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t17191.42021-10-15Any other games with "double language" option?link I doubt all of these allow you to display both languages at once, but all VNs in this list have at least one complete dual language release.
t17010.582021-10-13The eradication of MTL descriptions on VNDBSasayaki looks interesting but has a kivando description, pls fix
t15963.142021-10-12Do not play with the H-Scenes ruins the experienceI will play the Ecstasy edition just to spite OP
t16804.82021-08-15About that TL projectI would like to believe that it isn't MTL and that the translator is being honest. But I can't blame most people for being skeptical, given the kind
w2282.22021-08-13Making * LoversYour review is almost entirely positive, yet you rated it 5/10. May I ask why?
t15937.412021-04-29Sakura no Uta Community Translation ChallengeAs an EOP I would not want to read an MTL (edited or not) so it is probably better for it to remain untranslated. Although the various reactions that
w1804.32021-04-11Robotics;NotesIMO Robotics;Notes is definitely the weakest of the main Sci;Adv titles. I saw the anime in 2019 and thought it was good but people told me the VN
w1780.292021-04-10Musicus!It looks really bad based on the screenshots and discussion I am seeing on 4chan. Not sure why this was hyped up as some kind of masterpiece...
t15799.22021-04-02Is there an "how to to set up the new pc port?"They will provide a guide link
t15204.362021-03-23favorite heroineHazuki is the best, despite her crap route
t3303.202021-02-23Seriously? WTF Yukino in Irina after?I dropped this for the same reason. I did not dislike Yukino in the main game but the way she forces her way into their relationship made me hate her
t12254.162020-12-28favorite heroineCan't believe so few people voted for Shirasaki. Sad
t14833.32020-10-06Length#2, Sorry, I don't know much about VNDB. I didn't realize I could edit it myself, I thought maybe some moderator would have to notice this or
t14833.12020-10-06LengthI've been playing through this the past few days and this game is definitely longer than 2-10 hours. It has 43 H-scenes in total. I have viewed only