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t2108.36572021-02-26Candidates for deletionNot sure where else to post this, but I think r77911 and r75361 should somehow be merged (i.e. delete one) since the official site says the Switch
t2108.36202021-02-18Candidates for deletionr68347 is a duplicate since r64264 has both English and Thai as language options.
t3314.22012020-08-09Traits"sorry saeryen I thought you were a guy"It’s okay, it was just a misunderstanding
t3314.21952020-08-08TraitsI noticed that "Based on a Mythological Character" was deleted and it says "Saeryen said why he proposed this trait" I'm actually a woman, just
t3314.21442020-06-02TraitsA note about link I proposed this because a lot of myth characters are considered to be real deities/creatures by followers of various faiths, so
t950.7322020-05-04VNDB Suggestions!I think there should be a box to check for a release that isn't available anymore (maybe as a subcategory under "Publication") so that we don't have
t3314.21222020-04-27Traits@warfoki Thanks
t2108.31512020-04-27Candidates for deletion@Ileca Done.
t3314.21202020-04-26TraitsDoes it count as suspended animation if the character was under a magic seal?
t2108.31482020-04-25Candidates for deletionr59343 is a not as detailed duplicate of r69189
t3314.21142020-04-19Traits@warfoki: Is there a reason all those relationship traits I proposed are still in queue?
t3314.21022020-04-03Traits@warfoki: Yeah, relation graphs would be better and I didn't realize one was in the works until after I suggested those. You can go ahead and deny
t3314.20872020-03-28Traits^Yeah, I didn't see your post until I'd done it, sorry. Are the charts going to replace all the relationship traits?
t3314.20852020-03-28TraitsI'm gonna go ahead and propose traits for specifying whose child someone is.
t13727.42020-03-26Flagging ImagesI really want to be able to direct vote images too, since Ayakashi Koimeguri's stuff is all completely safe and tame and I wanna mark it as such (it
t3314.20772020-03-25TraitsI wonder how helpful the "son" and "daughter" traits are they stand now? I mean, everyone (excluding a few special cases like homunculi, and even
t13711.12020-03-22Is this allowed?For characters that have no image at all in game, I personally don’t like the “no image uploaded yet” because I think it looks awkward among all the
t3617.22082020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixesCan link, link and link get accepted if there are no problems (or denied if there are obvious issues)?
t3314.20472020-03-14Traits^I see, thanks
t3314.20452020-03-14Traits^link Since there’s no pic yet, here: link
t3314.20432020-03-13TraitsAny particular reason "Other Mystical Creature" hasn't been decided on yet? Or has it just not been looked at yet?
t13657.52020-03-12Character page errorThanks yorhel
t950.6962020-03-10VNDB Suggestions!I don't know if I've said this before (maybe I did) I really want to mark characters as favorites. I LOVE Shiroya and Kurou and I want people who
t13657.12020-03-10Character page errorlink Can’t show any spoilers for some reason. And his VN he appears in is behind a spoiler wall. EDIT: This one too link
t3617.19432020-02-28Tags suggestions/fixes#1937 That’s fine. Just so you know I wasn’t really talking about traits. I was referring to posts 1909, 1915 and 1918 in this thread
t3617.19322020-02-27Tags suggestions/fixesHas someone just not gotten to my posts on the last page yet? I don't mean to accuse anyone of ignoring me. If you don't think any changes should be
t3314.19912020-02-21Traits#1984 But then what if the character is referred to by the protagonist as simply "my friend" and nothing else (no "best friend" or any romantic term)?
t10302.1382020-02-16Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadAscension: Echoes in the Dark Noctis Umbra Oathbreaker A hidden user voted all of these (by the same dev) a 1. I suspect they're the same person and
t3617.19182020-02-15Tags suggestions/fixesNow that I think about it Bad End Death of Protagonist should have an "Only" at the beginning just like Only Bad End Death of Hero and Only Bad End
t3314.19592020-02-13TraitsIf cat person and dog person are too complicated to accept you can just delete them. I'd rather that than have them sit around in the queue.
t13470.102020-01-31Some tag voting changes#9 Yeah, comments would be realllly nice, especially since some "X hero(ine)" tags start out spoiler but as new characters are introduced (as in
t3314.19562020-01-31Traits#1955 I’m just thinking of how anime databases tag their stuff.
t3314.19542020-01-31Traits#1953 It’s really a tag and not a trait question. I will say, though, that “Based on a” is for official, otherwise use the “Fan-fiction” tag. And for
t13470.72020-01-29Some tag voting changesI like these changes. Though I think we should also be able to vote on what is shown in the summary re t950.668 point 2.
t3617.19152020-01-26Tags suggestions/fixes#1914 Example: Destiny Ninja 2 dress-up feature link It appears on the "My Page" page. However, changing this does not change her clothes in the
t3617.19132020-01-26Tags suggestions/fixesI proposed Out of Story Avatar thinking of free mobile otome games, since many of them do have a dress-up feature. Examples: All of NTT Solmare
t3617.19092020-01-18Tags suggestions/fixesI noticed that Usagimimi Hero is stated to specifically be for non-biological rabbit ears, while Bunnyboy Hero is for biological ones. However
t950.6682020-01-18VNDB Suggestions!Two suggestions: 1. I think users should be able to remove VN tags that they themselves added. Because I’ve added tags only to realize that a. the
t950.6652020-01-17VNDB Suggestions!#664 Any kind of recommendation feature would be awesome. I once proposed a “if you like this, try this too” feature, since I think that, for example
t2108.30352020-01-14Candidates for deletion#3034 Yeah, I guess delete that too
t2108.30332020-01-14Candidates for deletionr68933 So I made this...then it messed up a lot of the release order for Solmare's stuff due to being made before some of the games... If it's
t13347.12019-12-29Regarding c87583.3Yeah, I don't think we need this. I initially added to clarify that the heroes were killing mooks rather than the protagonist or each other, but with
t3314.18922019-12-28TraitsThe "other route romance" traits weren't supposed to refer to infidelity. I created it with Koi Ninja ~Ai to Yokubou no Heian Ranbu~ in mind. Yoshits
t13139.32019-12-28Best BoyWow, another fan! Thanks for voting =)
t3314.18812019-12-19TraitsSo I finally made “Dog Person” to compliment the much debated “Cat Person.” I also think “Animal Lover” should be a child trait of “Nature Lover
t13273.32019-12-09Regarding c86990.4Thanks
t13273.12019-12-09Regarding c86990.4Isn’t his face reveal kind of a spoiler? That’s why I picked the image I did
t3314.18682019-12-08Traits“Survival” has a confusing description. It includes “murder” as something survived but I feel like “Subject Of/Attempted Homicide” already covers
t950.6532019-12-08VNDB Suggestions!#652 I put some nicknames of characters in Ayakashi Koimeguri as aliases. Are you saying I should take those off?