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t16728.962021-08-05A VN Play Time Voting Thing#86 Thank you very much for that. But i think the script can not handle games with few votes well an example is this here link There it suddenly
w2486.42021-07-29Baldr Sky Dive1 "Lost Memory"3# I don't agree. The middle paragraph reads like the game wastes your time for little to nothing of worth, if there is no way to skip to the final
w2486.12021-07-28Baldr Sky Dive1 "Lost Memory"This review made me question if i should even start this game, so thank you very much for telling me about this glaring problems! Does the game have
w1410.12021-07-26Ouka SabakiI very much agree with this review and the content of the game itself is describe very well, so kudos for that. But i think there is something
t14121.212021-07-19[Poll]Best Yuzusoft VN yet?It seems like that is the popular consensus, yeah. I put that on high priority. Thank you for the recommendation! :)
t14121.192021-07-19[Poll]Best Yuzusoft VN yet?First of all, thank you op for posting this poll! I didn't play any other yuzusoft games yet than dracu riot!, but i liked that a lot. So the
t16582.52021-07-11Why is this game listed as fully voiced?#3 and #4 I honestly would like to get a link to those definitions, if there is one. As for editing the flag i never had to do that, so i might need
t16582.12021-07-11Why is this game listed as fully voiced?Even the character summary has just a single voiced character listed. I'm currently playing the thing and there is indeed not a single side character
t950.9582021-07-05VNDB Suggestions!#956 I would like to have an option for notification that just covers the release section itself, nothing more and nothing less. The way it is now it
t16331.122021-06-27Will a restoration patch be possible in the future#10 I hate this lazy excuse and that has nothing to do with my post anyways. The only thing that matters is getting a complete product. If the h
t16331.12021-06-27Will a restoration patch be possible in the futureReading the news that this and all future vns form this dev will be "all ages versions" made me feel incredibly disappointed. There is one source for
w2181.12021-06-06Grisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia-I just be direct here you saw the "very long" classification on the page for this game, right? So why did you even start it if you knew you do not
t16160.72021-06-02Until Dawn?#1 Op Honestly if you want to go there Detroit Become human is more a vn than Until dawn, hell it even has a flow chart built in as well. I don't
w2144.42021-05-31Tsukihime#3 speaking of that. Is there any info what that even was? I honestly got the impression on several points it was the game just telling me The whole
w2144.22021-05-31Tsukihime"Akiha's true ending" I just come right out and ask it directly. Where did you get the connection of the knife and ciel form? In what i read there
w2092.12021-05-21Robotics;Notes DaSHCompletely agree. I would even say it spit's in the face / makes fun of daru and steins;gate as a franchise as well. But i'm not sure if that is a
t15729.102021-05-19vndb inconsistent with what's considered a VNI honestly would go the other way. And maybe make a distinction between true vn and vn adjacent game. That way vndb would get far less discussions
t15635.612021-05-09Amayui castle meister Translation" Translations are primarily made for people who need them, and those aren't qualified to rate a translation, simple as that." #58 That is a fair
t15635.572021-05-09Amayui castle meister Translation"I think some kind of option to put on the releases should be enough, like choose no TL, TL, MTL." Can you elaborate how that would look? Right in
t15635.552021-05-09Amayui castle meister Translation#53 doing noting will only make things worse.
t15635.542021-05-09Amayui castle meister Translation" I mean we have descriptions on releases for a reason and that can be used to tell people its an MTL and let them decide if they play it or not. "
t15635.522021-05-09Amayui castle meister Translation#50 And i think you underestimate how relevant MTL will become going forward. Don't get me wrong i do not advocate pro MTL, hell i actively try to go
t15635.492021-05-09Amayui castle meister Translation#48 i wouldn't go so far. But i sure as hell would call what vndb is doing at the moment a very unfortunate outcome of ignoring a growing problem for
t15635.422021-05-09Amayui castle meister Translation#40 Is this a copy pasta? It sure reads like one lol. Regarding the topic what yorhel linked and and what #35 posted are imo steps in the right
w1121.72021-04-17Robotics;Notes DaSHI rushed through most of it with the CoZ walkthrough now and i agree this game feels like 80% filler bs. Thus the question becomes do we know what of
w1121.52021-04-15Robotics;Notes DaSH"No, the route structure has nothing to do with tweets. In DaSH, you will often get a choice of what locations you want to visit, and depending on
w1121.32021-04-15Robotics;Notes DaSHI would have preferred akiho would've never been a main character, but i'm "only" talking about the main game, here. I have yet to read dash. It does
w1804.92021-04-14Robotics;Notes"C;H PC is a legitimately incomplete story, so of course it's considered the weakest entry by most people because the complete version of the story
w1804.72021-04-12Robotics;Notes"IMO Robotics;Notes is definitely the weakest of the main Sci;Adv titles"To me currently c;h is the weakest game followed by s;g 0. It would be a
w1804.62021-04-12Robotics;Notes#4 and #5 I'm at it guys! Geez don''t get you panties in a twist i think the fact that two separate commenters agree with the pacing problems is
w1804.12021-04-11Robotics;Notes"In my opinion, it has the best slice of life I've seen in any VN, it never felt like it dragged and always had a clear focus in each scene as well
t13698.572021-04-09English translation project#56 Thank you for confirming this! Now i can go ahead and take it down form my list.
t13698.552021-04-08English translation projectSo... is this project just dead and the link gone, now or what is the current status on this one?
t15799.12021-04-02Is there an "how to to set up the new pc port?"Do the guys form CoZ provide or plan on providing a step by step setup guide to get the new port and their TL working in the future? According to
t15777.12021-03-30English demoSo.. who exactly did make this demo and is there any chance this tl will ever get finished? Have to say i didn't expect this at all, i'm kind of
w1357.132021-03-28Higurashi no Naku Koro ni#12 i will stay away form anything written by this dude in the future. I did learn my lesson.
t15342.112021-03-28EpisodicThe neko para example #8 brought up made me realize that both neko para and karakara do have entries for each volume to be separate. Is there a way
t15747.42021-03-25DenuvoIf this is the start of a wave of denuvo vns, that maybe a good idea. For just a single or even a handful vns it's overkill, imo
t15479.42021-03-13ConfusedI guess i might as well ask about the +18 patch as well, if there even is one planned. Seeing nothing listed is always a red flag.
t12672.252021-03-01This has an English translation...#21 maybe the mod or whoever posted this shouldn't have posted it in the first place then?! And do not give me it's out of context reasoning, there
t12672.182021-02-28This has an English translation...Might as well post this in the game thread again I saw this in the fuwanovel discord: "As of january 1st 2021 japanese copyright laws have been
t15602.112021-02-28Biman 3 Translation has been announced.I saw this in the fuwanovel discord: "As of january 1st 2021 japanese copyright laws have been updated to include manga, vn´s and other forms of
t15293.32021-02-23Is it possible to read this without any yoai H?Are there other games having such an option? I didn't even know this was a thing, yet, thank you for letting me know!
t14164.112021-02-12Best delinquent main heroine?Ai, Renna and then Maki, imo
t15506.62021-02-06The interest in Russian visual novelsIt's pretty much the same thing as with chinese games, imo. If the tl quality is good and it doesn't read like it came out of a MTL plugin i do not
w1357.102021-01-30Higurashi no Naku Koro ni"Seems like your complaint in general should be more that you didn't think the half you read was good, not complaining and arguing reasons that
t15383.262021-01-23Are the H-scenes important for this one?"Cartagra and its sequels."Oh wow, what a coincidence. I recently played the thing. Didn't get to kara no shoujo yet. But this is something i can
t15383.232021-01-23Are the H-scenes important for this one?"I have asked twice now for you to outline what you'd accept as evidence so I can make an argument from my claim, but instead you are continuously
t15383.212021-01-23Are the H-scenes important for this one?"Nah, I don't know what's happening to the industry. Nice baseless assumption." If that is really the case you honestly should've never commented in
t15383.152021-01-23Are the H-scenes important for this one?"Dunno why what I said stung you so."You mean aside form making sweeping generalizations and not substantiating your claims? Now after #9 pointed it