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t17156.12021-10-09Expectations for the winter 2021 release?I never thought they would finally do this, possibly Schwarzesmarken next?
t8674.222021-09-13Playable or not?Had potential to be really good but of course it's on steam so it's alright.
t16898.212021-08-31Tsukihime remake has been out for 2 whole days nowI won't and don't want to believe any reviews unless I play it myself and that's probably going to be when the Engrish translation comes out lol.
t16867.62021-08-26Question about the vndb_txt twitter accountWelp I don't if I embarrass myself or made prime entertainment for them. It's not like the first time though lol good to know.
t16867.12021-08-24Question about the vndb_txt twitter accountSo is it one person on that account or a bunch of mods instead? I thought when it tweets it was auto generated but nope they choose a comment and
w672.162021-08-21Mahoutsukai no YoruSo Nasu is making bullshit excuse just for that console exclusivity and the fact it's only half the route is a low blow.
t16610.102021-07-15Full Metal Daemon Muramasa - English translationHmmm how could they screw this up?
w672.122021-07-12Mahoutsukai no YoruNANI!? 2 months? Jesus, I can't even imagine what the mahoyo sequels will be like when you read it in Japanese.
t15749.32021-06-03A bunch of new info on TsukihimeR (March 2021)I won't even be surprised that Nasu has a secret twitter account and now lets see if he can repay those feelings with his other non fate works. Don
t15304.432021-05-24Tsukihime remake has a official release dateWhat the heck are you guys rambling about? Of course the only H-scene that's going to be in the tsukihime remake is Saccin having sex with Noel.
w63.42021-04-29Fate/Stay Night#3 I KNOW RIGHT LOL THIS MOFO DIDN'T READ SHIT
t15064.252021-04-23English patch updates?Looks like a December release then lel
t14999.82021-04-15best girl?Rin and Illya lol
t15406.32021-04-01Why is this getting a Japanese translationHahaha oh okay lol
t15360.92021-03-29New character designs#1 bruh I like how you used the anime version of J.C.Staff lmao. While I do personally like the olds one... I think for this one, I'm starting to
t15304.182021-03-25Tsukihime remake has a official release dateBruh I can't believe some of this bullshit, some of them I can believe but not all of it. I'm going nuts.
t15064.222021-03-21English patch updates?#20 late may? I was kinda hoping for this year April 12th like really really hoping.
w672.102021-01-17Mahoutsukai no Yoru#8 Nasu treats working on Tsukihime remake as "homework" and that got me really worried.... Focusing on a souless project fgo while working on
t15406.12021-01-17Why is this getting a Japanese translationAlso why is this a thing lel
t15304.12020-12-31Tsukihime remake has a official release dateI can't believe it actually happened.
t15282.32020-12-29HAPPY ANNIVERSARY OF TSUKHIME#2 That's because of covid and other companies suffer as well or even worse from that. >Type-Moon following sprite's path with the former back to
t14693.322020-12-19Is this ever gonna come out?#29 >but for being proud of the masterpiece you've crafted and want to it keep being relevant. TM used to be that way.... until Aniplex came along
t14693.232020-12-01Is this ever gonna come out?#18 That's because it's the actual fans who have actually stood with TM over the years voicing their distraught and not gacha fags and fgo fags.
w672.32020-10-20Mahoutsukai no Yoru#2 Okay, realistically I couldn't but that doesn't mean I would use the power of anguish and turn that into hope and throw it at Type moon's face
w672.12020-10-19Mahoutsukai no Yoru>But yeah, can we talk about the lack of a sequel? No? Back to ignoring FGO it is. If I knew this was going to happened, I would've made a time
t14867.52020-10-17Which Graphics Do You Prefer?If I had to choose between console over remake, I choose the console version. If the original was a option in the settings, I no doubt would choose
t14869.12020-10-17VN description for this gameThe details in this description sounds like something out of a saw movie lel.
t14693.172020-10-04Is this ever gonna come out?#16 Funny that you mention that because JP fans had been worry ever since when they did Fate extra and now look at them. They're still doing the
t14693.152020-09-29Is this ever gonna come out?If nothing happens this year or 2022 then TM IS OFFICIALLY DEAD Fuck Grand Order
t14723.12020-09-13Best visual novel game title everSEX/SEX
t14430.12020-07-31Are Visual Novels a dying market?It's not the first time I heard people saying that online actually I think what around 2012 and later years I heard that about VN's before. I
t14191.12020-06-1410/10 game becauseFate stay night references killed me.
t13346.12019-12-29Happy Birthday Tsukihime!Next year remake last hope...