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t12714.32019-08-09English translation ?Game was link
t12714.12019-08-09English translation ?It doesn't seem like anyone's working with Akatsuki, but there's a few official translations of stuff from Akabei Soft, so I'm wondering if it could
t11405.32018-11-10H-codeHook doesn't work, not sure why. Rather pissed off how vn are harder and harder to use these days (even from a legal standpoint).
t8473.72017-10-24Questions / Suggestions for Maid MansionIs it still active ?
t5395.6242016-09-01PC98 Official ThreadI was going to point to the patreon, hah, seems it's already spread out.
t7854.122016-05-21Official Localization from Mangagamero/
t6471.12015-05-05Informations.Since the staff is opened blablabla. I was wondering if this brand wasn't a kind of "one artist does it all", namely Sumeragi Kohaku for this one
t6144.3172015-04-05Request Staffnutellafan > Of course. wakaranai > If you can't see without the edit that my post was a joke, I have bad news for you : you have no humor
t6144.3052015-04-04Request StaffSince Eacil asked me to do it, I came to say I'm extremely outraged that someone on VNDB put Hien as the name for Fei. I can only pray that your
t6378.22015-04-03Still no release date?Seems like your wish got answered. Guess they take too much time with KA.
t2289.142012-02-06Really good visual novelI know, they even use something like that in Galactic Pot-Healer by Philip K. Dick to play their "game" with funny translations :p. Anyway, I won't
t2289.122012-02-06Really good visual novelI personnally like a lot the plot of Rinkan Kurabu, found myself really enthranced by it (something I wasn't really expecting for a "Lilith's sex
t2289.42012-02-06Really good visual novelYou can try Shion, Tentacle and Witches and Koutetsu no Majo Anneroze. Pretty much the top of Black Lilith imho. And Asagi of course :p.
t2202.22011-11-14SFW image + NSFW text = ?I suppose it could depend of the language used. I'm not so sure that anyone that could look over your shoulder could read japanese.
t2200.92011-11-14Asagi is back !surferdude : I don't know, but I've paid those games so ~~. beliar : I've enjoyed a lot GRC too. That would be so cool but well. Anyway, I just
t2200.12011-11-13Asagi is back !So yeah, I don't think there would be an amazing amount of peoples who would be interested in, but nonetheless, I've heard recently about a new