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t15917.282021-11-20This does have an English translation.#14 the fuwanovel links gets removed or blocked. link
t17273.12021-10-31stupid questiondoes the MC in the prequel dictates what route MC takes or the MC can change the past and alters what MC in the prequel route takes?? or the true
t12900.2462021-08-30Eiyuu Senki WWXbut WWX english is not in good shape.
t16804.212021-08-16About that TL projecti guess the eXception to the rule of MTL markted are the official ones like kickstarter project, mangagamer, nekonyan and like?
t16804.182021-08-16About that TL projectif those 2 were marked MTL without screenshot proof, then every upcomming english translation will be marked as MTL as well, or maybe because of the
t12800.882021-08-07Querying Databasesnow that theres a voting thingy on the vns length, is the field vn.length affected in a way?
t12900.2412021-08-02Eiyuu Senki WWXtheres no event on the English WWX version. welp.
t16699.12021-07-28about the EX dungeonsit is worth doing??? because you can only increase it dispatch level by 1.
w2315.32021-07-02Ryuusei World Actor: Badge & Daggeran episodic vn without saying its episoding. great. hope that theres enough sale to make one
t8857.52021-06-23Ley Line Trilogy Kickstarter Launchedits probably faster to wait for A5 translation
t16234.592021-06-21Well, I was expecting more. [spoilers]idk about the 3p scenes but at least few of them is avoidable. maybe the staff add those because they want fan service for the girls that didnt have
t13053.72021-06-21[poll] Favourite heroine?i guess im the minority.
t15635.1402021-05-18Amayui castle meister Translationhowever in this case, you need to buy a full game to know what the quality of the translation/mtl. casual reader/player wont know the difference
t16033.82021-05-13This game has no right being this good.wait?? im just joking of big melons so that it matches the theme. but why??? its fine for what she is.
t16033.62021-05-13This game has no right being this good.wait?? no medusa scenes??? WTH?!?!?! someone curse her so that she gets a big melons. the story is not good as 1 and 2 imo, it isnt bad tho
t15635.712021-05-10Amayui castle meister Translationexcept that people with japanese knowlege will noticed it if they used the patch and imo that would be a larger problem than saying the truth. theres
t15994.62021-05-09This VN is an award winnerwhat about the protagonist of sakura sakura?
t12900.1232021-05-08Eiyuu Senki WWXthats good to know. ty
t12900.1202021-05-08Eiyuu Senki WWXdoes it fiX the sunlight laZers and some?
t16000.32021-05-07Regarding r78098.5i see. that summary threw me. ty
t16000.12021-05-07Regarding r78098.5they also finished working with the interfaced as summary in the previous revision?
t15871.82021-04-15Frontwing to localize this why frontwing isnt translating their own games/vns? i mean their games arent bad right?
t15729.52021-03-22vndb inconsistent with what's considered a VNimo kamidori is a VN in my first playthrough, i read more than play the game then i just skip read for the neXt playthrough and the grind
t15707.32021-03-16english version.ty
t15707.12021-03-16english appears that the translator also translated tenkiame which have bad translation according to the vndb thread there. anyone rich enough to try it?
t14723.72021-03-15Best visual novel game title everhope that there a sequel called Sex 6
t15702.22021-03-15Info or similar audio track to the clock voice?feels like she has the same VA as the radio in da capo 3.
t15684.22021-03-11MG Survey 2021let me guess: the winner of that is a story based with a low sales compared to a nukige with a lot of sales
t15683.42021-03-11Main translator left English projectoh no. anyway hope to see that in english in 2026 or 2027 depending on the pandemic
t15682.12021-03-10plot questionquestion: when ruin become the castelan of Mogrey (the lending city) and the guard there retired followed up by those furry comrades in boobshire
t15589.52021-02-24DokuDoku Translations is mtlwhat about this?? link
w1508.42021-02-17Wizard's Climberi get frustrated on this game because i feel like i didnt progress at all so i resort to cheating by looking for the answer on the quiZ. but if you
t14046.52021-01-30Top 5 hardest boss battles? (slight spoilers)all battles higher than normal if you only use range weapons
w1428.132021-01-27Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~at least that review is way more decent than the one i make.
w1428.22021-01-26Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~i mean.. there is no story.. get a girl and youre in the fan disc territory. the good part is before the confession than after it.
t12800.752021-01-09Querying Databasesalso question: how to query vn you labeled finished?? it appears that if you voted, it is not counted as finished and you can vote without labeling
t12800.742021-01-08Querying Databasesquestion: it is possible to to calculate total length of vn in a query?? for eXample. fureraba length is 30-50 hours and its fan disc is 2-10 hours
t14982.12020-11-08is this the last one??is frontwing making another one or this is the last one?
t13420.82020-02-07Dialogue choicesfinished editing choices list listed here to the wiki.. its badly edit but still something
t12405.1152020-01-30The worst translation I've ever seenits not a good translation because the sentence turns into something else. but for a localiZation. its good.
t13420.62020-01-16Dialogue choicesi thought i can get away without training the girls... ty
t13420.22020-01-14Dialogue choicesa choice guide. thanks! also could you also add how to access/trigger those choices?