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t13601.412020-02-28About the problem with Sakashi Plans1- Just like my friend said, we don't want any of the TBAs from Sakashi. If we really want to translate another visual novel, we will do it. TBAs
t13601.352020-02-28About the problem with Sakashi PlansHello again. I'm sorry for troubling you again. I'll be quick. Wasurenagusa no Yoru was published on Sakashi plans and it isn't on Hirary's list
t13601.332020-02-27About the problem with Sakashi PlansOkay, I understad. But Hirary can't change anything about Ever Present Feeling in the database, please. We would appreciate it. Thank you for
t13601.312020-02-27About the problem with Sakashi PlansWe are really sorry that we troubled you yesterday, we should chatted with you first. That was a mistake, but at the end all is the same. So please
t13601.302020-02-27About the problem with Sakashi Plans1- It's fair to say that there many ex-members of Sakashi Plans in Ever present Feeling. I can't say how many ex-members are in White Novels right
t13601.292020-02-27About the problem with Sakashi PlansThank you! I'll try my best to explain it perfectly. Pd: I studied english at a private collage some years ago, but it has been a long time since I
t13601.272020-02-27About the problem with Sakashi PlansHello, my nickname is Mougour. I created this account some time ago and I participated in both translations groups (like you can see in this webpage l
t13275.12019-12-09Spanish TranslationGood morning/ afternoon/ eveening. I'm sorry if I don't speak english very well, but I must say this. This game has a translation to spanish. Here