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2021-12-066FinishedTo Love-Ru Diary~ - Harenchieh22021-12-06
2021-12-066FinishedTo Love-Ru Diary~ - Sistereh2021-12-06
2021-11-215.5FinishedAiMai ~Gimic LOw Higashiyama Shou~imouto rape, sweet cousin romance, balanced as all things should be.2021-11-21
2021-11-216Finished, Inc-ImoutoOniAi ~Gimic LOw Higashiyama Shou~cute2021-11-21
2021-10-135.4FinishedAni Nama! ~Onii-chan no Iku Kao, Zenkoku ni Haishin Sareteru yo?~imouto streams and 'bully' her brother, with other people involved. good for passing time I guess2021-10-13
2021-10-136Finished, Inc-ImoutoOnii-chan ni Amaetagari na Imouto de Gomen ne!can't believe I finished this...2021-09-27
2021-09-127.7Finished, Inc-ImoutoLove Sweetscharage at its best. if you're looking for slice of life comedy with not too much drama, (or if you are looking for the best osananajimi heroine) then this is the game for you.2019-09-21
2021-09-086Finished, Inc-ImoutoPako ☆ Sis ~Bitch na Imouto to Hame Pako Dousei Seikatsu~mediocre at best.2021-04-08
2021-09-085.5Finished, Inc-ImoutoImouto Rape ~Imouto no Konamaiki na Biniku~whenever I read something from Under Lip, I always ended up with bad taste after. they never became a couple, or maybe at least the imouto go dere at some point (excluding when they have H) even though it's clear as day that she is only pretending to hate the protag.2020-06-05
2021-08-297FinishedGrisaia no Meikyuu -Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia-2019-09-03
2021-08-297.3Finished, a.Special Games, Inc-Imouto, x.technical problemHoshizora no Memoria -Wish Upon a Shooting Star-it took 7 years me to finish... (2014). in HD ver, the backlog voice replay will always play Chinami's original voice instead of her Eternal Heart version.2019-09-03
2021-08-188FinishedDai Gyakuten Saiban -Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken-WHAT THE HELL WITH THAT FINAL TRIAL!!??... i love it2019-09-08
2021-08-177Dropped, NTRMoto Yankee Tsuma Hinako ~Shinshin Tomo ni Kanzen Netori!~too sweet for me2021-06-02
2021-08-146.9Finished, Inc-Imouto, continueAlia's Carnival!top tier imouto. although too many things sacrificed in her route. for the vn as a whole, the scenario is all over place, you will see plot holes here and there. take a rest (drinking is bad) eveytime the characters say "前も言ったけど…"2019-09-21
2021-08-056.3Finished, Inc-x.otherItsu made mo Musuko no Mama ja Irarenai! ~Kyonyuu de Bijin na Kaa-s...this vn is the better one in the series2019-09-12
2021-08-057.8Finished, Inc-ImoutoJain no Ikenie Gaiden - Siscon Aniki, Imouto ga Suki Sugite tier imouto. Imouto ga omotta ijou kawaii! shinuhodo kawaii! protagonist is also very likable. as for story, it's just your usual tentacle-parasite story with brother/sister romance.2020-08-25
2021-08-027.6Finished, Inc-Ane, Inc-Imouto, Inc-TwinPuramai Warsmy son ♥2019-11-28
2021-07-245.9Finished, Inc-ImoutoImosapo! ~Genkin de Low na Kyonyuu Imouto ni, Oppai Momasete Moraim...some (?) of this game's cgs are traced from other sources, which made me very reluctant to finish the game.2020-07-22
2021-07-228.3Finished, a.Special Games, Inc-ImoutoReal Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baaiit's a nakige, so brace yourself. sekaijuu no onii-chan e.2019-12-12
2021-07-216.3Dropped, Inc-x.other, NTRAniyome Sex ~Ore ni Dakareru Eroi Gishi to no Ecchi Seikatsu~either get rejected or netorase'd... alright then.2020-05-29
2021-07-207.3Finished, Inc-ImoutoOnii-chan, Asa made Zutto Gyutte Shite!this game made me sleep several times, not in a bad way. this game is really relaxing most of the time. I enjoyed the common route more.2019-09-03
2021-07-065.6Finished, Inc-ImoutoOokami Shoujo Reona -Yasei Houkai Hakuchi Kyouiku-stupid game, both the brute routes and pure love route. but I'm impressed at the literal 'blow' job scene2021-07-03
2021-07-016.7Finished, Inc-ImoutoHentai na Ore wa Shinshi ni Narazaru o Enai -The Importance of Crea...(1) this vn is presented like a theater-play. for the story itself, I don't like it in general; (2) overusage of comma; (3) too freaking short; (4) well, I enjoyed the riddles and philosophy talk.2021-06-29
2021-06-276.6FinishedOshi no Love yori Koi no Love都合のいい展開! this game relies to much on "luck" and "fate". I realized long ago that I'm not into yuri, so it was quite hard to finish. but, it's an okay vn, I guess?2020-03-13
2021-06-258.1Finished, Inc-ImoutoMaking * Loversit's Smee's VN. top icha-icha, top comedy, top slice of life.2019-09-03
2021-06-215Finished, NTRHitozuma Lovely Momentnothing's really special. the animation is meh. but hey, it has x-ray view2021-05-23
2021-06-068.9Finished, Inc-ImoutoKamikaze ☆ Explorer!top tier imouto. this game is basically pure love story with ESP, but everything about this VN screams "EFFORT"2019-11-02
2021-06-056Finished, Inc-ImoutoAratte! Onii-chan / Sawa Ani Vol. 2imouto ga kawaii. ijou da.2021-06-05
2021-06-026FinishedBatsugun Kanojovidi, vici, veni2021-06-02
2021-06-026.8Finished, Inc-Ane, Inc-ImoutoSazanka BotanI played because of futa on female and imouto. it's just an average ichaicha story... until you click on the omake story, that is.2021-06-01
2021-05-196FinishedSeikimatsu Tanemaki Densetsu: Shoujo Yuugi -Ai no tame ni Shine!-huh, Imouto boom started earlier than I thought2021-05-19
2021-05-187Finished, retro jitsumai game2021-05-18
2021-05-177.4Finished, Inc-Imouto, continueGengetsu no PandoraA-tier imouto. anata ni kogareta koi no controller~2020-03-29
2021-05-177.9Finished, Inc-ImoutoDeatte 5-fun wa Ore no Mono! Jikan Teishi to AtroposA-tier imouto. the story is not that good (expect to hear a lot of "daijoubu desuka"), but the heroines are all lovable.2019-09-03
2021-05-155.6Finished, Inc-ImoutoOnii-chan to H Shitai yo!I cringed hard at the story, but H-scenes are actually pretty good2021-05-15
2021-05-132FinishedChoukyou Daikouninlol2021-05-13
2021-05-135Finished, Inc-AneHoukago Mania Club -Koi no Hoshii no-as the title said, this game protagonist is a maniac2021-05-08
2021-05-055.4FinishedKairaku Ochi Suru Anezuma ~Otto no Tame ni Midara na Youkyuu ni Sak...take a shot everytime the heroine says "yurushite" and "gomennasai"2021-04-29
2021-04-303FinishedIkka Ryouran (Netori no Houshuu)played to confirm tags...2021-04-30
2021-04-297.9Finished, Inc-Ane, Inc-x.otherNee-chan no Susume ~Onee-chan no Itazura Seiseikatsu~Atelier Kaguya Bare and Bunny, nuffsaid2019-11-28
2021-04-247.9Finished, Inc-Imouto9 -Nine- ShinshouI'm sorry Sophie, that I am indeed a 暇人2021-03-19
2021-04-216.5Finished, Inc-AneHaitoku Shitei Soukan ~Ane no Midara na Yawaniku~"murder is better than eloping" - the protagonist2020-12-22
2021-04-217.4Finished, Inc-ImoutoLost Echoesthe most fun aspect about this game is that you have to read history articles in Wikipedia because otherwise you won't have a damn clue what the characters are talking about. and I want to note that the BGMs in this game are fucking awesome.2019-11-27
2021-04-128.5Finished, Inc-ImoutoGachi Otome Quintethidden gem. "easily forgotten love, an easily forgotten love. it's not so easy for me..." - Matt Bellamy. basically, the theme of this vn.2019-11-05
2021-04-093Finished, Inc-ImoutoImouto Ikenie ~Ryoujoku no Mori~played this only to confirm blood-related brother/sister incest.2021-04-09
2021-03-305Finished, Inc-Ane, Inc-ImoutoLibido 7pointless game.2021-03-30
2021-03-285Finished, Inc-ImoutoSis x Para -Sister Paradise-the ending is so unsatisfying2020-06-05
2021-03-216Finished, Inc-x.otherBoku no Daisuki na Oba-sanHOLY FUC-... that duckface caught me out of guard2020-03-09
2021-03-174Finished, Inc-ImoutoImouto Collectionnani kore2019-10-29
2021-03-168.5Finished, Inc-Imouto, x.technical problemClover Pointtop tier imouto. Yaya is too freaking cute. *on Windows 10, don't change the game's config, the game will corrupt*2019-09-17