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t3314.19352020-01-23TraitsI added Missing Stars characters earlier, and nationalities "Austrian" and "Swiss" were missing from trait pool. Could these get approved already?
t13447.22020-01-19Has anyone read this?Cancel that. While I hadn't ever had problems opening RARs, I got the files to open when I updated 7-zip to the newest version.
t13447.12020-01-19Has anyone read this?The game doesn't even extract from it's RAR with 7-Zip. I'm just wondering, is this troll even a VN at all? I know it's a troll, but is it actually a
t1384.542020-01-14Favorite Route?I tried reading this VN and finished a couple of routes, and I don't even remember which ones, since it failed to leave any imprinting on me. I
t13425.12020-01-14I'm actually crazy enough to give this a try....and just from the beginning, I realize developer note "If the game lags upon clicking 'NEW GAME', you may need to GIVE IT A MINUTE OR TWO
t13423.12020-01-13ACT 1 GeneralCreating general discussion thread for people to comment on impressions based on ACT 1. Also, who's your waifu? I'm actually split between Heavy
t13331.22019-12-26Full ACT 1 release on Dec 29th 2019Correction to previous, the release date was announced earlier in another blog post link The newer one, included in OP contains other info like the
t13331.12019-12-26Full ACT 1 release on Dec 29th 2019Announcement: link Just don't download it too early, the one currently downloadable on their website link is still the "early" demo (back when they