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t12308.42023-03-30Sequel and fandisc problems.Idk why they did 3 games but from what i understood, they are called 2gakki (second semester) and 3gakki (third semester) because those are the
t19945.72023-03-26I should play this one or the full edition?#4 so i actually ended tsuyokiss full edition now and because i wanted to clear full the game y played the "tutorial" which are just a little extra
t19945.22023-03-16I should play this one or the full edition?What i mean is i have the first tsuyokiss full edition and this 3gakki full edition and i am pretty confused as to if i should play both full or skip
t19945.12023-03-16I should play this one or the full edition?I have both of them because i bought both in a bundle, I should play this one instead of the full edition because is the retelling or try to play
t19765.22023-02-05Voice in android versionIn game I mean, in the normal gameplay, in the dialogues
t19765.12023-02-05Voice in android versionI bought this visual novel like 3 years ago because I wanted to play visual novels on my phone and I found this one and I liked it but got a new
t18588.102022-09-24Problem opening the game" try extracting this to your game folder and see if it works link (and remember to back up the original file first) " Wow... That was too easy
t18588.12022-06-18Problem opening the gameI have bought this game in DMM and i cant play. It says something about a DVD but i bought the digital version of it, so i dont know why it doesnt
t16748.82022-05-24machine translation question" I bought Japanese version from DLSite (It's currently on sale for 500JPY, works perfectly fine with text hooking tools and doesn't involve any DRM
t18339.12022-05-08Question about +18 eng translationI want to know if its a good machine translation and should use it or just use Textractor / whatever engine you recomend I ask this before buying it
t14713.112020-09-12So... I am trying to play this with Textractor...Oh sorry, i was talking about the Textractor and why it didnt work and thats why i was talking about if the DMR was more implemented in the download
t14713.92020-09-12So... I am trying to play this with Textractor...fuukanou yeah but it doesnt have problems with DRM because is the physical version... Right?
t14713.82020-09-12So... I am trying to play this with Textractor...Damn, It sound possible but i think the thing it would do is not letting me attach it to the game and i actually attach it, one of the measures they
t14713.52020-09-12So... I am trying to play this with Textractor...jazz957 ┬┐What is "DRM"?
t14713.42020-09-12So... I am trying to play this with Textractor...I did the exact same thing, i buy on DMM because the 500 yen sale lol Its annoying but there are some games that arent actually attached to DMM game
t14713.12020-09-12So... I am trying to play this with Textractor...I am trying to play this game with Textractor with the DMM download version of the game and i think the most difficult part that is attaching it to
t13242.22019-12-03Mmmmmm... I think this have a digital versionI have just find it in the original website
t13242.12019-12-03Mmmmmm... I think this have a digital versionlink
t13045.62019-10-22English patch? (Case open)But just to you can know: Aparently someone started to translate it. Or thats what it seems. It seems kind of serious link the sad thing is the
t13045.52019-10-22English patch? (Case open)Oh, then the case is solved xd
t13045.32019-10-21English patch? (Case open)Oh, sorry. Here it is link
t13045.12019-10-21English patch? (Case open)When i was looking information about this game and a english patch, I suddenly some pages whit an english patch for the PSP version, i don't have