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w499.12020-11-18Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai RoadI honestly do not see much worth in a review that is basically the info you can get form the descriptoin itself. Maybe its the ever present fear of
t950.8292020-11-12VNDB Suggestions!I would like an option to see fan patches on a given publisher's page as well. As it stands it it's a pain to get an overview over which game by a
t15011.32020-11-12"Unofficial" flag for releasesSounds good.
t14915.192020-10-28Why were you drawn to visual novels?Its a form of story telling that goes beyond manga and anime, but is still disticntly japanese. Its also more and more obvious that vns are a more
w773.72020-10-26Higurashi no Naku Koro niI honestly have no idea what to tell you at this point. It should be very obvious i made the second post as a means of getting a discussion going and
t14907.102020-10-25Age announced KimiNoze in EnglishSo.. the usual will it be the original game, or will they censor the shit out of it question? The article i found speaks about a company called anchor
w773.52020-10-23Higurashi no Naku Koro ni"It seems you know nothing about countryside, lol. In fact, in my country (Russia), my classmates bought cigs when they were about 9-11-year-old
w773.32020-10-18Higurashi no Naku Koro niBelieve me i will. But i didn't put half and half in two seperate games. So this one was only a rant over the 3 and a bit chapters i played as of yet
w773.12020-10-17Higurashi no Naku Koro niI'm done with the question arcs now. And i really start to wonder if you guys (as in most folks recommending this utter drivel all the time) played
w586.32020-09-29Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~@2 as far as i'm willing to buy some excuses "its only a dream" does not really help much, if its still shown and described on screen, it might as
w586.12020-09-28Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~Ok, this post could very well get me a bunch of shit talk, but there goes. And yeah instead of trying to stay spoiler free i'm just going into the
t14653.62020-09-22Name Restoration patch of this?So will we even see a patch to fix this, or is this the point where the community had enough of fixing their sloppy work? I do not want to even play
t3852.132020-09-08PatchFrom what i could see most of their newer releases where re-releases of old games. In fact if i'm not compeltly off base the last new game they have
t3852.112020-09-07PatchYeah i found it a few hours afterwards. I guess this is just what age will do, they will go the route of type moon and many other former eroge devs
t3852.92020-09-06PatchSorry for digging this one up. But the last reply form #8 made me curious what english release he spoke about? And why they start to cut fan discs up
t14461.132020-08-06Censorship and 17+ English.# 10 its just very obvious they only did alll ages stuff ever since, so i'm kinda sceptical in taking their word for it... Either way both games are
t14461.82020-08-05Censorship and 17+ English.#6 You might as well go ahead and blacklist fruitbait factory itself, because this shit is their MO. In fact just click at their profile and look for
t14343.32020-07-16Is this the same game?Thanks for confirming its this one. I'm very eager to see how this will turn out :D
t14343.12020-07-15Is this the same game?I found a news article for this game (?) to be published on steam and had to take a moment to wrap my head around it. I mean lets face it this is
t14229.22020-06-24Natsuki true ending guideI guess i just try my luck in asking for the same thing for the other two routes. Becasue i'm unable to find anything on this mod. It really looks
t14230.32020-06-22Clearing up questions about ex H-scenesIs there a way to upload such a patch to a site like the internetarchive or something similar to preserve it for the future? Its great you still seem
t9581.32020-06-21Dragon Knight IV translationSo? What happend with this? If the link goes to the right site still it does not even mention this game or the one you talked about. Which is a damn
t13663.372020-05-11Survey for my thesis! (About visual novel games)#32 "OP, you do not know nearly enough about this subject to write a thesis about it. I do not say this to insult you, but trying to pass off your
t13663.292020-05-10Survey for my thesis! (About visual novel games)I went over the profile after i did this "survey" and saw maybe 12 votes, so that re-enforced the bad taste the survey left in my mouth. I would like
t13663.262020-05-10Survey for my thesis! (About visual novel games)@op "While you were playing... Were you ever presented with a choice of options that go against your ethics and values?" Where is the it's fiction
t13954.62020-05-10Can I enjoy this vn with spoilersI recently finished the game and i retroactively regret playing ddlc now. If you did that it could indeed ruin most of the surprises this game tries.
t13170.182020-05-05Any news on the English release?Looks like the timezones bite me in the butt, again. Thanks for the heads up :)
t13170.162020-05-05Any news on the English release?So.. no listing of any digital version on here or even with google. Can i assume we do not have any info when we can even get a download edition yet?
t11632.32020-04-24What is going on with the release schedule?Looking at the steam page, i guess Act 1 is some type of prequel dlc top the main game? I'm honestly not sure yet, because i did hold off on playing
t13833.52020-04-17AppLocaleI did setup a vm for the same reason, specifically. But it turend out i should've configured locale emu correctly. Still having an XP vm and a 7 vm
t13367.42020-01-01The New User Option Needs ChangesSo how does this work? I saw its possible to put vns in diffrent priorities, but is there even a feature to make diffrent lists,that would make this
t11207.562019-10-02Remake or orignal?#53 Aside form all the excessive swaering for no reason you did i do agree but you also claim its the same script, so we do have confirmation they