreleased vn somehow Time Implosion
t2108.42212021-11-14Candidates for deletionoh no, I bought r79385 which is both a compilation and standalone release. how am I supposed to rate it? hint: rate all the vn entries included in
t17327.22021-11-09who's MC's older sister?it's Hozuki according to reviews I read. see note in link
t8242.8402021-11-07The how to edit thread^agreed. although I wouldn't remove the screenshot if there is a mouse cursor in it.
t17310.42021-11-07Favorite/Best Opening?opening wise: Dear My Waker full song: Sora no Kioku
t2108.41362021-11-06Candidates for deletionunlinked char entry c11463.3 JadeVater is an alias of Yegor Apreltsev. link link
t16987.662021-11-06Animation: A Proposal#64 just a nitpick but perhaps you should rename "Shortcuts" to "Presets". shortcuts make me think that the links lead toward an external site for
t3617.26682021-11-04Tags suggestions/fixesI completely forgot that this tag exist Repurposed Art. rather than making it as a child trait of Unoriginal Graphics (as I don't see the point of
t8242.8262021-10-27The how to edit threadif they released the demo, yes, even when they update and withdraw the release from the public. I believe removing them is the same as denying the
t16054.1792021-10-26Reporting MTL releasesr79546 is definetely MTL, the desc in Steam even use MTL v31043.6 there are some obviously MTL'd lines if you go to the steam page and see the
t17223.12021-10-22korean titlehi Tomyun. thank you for your hard work, but can you also transcribe the original korean title and put it as the title for the release (like this one
t950.10512021-10-20VNDB Suggestions!moushiwake gozaimasen, Ieyacil-sama <(_ _)>
t950.10492021-10-20VNDB Suggestions!I was trying to fix the relations here link link but I gave up immediately after I realize the "share characters" relation is totally broken (I've
t2108.41202021-10-19Candidates for deletionJackerman is a dupe of Jackerman
t17201.152021-10-19This.... This is....???! This is a Siscon Era?!!^the game looks promising with its multiple personali-, er.... changable personalities
t17201.72021-10-18This.... This is....???! This is a Siscon Era?!!I wonder how they're gonna translate Love Sweets, that vn is full of word plays and some memes that are really hard to be translated to English. I
t2108.41182021-10-16Candidates for deletionI could not find any info regarding Romantyczne Wileńskie Wersety no matter what I do. probably a WIP vn.
t17194.22021-10-16about the artyeah I'm pretty sure Asakawa Shina, the artist of this VN, is an alias of one of Zombieland Saga anime staff. I mean, just look at the resemblance: S
t2108.41102021-10-13Candidates for deletion#4109 yep, you are right. only reported the game after reading this review link which describe the game as "前半のホラーパート、後半のアラカパートと、二種類の違うパートで進むRPG
t2108.41082021-10-12Candidates for deletionr83802 r83801 r83799 r83800 please delete the mess I made... (I forgot about t16716.2)
t2108.40962021-10-07Candidates for deletioncan we restore character entries in Death Lori (Edit: here too Cafe La Sunset)? those were Tycol's edits but since there are info regarding the
t3617.26482021-10-05Tags suggestions/fixesDojikko Heroine should be renamed to Clumsy Heroine, and use Clumsy's desc as well. Heroine with Baby Complex (and its trait counterpart Baby Complex
t2108.40762021-10-03Candidates for deletionr83609 seems like a duplicate of r68305. I couldn't find or even imagine Atelier Sakura making a big revolution of doing fully animated scenes...
t16054.1582021-10-02Reporting MTL releasesr83564.1 r73761.2 r83563.1 r74860.4 r83562.1 r83561.2 r83561.1 r83560.1 r74859.2 r76973.2 r75866.2 r83558.1 r76994.2 r75865.3 r77574.2 r83557.1 r83556
t16873.32021-10-01Regarding c99496.1 and other characters' splitr1095.8 please give and recheck your source before changing release dev/producer to both. some of them are wrong.
t17110.32021-10-01Editing tags and traits#1 you should know how to answer people's question and explain your edits first before giving any idea to the db.
t17105.152021-09-30Fourteen 🎉so I just manually counted reviews + comments from 29-8-21 to 29-9-21 with this link (what am I doing with my spare time...), and I got the total 349
t17105.102021-09-30Fourteen 🎉Happy birthday, VNDB! I feel like the db has been more active after the reviews feature got implemented, so I'm also curious of how many users in
t17104.32021-09-30Regarding r8505.6sorry about that. my mind went 'linking-image=forum' for some reason
t17104.12021-09-30Regarding r8505.6yes link
t17046.252021-09-25Regarding r31883.4because changing the main title to Che~nji! is weird? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯