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t14294.162020-07-06Not all NTR are badWhy are we staying in this thread arguing about stealing other's lovers? Go out there and enjoy some pure love story instead. Btw, netori or netorare
t13968.42020-07-06Mimei#3 Thanks for the explanation
t1052.2482020-07-05Quotes question...Thanks, btw, this looks pretty fun. Here is mine: Haru e to Tsuzuku Oka This is my story. Sending with love, from me to everyone involved with me
t1052.2462020-07-03Quotes question...I have a slightly irrelevant question, how do you quote other's reply in your comment?
t13520.462020-06-29Game really could have been an 18+ title#44 Since when H-scene is "irreplaceable" in a romance story? Because it satisfies the horniness looking at pretty much any girls in a VN? Now that's
t2520.4392020-06-28Minor error/sI can see, but why not make the distinction? It's not really that hard, and it keeps the accuracy of Japanese romanization.
t2520.4372020-06-28Minor error/sidk if this question is raised in the right board, but is づ and ず both romanized as "zu" in vndb? I'm used to the romanization of づ as "dzu" to
t13520.382020-06-26Game really could have been an 18+ titleMaybe you should read my comment again, no? I "expect" the medium to be plot-oriented, but ended up disappointed because people are stressing too
t13520.362020-06-25Game really could have been an 18+ titleExplicit sex scene equals "qUaLiTy" huh? But I'm not even surprised, the whole VN industry is pretty much sustaining itself on some big titties girl
t3617.23142020-06-24Tags suggestions/fixesThere should be stricter requirements regarding account creation rather than just gmail. My suggestion is a linked phone number to the account.
t3617.23062020-06-23Tags suggestions/fixes@beliar I see. Thanks for the reply.
t3617.23022020-06-20Tags suggestions/fixessorry, duplicate post
t3617.23012020-06-20Tags suggestions/fixesI know that alias is not supposed to contain spoilers as per the rule, but what about the case when a certain alias gives away a character's hidden
t3314.21522020-06-09TraitsImo, the ability to sense the existence of supernatural beings is also considered supernatural power, so it's kinda redundant.
t11863.262020-06-06What is the best way to learn Japanese?#25 Do you happen to have one title in mind? I'm curious to hear.
t14099.102020-06-04Visual novels: niche or mainstream?Considering the VN market being saturated by moege with basically the same plot, recycled characters and H-scene, it's gonna stay niche for a little
t12283.122020-06-03Time worthy VN?#1 Regarding the art, there are so many VNs sharing the same kind of art in the market tbh. Imo, it's not that impressive lol.
t14113.12020-06-02VN Translation 101I want to translate a VN but I don't know how to replace the text inside the VN with my text. Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to do this so I
t14086.172020-05-31How to easily find Best Moege ?Ye we definitely should add moege tag into the database, so I can blacklist those shallow plot VNs with bunches of girls jumping around MC, waiting
t2520.4002020-05-30Minor error/sis it just me or the image links in this trait are broken?
t3314.21402020-05-25TraitsI want to ask a quick question. If a character, for example, is revealed to smoke in the past, but quit it as of now, is the "engages in smoking
t13022.42020-05-25My thoughtsCan you add me on discord, I want to dm you there. My ID is "[] 109739369#7428". Thanks for the quick reply.
t13022.22020-05-24My thoughtsI just finished this VN today. It has a very decent plot and character development despite being unpopular in the database, perhaps like you said
t14019.32020-05-19Not actually twinsughh... sounds generic to me
t8242.2372020-05-14The how to edit threadI believe that the character's indicators (shape, size, or similar stuff) should be, to some extent, "deducible" from the respective character
t13968.22020-05-11MimeiHello there, #1, and welcome to vndb. Tbh, I didn't know the name "Mimei" has such meaning, because in the VN I can only see her name written in
t12394.182020-05-02General DiscussionIt's a comedic love triangle, ofc nothing is happening lol. Otherwise it would turn dramatic quickly.
t13884.42020-04-26tagmod brokenWow, thanks a lot!. That was quick I gotta say.
t13884.12020-04-26tagmod brokenJust like what the thread title said, I try to modify tags on this visual novel and it appears broken. Please fix.
t13520.312020-03-09Game really could have been an 18+ titlecriticize me all u want but who the @!#$ play Key VN for 18+ content?
t13094.12019-11-02Filtering VNs on siteCan anyone help me with filtering VNs based on length (2-10, 10-30 etc) and language? I have been on vndb for so long but somehow, I still couldn't