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2020-02-119RewindA very intriguing and gripping fantasy mystery in Victorian England!
2020-02-097Ascension: Echoes in the DarkThe demo was very good and I was looking forward to the full version, but unfortunately the game was canceled.
2020-02-099AscensionFirst otome game I ever played. Really good.
2020-01-098NULL;Really cool science fantasy story. Arlon is such a sweetheart.
2019-11-267Mononoke Kiss x Lost IslandThis is absolutely hilarious.
2019-11-237BrownieNot my favorite among the "Silhouette Stories" but it was a nice little spooky romp.
2019-11-207Magical Diary: Horse HallThis is quite fun and playing it makes me happy. I'm more partial to Wizardess Heart's high fantasy but this one is quite good too.
2019-11-198Visions of PeaceQuite good and intriguing. I wish this could also get a continuation.
2019-10-208Guilty Alice -Finding Love in Wonderland-Very sweet and heartwarming.
2019-10-138Ikemen Kakumei ◆ Alice to Koi no MahouBeautiful Alice in Wonderland otome with tones of a 19th century period piece. Luka was my fave from the beginning and still is.
2019-10-135We the Girls+: I'll Make You MineI was personally disappointed in this one. Sirena's story was enjoyable but the other ones I did made me kind of uncomfortable. Plus there was less of the fantasy aspect than I expected.
2019-10-137Oz+This was very fun and cute.
2019-10-139Moujuu-tachi to Ohime-samaThis appeals to all my fairytale sensibilities! Maciej/Mias is my favorite, and I also loved Jozef's story. Plus it has some of my favorite OST in otome!
2019-10-139Moujuutsukai to Ouji-samaThis is a really good medieval fantasy! My favorite characters are Lucia and Silvio.
2019-10-138Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama ~Snow Bride~This is a very good sequel and I like the exploration into characters' pasts and motivations.
2019-10-139Lost Alice: Destined Lovers in WonderlandMy favorite Alice otome so far!
2019-10-137Wizardess Heart+: Gedonelune Royal Magic AcademyFun romp through a magical school. Yukiya is best boy.
2019-10-137Mononoke KissNice romantic youkai story. Not as good as AyakashiRR but still a fun romantic fantasy adventure.
2019-10-138Koi Ninja ~Ai to Yokubou no Heian Ranbu~Very enjoyable, though personally I much prefer DN2.
2019-10-1310Ayakashi KoimeguriAbsolutely beautiful. Seriously, go play this.
2019-10-1310Destiny Ninja 2+My all-time favorite. So beautiful and heartwarming. Plus has my favorite protagonist and Shiroya is the best boy EVER.