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r84001.12021-10-21 at 18:31asgryffynnChikan no KiwamiAdds a partial translation.
c5165.192021-10-19 at 15:11asgryffynnCookHarmonising with the tags in the main page b (though Australia was yet a part of Britain then).
r81577.12021-07-23 at 05:50asgryffynnMy Mafia Girlfriendlink
c26328.252021-05-07 at 17:15asgryffynnNikola TeslaMinor mistake.
c11832.182021-05-07 at 17:13asgryffynnÉmilie du ChâteletAdded reference to the previous edit.
c26328.242021-05-07 at 17:11asgryffynnNikola TeslaAdded a position based on a scene from the VN.
r78667.12021-03-17 at 15:10asgryffynnMr. Massagy: Mayo EditionApparently, this game has an Xbox One/Series XS port by the same dev. I couldn’t find any information data. Will update if I do.