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v19885.22019-09-24 at 05:52adirosaDivideAdded Adirosa as a staff member.
v23285.102019-09-24 at 05:48adirosaThe Waters Above: PreludeAdded Adirosa and Minute to staff.
v18168.72019-09-24 at 05:47adirosaCeruleanAdded UI design to Laniessa's role.
v15905.42019-09-24 at 05:46adirosaQueen At ArmsUpdated to add Adirosa who participated in the Deluxe edition.
v21957.142019-09-24 at 05:41adirosaHeart of the WoodsUpdated to reflect Adirosa's role as the UI designer.
v20251.32019-09-24 at 05:36adirosaWithout a VoiceUpdated thumbnail.
v18168.62019-09-24 at 05:33adirosaCeruleanReplaced YuukiCrossPudding with the correct alias for Cerulean (Tenshio).
v18168.52019-09-24 at 05:32adirosaCeruleanReplaced Tenshio with YuukiCrossPudding (alias Tenshio) to merge the staff entry.
s9046.22019-09-24 at 05:27adirosaYuukiCrossPuddingAngelica Natalie/Tenshio (s6457) is the same artist as YCP