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t950.6482019-11-20VNDB Suggestions!Can you put aliases in spoiler tags? I don't wanna try until I know it can be done. If not, please make this a feature, since I know of at least two
t3314.18602019-11-17TraitsI really think there should be a trait for when a character has another form (or just a power) that is out of their control. I suggested "power
t2108.29782019-11-15Candidates for deletionZeus Brundle is a copy of the same character, the other copy has the gender set but this one doesn't, so please delete this one
t3314.18542019-11-15TraitsThere's a couple traits I'd like to suggest but I'm not sure what to call them. So in Azusa's route in Wizardess Heart, there's choices you can make
t13139.12019-11-11Best BoyI love this game so much. Let’s vote on our favorite characters! Mine is Kuro, he’s such a sweetheart.
t13136.42019-11-10Early beta: New lists featureWhat do the speech bubbles and eyes mean?
t950.6452019-11-08VNDB Suggestions!Multiple images might be a good idea. I thought of it because Yura and Gaku from Ayakashi Koimeguri have younger and adult forms, but the images are
t13095.362019-11-05Cups for All AgesI've got an age issue for Destiny Ninja 2's protagonist. Technically she has three canon ages. In one of the Season 1 routes she says she "almost 20
t13111.12019-11-05Regarding c86044.7Thanks for that. I'm not at all familiar with all the proper names for Japanese clothes, so anything you can fix is really appreciated.
t7442.5492019-11-03Game inclusion in the DBI would love to put a Story of Seasons (Harvest Moon) game on here but I'm not sure it qualifies as a VN.
t3314.18372019-11-03TraitsThanks traumatizer and beliar
t13068.162019-11-02Bishoujo vs Otome gameMy heart belongs to fantasy otome games.
t3314.18342019-11-01TraitsThere are four traits still awaiting moderation. What’s up? EDIT: Six traits now, five of which are my suggestions. Could someone please tell me
t950.6422019-10-21VNDB Suggestions!I think it would be nice to have a recommendations tab on each VN's individual page, for users to suggest titles you might like if you liked that one
t13031.12019-10-15Any other AyakashiRR players on here?I am absolutely in love with this game