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t15638.22021-03-04Do I need to read the prequel?Hi there, you can enjoy this title without reading / playing the first one(not exactly a prequel). However, the concept of [Saint dorei] more
t12971.112020-10-11Nexton's localization poll#9 Just for clarification: There are 13 genres in the survey , listed there are the top 5 genres. Thus, <School life> isn't the least liked. -By the
t13826.32020-04-16Install, patching helpHi there, not someone who work for Fanza but have you check your registered E-mail on Fanza for the serial key?
t11938.142020-03-13DLC and Append patches Question#13 All Appends are included in the Amakano Complete box.
t12971.42019-10-07Nexton's localization pollNo worries =) I can assure you guys that we won’t be doing the translation by ourselves
t11938.122019-10-07DLC and Append patches QuestionHi there Hanasaiko from Nextension. Just to help out those with trouble registering and getting append and patches from NEXTON passport. Check out