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t16105.12021-05-24H-code?using textractor but for some reason its messing up the character name, anyone has an h-code for this?
t15980.82021-05-04Textractor fix?@kratoscar2008 im not sure for the mod, I haven't used the mod in a while but it was working fine the last time i used it. I use deepL extension in
t15980.52021-05-03Textractor fix?If textractor isnt translating, you should still be able to use it with the deepL mod if u have that
t15980.22021-05-03Textractor fix?I'm not sure what the problem is. I tried testing it out on a few games and textractor works fine for me, are u using the latest version? my version
t15680.12021-03-09how many endings does this have?as stated in title. Also could anyone tell me what they are, i don't mind spoilers.
t15679.32021-03-09Is Cattleya dead?they're active on twitter, usually retweet stuff from other companies, but they never post anything about their own company.
t15560.12021-02-16question about the endingI read a review which suggested that the heroine marries the protagonist at the end. I like that ending but thought it was unusual for studio pork
w1056.32020-12-04Bakunyuu Dakedo Jimi na Megane Oku-san wa Suki Desu ka? ~Famiresu Part no Hitozuma ga Ochiru made~what are the endings here? and how many are there?
t15129.62020-12-04What's up with Towa's ending?Got it, thanks!
t15129.42020-12-04What's up with Towa's ending?I see, so the sisters arent aware about the different timelines in their personal routes? and do they have a pregnancy ending in their own route?
t15129.22020-12-03What's up with Towa's ending?Also is the harem ending related to her ending somehow?
t15129.12020-12-03What's up with Towa's ending?I read some reviews regarding the game and it gave some confusing information about her ending. Can anyone elaborate on her ending?
t14839.22020-10-10I need start learning japaneseyeah its not feminization or trap or anything. He just magically turns into a girl cus of a succubus or something lol
t14787.72020-09-26You favorite Demi MILF8 ending in total i think
t14787.52020-09-26You favorite Demi MILFtwo endings for each + harem
t14683.52020-09-06Looking for a specific VN I can’t findcould be Tsuyokiss link (although heroine isnt exactly a redhead) if not, then i give up lol, hopefully someone else is able to help you :)
t14683.22020-09-05Looking for a specific VN I can’t findim not sure but maybe Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road? link
t14677.32020-09-05Determining game lengthah, i should have looked there haha, but thank you.
t14677.12020-09-05Determining game lengthThis has probably been discussed a billion times but i was just wondering, is the game lenght decided by how long it takes to complete one route or
t3314.22992020-08-31Traitsyes basically lol.
t3314.22972020-08-31Traits@2296 i dont know how to define it exactly but basically it would be someone who is maybe a little timid or easy going in general but is quite
t14599.42020-08-31Question about VNRIt really was a great program, you can still get it to work with offline translators i think, but mtl is broken. Unfortunately, development on VNR
t3314.22952020-08-31Traitsis there a tag/trait for "ベッドヤクザ" or something equivalent to that? I seen the tag on erogescape a few times and i was just curious.
t14599.22020-08-26Question about VNRI think it did exist, I remember trying to use that function, i dont know if there is a webpage with more info but VNR's machine translation is dead
t14593.52020-08-26Boot up!thank you
t14593.32020-08-26Boot up!I see that kinda sucks i guess, i enjoyed having a plot and taking time to get to h scenes. They also said something related to it in their blog
t14593.12020-08-26Boot up!they seem to have changed something about this upcoming game, maybe testing out a new way for story progression according to link. I'm not sure
t14525.42020-08-15How do you start with machine translation?what is the "DeepL - Auto VN Translation/userscript/userscript.js" in this? is that just the extension from textractor?
t3314.22742020-08-14TraitsI understand what you're saying, i just thought it would be confusing since there are netori games where the SO of the heroine shows jealousy and
t3314.22722020-08-14Traits" ... in those cases the netorare trait is just to point out which character was stolen and not that you'll experience netorare negative aspects of
t3314.22692020-08-13Traits@skorpiondeath I see, I think i got the gist of it but like you said in #2215 "Huband/Wife relationship: yes infidelity then: -- A) jelousy is shown
t3314.22672020-08-13TraitsI see, it just did not make sense to me based on the description of the traits since it says "Netori/Netorare is more than a simple act of infidelity
t3314.22652020-08-13Traitslink link link As far as i know, the husbands in these games never find out about their wives infidelity. Im not particularly fond of ntr games so i
t3314.22632020-08-13Traits@beliar i have seen multiple characters who tagged in the new Netorare and netori trait where their relationship in game is never found out by their
t3314.22612020-08-13TraitsJust a quick question, lets say the heroine engages in infidelity with the protagonist, but the SO of that heroine is never addressed regarding the
t14510.52020-08-11Games where all girls have Small/Medium Breasts?yeah that's why i just linked a few games, most games are under tagged when it comes to that department.
t14510.22020-08-11Games where all girls have Small/Medium Breasts?uncertain as to what types of games you're lookin for exactly, but here are some that fit the the description. link link link
t14495.502020-08-11YES i need thislink according to the scenario writer, it's another "love dovey" series with mom type thing. So, definitely nothing radical.
t14492.42020-08-09Need help with VNR@aizu94 hey, a little off topic but i had quick question, are you using machine translation or do you have a translator installed? I ask because the
t14497.22020-08-09this came outfrom the description, it looks like it's not incest, the female character is a godess who decides to take care of the protag.
t14478.22020-08-06H codetry this /HSN0*28@E8714:mother3.exe
t14455.32020-08-03Swinging?I see, thank you for the response.
t14455.12020-08-03Swinging?is there any swinging with regards to the protag's mother? I know there is an ending with Akiho & her son, and the protagonist and his mom. Is the
t14453.22020-08-03Mesu Kyoushi 4 can some one make a walkthoughlink hopefully this helps.
t14426.62020-07-30incest maybe ?hmm i dont think you'll find incest here, if you want mother/son incest from them, may try "Saimin eye drops" (although incest is non blood related
t14426.42020-07-30incest maybe ?i see, it looks like a bonus h-scene in the 1st game if you purchase the 2nd and vice versa. Although, i dont think its going to be incest
t14426.22020-07-30incest maybe ?do u have a link for this info on their website or something? where are you getting this from?
t14363.32020-07-20What are the bad endings in this game?i see, is she the only one who has a pregnancy ending? i know seine in the second game has one, and it's similar where it's not really a bad ending
t14363.12020-07-19What are the bad endings in this game?I tried searching for a walkthrough but i could only find one on yuni's route. Could someone elaborate on them? i dont mind spoilers.
t14298.102020-07-07Another great work from Orc soft gorup#9 oh really? i didnt know chi chan had a patch like that. Are u saying chi chan had a patch with orgy or u just want a patch here with an orgy