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9FinishedActing LessonsOne of my favorites. This is by far the best story of any 18+ VN i've played, and the only VN that may have as good a story is Doki Doki Literature Club. One word: fire. But it isn't perfect, the pacing feels a little off. For example, the fire, which everyone agrees is what makes it so good, seems to come out of BF-nowhere. Stuff like that. The graphics are pretty good, nothing to write home about. They don't look real, but they look good2019-09-12
6PlayingBabysitterA pretty good game with a unique story. The graphics aren't bad, but they do seem a little dark, and in a way that kind of makes them feel dry. I don't know how else to put it. The story is unique, with the MC having a cool job, and the villain being pretty well done, but the story kind of starts to drag, especially as Christine and Jessica spend way too much time on "girl talk" doing things like reminiscing over high school. This isn't inherently bad, but it's a bit overdone and dries out fast. But it's good. I did sometimes get bored, but always came back, because the story does get really interesting when the characters do their things to take down the antagonist.2019-09-12
6PlayingBecome A Rock StarThe artwork is really good. All the visuals are great. Now the story, for whatever reason, really drags. I'm not sure why, but I can never play for more than ten minutes at a time. It's a fine premise, so I have no clue why I get bored with it, and there's nothing bad about it, so I'm kinda confused as to why it bores me. Only thing I can think of is that it's a premise Disney has done a thousand times, other than that, I'm genuinely confused.2019-09-12
8PlayingBeing a DIKVery good novel. The graphics look great, they put a lot into it, and the story is good. Complaints: The graphics, while they look great, they suffer from what I call cookie-cutter syndrome. The girl characters all basically have the same face. The story has some stuff that really hits home, such as poverty, growing up without a parent, moving away from a love interest, but it also portrays college in a much more juvenile light than it should. Wedgies? Seriously? But it's damn good, one of the best that is in development.2019-11-04
9PlayingCity of Broken DreamersThis game may get the rating of Masterpiece when it's done. The visuals are PHENOMENAL. The characters look the realest of any VN I've played, and the animations are, quite literally, unbelievable. Like I find myself saying "how the f--k did they make that?" It's unbelievable. The story is really good too. It's an engaging bounty hunter story that kicks ass, with some really likeable characters. I think I'm catching feelings for Doctor Hamilton. I can't wait to see where it goes.2019-09-12
5PlayingDark NeighborhoodIt's got a cool premise, with the MC being haunted by the spirit, making him want to have sex with his family, kind of putting a new twist on the story we've all seen of the guy wanting to have sex with his mom and sisters. The graphics aren't great. They are smooth but the faces don't look real at all, and it's hard to describe. So, I'd say visually it's mediocre, but not terrible.2020-03-28
8FinishedDaughter for Dessert2019-09-12
9FinishedDepraved AwakeningOne of my favorites. An engaging detective story that looks great. You really care for the characters when you play it, and I've gone back to look at some of the scenes multiple times.2019-09-12
10FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!This game is nothing shy of a masterpiece. There's a reason it was downloaded over a million times the year it came out. It starts off slow and kinda boring if you aren't into VNs, then you hit the first scary part and all hell breaks loose, turning that monotony into pure horror. It's perfect. And what they did with Monika's self awareness was GENIUS! Well done team salvato2019-09-14
8PlayingDouble HomeworkThis game is really good. Visually, while you can tell the characters are fake, they still look realistic, if that makes sense. And the story keeps getting better and better. Is it perfect, no, but considering how quickly the updates come out, it's great2019-09-12
7PlayingHalfway HouseFor a studio that's just getting started, it's really good. The characters look great, and the story is engaging. Only problem is there's no music. No complaints, but also nothing SUPER outstanding.2020-03-30
3DroppedKanojo no Biniku ga Ochiru MadePoorly translated, so it was hard to read, and it was just weird, with a pretty rapey premise from what I could tell. I couldn't get very far.2019-09-12
3DroppedKingsguardFurry Porn. I don't do furry, and porn makes it worse. Now there is an audience for that, so I know it's not fair for me to say it's bad because of what it is, but it does have a probem of not putting enough into the renders. There's a part where a "lion-man" beats the shit out of some "rat men" and I sat there saying "Ok, I'd kinda like to see that."2020-02-10
6PlayingLancaster Boarding HouseThis game looks good, everything looks smooth and clean. The story is ok, but not really engaging. I don't know why, but it looses me quickly every time i try to progress.2019-09-12
5PlayingLife with MaryThe story isn't half bad. It's pretty engaging, and keeps me coming back. It does get a little repetitive and slow at times, but it picks up just as soon. So I wanna give this game at least a rating of decent, but I can't. Those renders aren't very good. All the girls look plastic, like they're wearing wigs. The guys aren't much better either. While they aren't eye sores, they aren't good, and the story, while decent, nowhere near makes up for it. But overall not bad.2019-09-12
6FinishedMy Girlfriend's AmnesiaA decent game with a good, the amnesia being a unique plot device. The two sisters are pretty hot. The visuals are decent but not great. The game does get a bit monotonous because every day you have to choose between the sisters sometimes multiple times. And then there's the NTR. I know there's an audience for NTR, and I don't particularly care for it, but don't really hate it either. Now what I do have a problem with is that not all of the NTR is consensual sex. The poor girlfriend gets raped multiple times in the game. It was hard to sit through just one scene. That was not cool. And as for the consensual scenes: the girls are hot, but the scenes with the girlfriend don't look that good. But that being said, it was a good game, albeit a flawed one.2019-09-12
5FinishedPlay with Us!2019-09-12
6PlayingSnow Daze: The Music of WinterFor a little known 2D game, it's pretty decent. It's got a unique story, and is interesting. The one thing I'd criticize is that the sex scenes are written out and not always shown. I'll read about the mom doing something to Jason, but it won't be on the screen, and I'll say "Ok, I'd like to SEE that"2019-09-15
5FinishedStranded With HerJust an experiment by Love Joint :)2020-04-02
9PlayingThe DeLuca FamilyOne of the best I've played so far. The graphics look great, even when they're in sprite, and the story is great and engaging. I'm really starting to care for the characters.2019-11-04
6FinishedThe End of an ActressPretty good game, the scenes look really good, and the story is engaging. Criticisms: Liliane doesn't look like the same person in CGs as she does in sprite form. The story is a bit wordy, it seems like when I read two or three text boxes, the game is repeating itself. The sex scene was good enough, even though I've seen raunchier stuff on Netflix lol. Could've used more than just one sex scene, and one PG-13 nude scene, which is all we got. Overall it's not bad2020-03-28
4StalledTwists of My LifeThis is one I was excited for but was really let down. The artwork is good, but the story is not. I haven't got far, but the MC is a heavyweight douche nozzle, and going through the motions of eating breakfast and showering and going to the school got old VERY quickly.2019-09-12