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v429.432022-01-17 at 09:23naityTenshi no Nichou Kenjuu -Angelos Armas-added alias in Chinese
r85291.12021-12-12 at 18:34naityHuise de GuoshiAdded an existing unofficial Chinese patch.
r74535.62021-11-09 at 04:09naityNOeSIS02_UkaReverted to revision r74535.4
r74535.52021-11-09 at 04:08naityNOeSIS02_YuhuaAdded release date. Corrected "Title (romaji)"
r74535.42021-11-09 at 04:06naityNOeSIS02_UkaAdded release date
r84455.12021-11-09 at 03:54naityLilycle Caihong Wutai!!!Added an unofficial patch of Chinese translation
v26176.32021-07-20 at 18:21naityJuwairenadded length according to my experience and steam reviews