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t16934.92021-11-26VNDB Theme Jingai Makyou Features Wrong CharacterI've noticed that some themes like 'grey' have the same color spoiler indicator for minor/major spoilers. Is there a way to change it while still
t10952.132021-11-25Need guideAnyone know how many total hearts each girl has?
w3208.22021-11-24Kimagure TemptationYeah, I mentioned in the other guys review that this one definitely is secondary to nanarin. Still, that one was a 10 for me, so it was setting the
t3617.26952021-11-24Tags suggestions/fixesWas wondering this for a while, by how come 'Defloration by an Object' is a valid tag, but not a trait? It seems much more practical to have it
w3197.12021-11-24Kimagure Temptation+1 about the points regarding Nanarin, I think it beats Kimagure in every aspect. Still a great read, but wish I would've lowered my expectations
t16054.2112021-11-19Reporting MTL releasesbeliar, i'm not sure what the policy is on adding releases that have already been deemed mtl, but I believe this one has an english mtl out recently.
t2108.43802021-11-17Candidates for deletionlink can hardly be called a visual novel. I've just about finished it and barely had more than 10 clicks of dialogue per events. It's standard fare
t15267.52021-11-16Missing Endings"loading the Fuwanovel save 8 and choosing to call for a patrol car instead of a taxi" That's it! Finally we have it all figured out, lol. Cheers
t8242.8512021-11-16The how to edit threadIf a description is pulled directly from a source (e.g. 'taken from Mangagamer), is it correct to do a "clean up" like this? link
t15267.32021-11-16Missing EndingsSame here with that goddamn upper right ending, can't get it no matter what I try. I found this thread on reddit regarding it, but the dudes
t17230.22021-11-09Regarding v10672¯\_(ツ)_/¯
t17231.22021-11-09Regarding v10672¯\_(ツ)_/¯
t8242.8382021-11-07The how to edit threadEverything seems fine now, I edited the ones above. Question though... Are mouse cursors not allowed? I don't see any mention of them in the
t8242.8342021-11-06The how to edit threadExactly, it's like how people pay for information; knowledge is a form of currency in a way. But really, I just don't think weird elitist attitudes
t8242.8312021-11-06The how to edit threadShould this fan translation really be considered "Freeware" if he's demanding information in exchange? ""you must tell me secrets and details only
t16054.1852021-11-03Reporting MTL releaseslink
t3314.26662021-11-03TraitsTypo in description of this trait. "Use this tag if the game is question..."
w3054.12021-10-30Love Duction! ~Ginga no Ren'ai Guide Book~This whole VN looks like a meme, was gonna try it out of curiosity but am now rethinking that, lol.
t17258.52021-10-30Why no friend/following system?But if we do implement it then Yorhel can be everyone's #1 friend, like Tom from Myspace.
w2475.12021-10-30WabisabiThis is gold, Yorhel-senpai needs to leave more reviews, lol.
w643.42021-10-27Ren'ai, Karichaimashitakinda disappointing, was hoping for something more spicy
w3030.12021-10-26Dual Phase ~ Soukakurou (Anal mo Vagina mo Hirogacchaimashita)Was also wondering... Was it implied in the "good" ending that Kanami pushed Nozomi down the stairs, hence why she ends up crippled and can no longer
t17231.12021-10-23Regarding v10672Hey, you mentioned a while back you have a copy of this elusive VN. Any chance you could either share it, or point me in the direction you found it?
t16037.22021-10-23Regarding the VN "Paradise Lost"¯\_(ツ)_/¯
t17230.12021-10-23Regarding v10672Hello friend, I see you rated this VN a few months back. I'm sure you're aware it is no longer obtainable to purchase anywhere on the net. Could you
w643.12021-10-23Ren'ai, KarichaimashitaCurious about the love triangle tag, do girls fight over MC or is it tame?
t17225.12021-10-22Why isn't Anna on the box art?Like there's literally a blank space in the top left corner with nothing there, they couldn't of squeezed her in?
t16778.42021-10-18Best girl?Bruh, Tateha gettin no love ;-; I picked Anna first though, felt bad for her for barely getting any screentime in the common route.
w2859.12021-09-21Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai"I actually fell asleep while playing it" Literally happened to me too, haha.
w2810.12021-09-13Futanari Haha to Goumon Musume"almost fapped to it" Hold up, you rated this nukige a 10 when you "almost fapped to it"? I can't imagine that you were blown away by the plot or
t16904.12021-08-29What was Himeno hiding in her bag?So in the beginning Himeno shows Mayu that she brought a survival kit with flashlights/matches/food/etc, which I guess is supposed to foreshadow how
t16861.12021-08-23Subekoi GDHow is this one? At first glance it looks like a complete ripoff of Okujou no Yurirei-san. "Coincidence" I guess?
t16847.72021-08-22Is this game offensive to autistic people?I'm autistic and don't usually take offense to things that are "offensive" to autistic people, so maybe I can give it a whirl. But first can someone
t16769.42021-08-20Best girlDamn, I thought Kana would be more popular.
t16033.192021-07-09This game has no right being this good.Bruh what?? Medusa got no scenes unless they give her giant badonkas? That's some bullshit, where's the variety? So only huge boobs or GTFO
t16576.12021-07-09Anyone have a save after the boar mini game?Been at it for hours, but man this shit is impossible. I get it, the anime is better... But still, I like to complete a VN once I've started it.
t1052.2862021-07-07Quotes question...From Steins;Gate "S-she said that? I'm gonna kill myself five hours from now..."
t950.9592021-07-05VNDB Suggestions!#959 Right? And I have manual notifications set across multiple pages, so there's no way to turn them all off at once and end the spam -.- Weird how
t16544.52021-07-05ATTENTION: You guys are missing outWow, I've legit never heard/seen anything about this one until I saw this thread, and I'm a constant lurker. Well, if Yorhel-senpai says it's good
t950.9562021-07-03VNDB Suggestions!Option to mute notification edits by certain users. I'm gettin like 5 notifications per hour by this "NowItsAngeTime⭐" dude.
t15204.442021-07-03favorite heroineNo loli, no vote.
w2315.62021-07-03Ryuusei World Actor: Badge & Dagger#1 Damn, I was looking forward to Fuyumi's route. She was cute in the first game.
t16508.12021-06-30Steins;Gate OG vs Elite [Poll]Already read Elite, loved it so much that I'm considering reading the original as well.
t16332.62021-06-27As good as the prequel?That's rather disappointing, this may as well be a fandisc :/
t16332.32021-06-27As good as the prequel?Also, is this actually a short VN, or is the dude that edited the entry just trolling?
t16332.12021-06-27As good as the prequel?I absolutely loved the original, am hoping the sequel lives up to the same standards. I can see the votes are favorable so far. Any early opinions?
t13053.122021-06-23[poll] Favourite heroine?Mina for sure. Also, somehow I knew Akane would be last before I even saw the results, lol.
t16284.32021-06-20Textbox displayed at the end of route? [spoilers]Ya that should be the case, but it just straight up disappears before I even have a chance to click. Though I seem to have the endings/CGs I've
t16284.12021-06-20Textbox displayed at the end of route? [spoilers]So I just finished reading the my first playthrough (Sara's route I guess?), and after it finished and said that line "the story is not finished, you
t336.52021-06-19Ever17 - Problems with soundGoing to necro this to ask if anyone still has a link to the voice patch?