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c22455.72021-10-17 at 18:19avsgepk88Sekiya Akito+1 trait
c22456.82021-10-15 at 21:59avsgepk88Seko KatsuhikoImproved phrasing a bit more
c22456.72021-10-15 at 21:58avsgepk88Seko KatsuhikoImproved the phrasing a bit
c22456.62021-10-15 at 21:58avsgepk88Seko KatsuhikoAdded description Source: playing the game
c22457.42021-10-15 at 21:51avsgepk88Sekiya ChiyoAdded description Source: playing the game
c22454.112021-10-15 at 21:45avsgepk88Sekiya Megumi+1 trait
c22454.102021-10-15 at 21:44avsgepk88Sekiya MegumiAdded description. Source: playing the game
c22453.102021-10-15 at 21:38avsgepk88Chibana RyoukaAdded description. Source: playing the game
c22451.82021-10-15 at 21:26avsgepk88Hoshino NagisaAdded description. Source: Playing the game
c22452.142021-10-15 at 21:08avsgepk88Komatsu RinaAdded description. Source: Playing the game
c22453.92021-10-15 at 18:24avsgepk88Chibana Ryouka+1 trait
c22452.132021-10-14 at 21:32avsgepk88Komatsu Rina+1 trait
c22452.122021-10-14 at 11:34avsgepk88Komatsu Rina+1 trait
c22452.112021-10-13 at 21:04avsgepk88Komatsu Rina+1 trait
c22452.102021-10-13 at 19:32avsgepk88Komatsu Rina+2 traits
c91242.122021-10-13 at 19:31avsgepk88Ichinose Suzuka+1 trait
c22452.92021-10-10 at 21:00avsgepk88Komatsu Rina+2 traits
c22456.52021-10-04 at 19:38avsgepk88Seko Katsuhiko+1 trait
c22451.72021-10-04 at 19:37avsgepk88Hoshino Nagisa+3 clothing traits
c9763.132021-07-29 at 13:26avsgepk88Orifushi Natsumi+1 trait
c75145.172021-05-04 at 20:35avsgepk88Minami MaoAdded a trait
v24320.282021-05-04 at 19:56avsgepk88Sugar * StyleThere wasn't even a single H-scene screenshot so I added one.
c75143.152021-05-03 at 18:11avsgepk88Morisumi IchikaAdded a trait
c62892.182021-04-16 at 22:22avsgepk88Tsukino Mashiroadded a trait
r78765.52021-03-23 at 19:55avsgepk889-nine-:Episode 4 - Broski Removal PatchRemoved an inappropriate word from the description
v23538.62021-01-02 at 16:44avsgepk88Magic and Slash - Minarai Boukensha Lille no H na DaiboukenAdded screenshot of the title screen
v13249.182020-10-06 at 18:07avsgepk88Hoka no Onna no Ko to H o Shiteiru Ore o Mite Koufun Suru KanojoChanged the length to Medium (10-30 hours). Source: I am playing the game and can say that it takes significantly longer than 10 hours to beat.