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c34.932022-11-15 at 22:06Lamp2001Toosaka Rinacts as the protagonist briefly in the prologue.
r95575.142022-11-12 at 02:40Lamp2001The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~finished translation
r96578.92022-11-02 at 16:29Lamp2001H2O √ after and another Complete story Editionupdated total
r96578.82022-11-02 at 16:28Lamp2001H2O √ after and another Complete story Editionupdated scripts
r95575.132022-10-30 at 15:58Lamp2001The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~edited script
r96578.52022-10-20 at 16:27Lamp2001H2O √ after and another Complete story Editionupdated TL
c23145.122022-10-14 at 03:40Lamp2001Yaro Mac Ladedited trait
v7766.432022-10-05 at 17:24Lamp2001Ima Sugu Onii-chan ni Imouto datte Iitai!edited typo
r95575.112022-10-02 at 05:06Lamp2001The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~updated scripts
r95575.102022-09-24 at 22:18Lamp2001The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~updated scripts
c4088.222022-09-23 at 00:46Lamp2001Takashiro Natsumeupdated image
c16799.272022-09-23 at 00:38Lamp2001Kouzuki Kazunaupdated image
c16801.152022-09-23 at 00:37Lamp2001Kouzuki Yuraupdated image
c25665.132022-09-21 at 17:53Lamp2001Rinupdated image
c27169.172022-09-21 at 17:53Lamp2001Ayasaki Takakoupdated image
r55700.482022-09-20 at 21:53Lamp2001CHAOS;HEAD NOAHadded release date
c22459.242022-09-20 at 14:38Lamp2001Aoki Toujireplaced with newer image
c16800.192022-09-20 at 14:37Lamp2001Takashiro Nanareplaced with newer image
r95575.92022-09-17 at 00:54Lamp2001The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~updated scripts
c4102.232022-09-16 at 21:45Lamp2001Yaginuma Ryouichireplaced image with newer variant
r95575.82022-09-10 at 21:23Lamp2001The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~added time period of release
r95575.52022-09-09 at 23:32Lamp2001Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~Edited publisher status
r95575.42022-09-09 at 23:31Lamp2001Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~Added patch maker group
r95575.32022-09-09 at 23:15Lamp2001Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~Edited name
r95575.22022-09-09 at 23:14Lamp2001Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~Added link
r95575.12022-09-09 at 23:13Lamp2001Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~Added english release
c5838.162022-08-14 at 10:38Lamp2001Aozaki ToukoEdited trait
c39445.42022-08-10 at 14:09Lamp2001Minami ShioriEdited traits
r77942.192022-08-10 at 05:45Lamp2001Nagomibako Innocent Grey FandiscEdited scripts
c94782.132022-08-09 at 00:56Lamp2001Toono ShikiEdited trait
r41624.52022-08-07 at 11:54Lamp2001Kogda Plachut Chajki: Per'ja (PS3-grafika)Typo correction
c33476.32022-08-07 at 08:57Lamp2001Milia StrokeEdited name
c17894.122022-08-07 at 07:46Lamp2001Satoshi KobayashiEdited name typo
c17894.102022-08-07 at 04:10Lamp2001Satoshi KobayashiFixed typo
r77942.182022-08-06 at 06:30Lamp2001Nagomibako Innocent Grey FandiscIncluded script update
c73775.32022-07-18 at 04:16Lamp2001Charlemagneedited typo of Holy
r75579.32022-07-16 at 20:44Lamp2001Kogda plachut aisty - faza 1edited romanization
r32081.52022-07-16 at 20:01Lamp2001Korona greshnika: Utrachennoje rozhdestvoedited romanization
r77942.172022-07-13 at 18:51Lamp2001Nagomibako Innocent Grey Fandiscupdated scripts
r77942.162022-07-13 at 01:24Lamp2001Nagomibako Innocent Grey Fandiscupdated scripts
c21997.42022-07-09 at 06:16Lamp2001Sophie Rebianadded traits
c22000.42022-07-09 at 06:14Lamp2001Marion Morganadded traits
r73883.62022-06-21 at 16:00Lamp2001Kikonia ul Jeok-e phase 1 - Daechehal su Itneun Geudaedeul-egeedited romanization for final hangul letter stop.
r73883.52022-06-21 at 15:55Lamp2001Kikonia ul Jeok-e phase 1 - Daechehal su Issneun Geudaedeul-egeedited romanization
r53562.42022-06-20 at 14:27Lamp2001Zhanmodasheng Demonbaneedited romanization
r77942.152022-05-29 at 23:03Lamp2001Nagomibako Innocent Grey Fandiscupdated editing
r21416.452022-05-12 at 12:16Lamp2001Wonderful Everyday - Down the Rabbit Holeedited typo
r77942.142022-05-12 at 12:02Lamp2001Nagomibako Innocent Grey Fandiscupdated
r54942.62022-04-30 at 23:03Lamp2001Chudesnyje Dni: Punktirnaja Zhizn'edited out typo
r54942.42022-04-27 at 05:06Lamp2001Čudesnyje Dni: Punktirnaja Žizn'Edited romanization