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t3617.23232020-07-07Tags suggestions/fixes@barfboy I agree with you, especially after I played Souseiji. it's a freaking kinetic novel which contain only two bad endings, which one of it is
t14295.222020-07-07Which VN has your favorite soundtrack?I usually like BGM with a catchy bass line, and here's one of my favorites: link I remember pausing the game whenever Nagi comes up just to listen to
t2520.4502020-06-29Minor error/sAnd it's been empty for at least 12 years...well, that's a record since I never visited that page at all since I got here for the first time in 2014
t2520.4472020-06-29Minor error/slink is empty...
t14268.32020-06-29I was bored, and...huh, weird. then who has been managing and giving hand to people on this site all this time... :/ I'm pretty sure his name begin with Y and ends with
t14268.12020-06-29I was bored, and...I found this perfect matching quote when searching for your name.
t2108.32472020-06-29Candidates for deletionJokeDrops is a duplicate of Joke Drops...
t2520.4382020-06-28Minor error/syes. you can see the example for them in "Hitozuma", which is written instead of "Hitodzuma"
t14266.62020-06-28NTR ruin the entire story.the tittle literally mean "behind my back, my girlfriend is... (having sex with others)". what are you complaining?
t14263.22020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffsthe guy just ignored your attempt of discussion lol anyway, you may want to bring it to your personal discussion regarding edit like this for the
t3314.21642020-06-27TraitsI always have a problem with the desc, especially that "cannot" and "anything" since... well, really, how many characters are seriously fit that very
t3617.23112020-06-24Tags suggestions/fixesholy... you should stop it now or it's going to be a pain tomorrow...
t14241.12020-06-24Sorairo's sequelfor those who don't know, there's a drama CD which can be called a "sequel" (or an after story to be precise) to Sora's route/world branch. it takes
t13727.3162020-06-20Flagging ImagesIt's probably my monitor's fault but the nipple in the second picture is really clear to me even without zooming in, and when I do zoom it in, I can
t3617.22982020-06-17Tags suggestions/fixesI have some question regarding Adolescent Romance. does the "long time" aspect need to be "on camera", or can it be applied to couples who spend a
t14195.52020-06-15Brainstorming release imagesreplacing the "VN" covers with release covers isn't a bad idea at all. if you're going to do it then it's probably the best to have an UI that can
t14187.82020-06-14Regarding c34494.17makes sense. I just remembered earlier that we need those relation feature to solve this "who does this to whom" problem (though I don't know how
t14187.62020-06-14Regarding c34494.17that's mostly convincing, but the fact that Unbeknown Incest is a child trait Incest is intact. don't get me wrong, I agree that we could apply both
t14187.42020-06-14Regarding c34494.17As another example, let's say a character is subjected to child abuse and some of that abuse is sexual. So an editor decides to add Sexual Child
t14187.12020-06-14Regarding c34494.17there are reasons it's redundant to puth both incest and unbeknown incest: - you realize that unbeknown in is a CHILD trait of incest, right? so when
t14152.42020-06-09Help me find this visual novel please and thnxOsananajimi no Onee-chan Sensei to H de Naisho na Kankei!?
t14150.32020-06-09script or CSS that lets you view characters/coversalthough it's not exactly what you're looking for, you can use VNDB extender by Marcussacana link
t2520.4052020-06-07Minor error/sI don't know if this is an error but in the new trait edit form, when the something-token expired i.e. editing too long without submitting, the
t2520.4042020-06-07Minor error/salthough it isn't shown on the front page, there's a deleted tag Tongue-in-cheek still showing up when you visit the modify tag page link.
t9091.122020-06-06Character name translation rule clarificationas many people stated on this thread (and the other one as well), Katakana is a guesswork, and I agree that leaving it in pure katakana is tasteless
t3617.22962020-06-05Tags suggestions/fixesI'd like to revamp Protagonist's Sister-in-Law as a Heroine's description a little. currently, sister-in-law defined as "a woman who is married to
t14098.82020-06-02Regarding v19656.10alright, that was embarrassing... it's even on the table on content... l|l| still, those dictionary don't even provide romaji spelling.
t14098.62020-06-01Regarding v19656.10so we are going to sacrifice grammar and consistency? I don't know this "dictionary list" you are talking about since I can't found one, but I'm
t14098.42020-05-31Regarding v19656.10that's the thing about Japanese. since they use furigana (mostly hiragana) as pronunciation helper, so the romaji one is unclear. there's always at
t14098.22020-05-31Regarding v19656.10aaahh I had a feeling this gonna come up. to be honest, I was really hesitant to change old entries since it will "clash" with other resources too
t14097.32020-05-31Regarding c90442.2I see. funny that the dev decided to change how to write his name in the actual game just like that :/ thank you too for clearing it up.
t14097.12020-05-31Regarding c90442.2alright, this is an interesting case. I actually played the game and the protagonist name is 源二郎 link. however, as you can see that on the official
t2520.4022020-05-31Minor error/swhenever I tagged an already existing tag, the screen always scroll back to the top of the page. I think it's better to either highlight the tag or
t14096.32020-05-31Congratulations Moe Game Award Grand Prize 2019lel Nukitashi 2, kinda unexpected and expected at the same time. after having that many praises from fans, it's hard not to imagine it win.
t14086.132020-05-30How to easily find Best Moege ?I'm mostly agree with Kiru's comments. but since there is a "tag comment" now, well-known terms but with vague, arguable meaning like Moege will be
t13727.3022020-05-26Flagging ImagesI like the current spoiler levels design, it's easier to avoid reading spoiler.
t14029.32020-05-21Interaction of general tags and specific subtagsIntuitively it should come up on a search for the former, but it doesn't.weird, earlier I checked, it worked for me too link. no matter how much you
t14020.52020-05-19Why Karen isn't a main heroine?as for someone who've played some their works, I don't think that's true. as for a Dev that specialty's making a charage, they're better than most of
t14023.12020-05-19your descriptionsyou seem to use MTL (Machine Translation) to fill characters' description when I check your edits (or some of your edits, I don't bother to check all
t3314.21252020-05-19TraitsI accidentally made a typo (or rather a brainfart) when submitting a new trait Thrifty. such as living in propertywhat I meant is poverty.
t14020.22020-05-19Why Karen isn't a main heroine?Madosoft usually only include 4 main heroines in their VNs. if you've played their other works, it's not the first time that their side character
t13989.52020-05-15Regarding c82557.6I don't see the harm to change the pic now if it really all there's to it, you can change the pic later if they announced the VN.
t13470.252020-05-15Some tag voting changesit will be more convenient if we could edit our own comment in the "who?" section as well. it's a pain to switch between tabs to see others' comment
t13989.32020-05-15Regarding c82557.6ah I see. I suppose I got a tunnel vision, didn't see the tag is already there. well, I didn't even realize that the trait even exist in the first
t13989.12020-05-14Regarding c82557.6I know she's not exactly using mind control, but more like a whole mind and body manipulation. you know, when she turned everyone into zombie-like
t8242.2402020-05-14The how to edit threadThe image flagging UI gave me Stock Photo Of A Duck today... wait...what? and that's not even a... uh whatever It cannot be the bottle of your
t12973.242020-05-14Is this the last game in the series?link this coma might be come as a joke but this can be interpreted that most likely we will get a raburabu eroero fandisk from the dev, including a
t8242.2362020-05-14The how to edit threadis it okay to use a logo representation as a character pic if it's necessary? for example, Nine from 9 -Nine- Yukiiro Yukihana Yukinoato never
t8242.2342020-05-07The how to edit threadthere IS such thing as ny, eacil. in Japanese, both にゃ and んや written as nya, but they are pronounced differently. take nya in nya~ にゃ~ as
t2108.31652020-05-04Candidates for deletionI think this instance c90246 isn't needed at all, it's not like she's on different world line or something, just a kid (flashback) version of Komine