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t3926.12013-04-01Deardrops -GD-I'm rather surprised to see that this game didn't have a GD yet. Well then, better late then never, right? Anyways, I've just managed to wrap up
t3905.142013-03-28Translation cannedHm, I'll just remain neutral to all of this I guess. Thanks for the info y'all. Long time no see saberger. I'm rather happy you've forgot that
t3905.92013-03-28Translation cannedHm, I've been away for quite some time so I might be missing something here. Why are you guys so angry at Aaeru?
t3905.72013-03-28Translation cannedI don't know who you are aiming that comment at overmage, but I don't think that either party deserved that comment.
t3906.12013-03-28Katawa Crash (Nanaka Crash Variant)I figured I should put this here seeing how the Nanaka Crash mini game was so welcome here at VNDB. Katawa Crash is a game based on Katawa Shoujo's
t3899.232013-03-26Entries for staff members reminderInstead of going for each other's throats can we just settle this thread as a little nudge to point out how the community would like this feature and
t3898.152013-03-26Kozukuri Banchou -GD-@gabe Sup gabe. Long time no see. I've been fine I guess. I see you haven't changed one bit. x) Same old regulars as well. I guess vndb never
t3898.112013-03-26Kozukuri Banchou -GD-I'm not going to delve much into this game, but I have to say that this game is the definition of mindless fun. You can pretty much do anything, and
t175.1072013-03-25Katawa Shoujo: Favourite RouteI've only played Hanako's, Emi's and Lily's routes so far. I have to say I think Hanako was so far the best route in my opinion. The thing is, I
t2152.32011-10-29Visual novel player/developer survey- How many visual novels have you played? (it's fine to give a rough estimate) > 37. Weird. I though i had played far more. - Do you play visual
t2141.92011-10-24Sentou Gakuen Open RegistrationWell, one thing that would make the game much more fluid would be making the pages more dynamic. Right now everything causes a post-back, which makes
t2141.72011-10-24Sentou Gakuen Open RegistrationRegistrations are open. I've just tried the game and its not really my thing =\ I went expecting for something totally different. Maybe a bit unfair
t2122.32011-10-16Quesstion about Yuuko.Major spoilers on thread title. Please change that.
t1895.372011-10-13General Discussion [spoiler heavy]I might have exaggerated a bit, however there were a few occasions where she really did blame everything on here inability to do X or have Y. Ok
t1895.352011-10-11General Discussion [spoiler heavy]I disagree. (I also refuse not to use spoiler tags even if the title says its spoiler heavy. Not that you are forcing me, i know that.) Do you really
t1895.332011-10-11General Discussion [spoiler heavy]Stop hyping Wanko's route! I'm already eagerly awaiting it, and now you guys are making me restless. She was the heroine i found to be the most
t1895.192011-10-06General Discussion [spoiler heavy]I disagree that Momoyo is a copy of Kurugaya. While both are onessan types that like to tease that's about it. Kurugaya is more the type to take
t1052.392011-10-06Quotes question...v1143 "Later on, this abnormal incident was shrugged off by NASA with, "Oh, so it's just Momoyo"." Please yorhel, add this one.
t2049.642011-10-04The way the world sees us...The best way to introduce someone to VNs (IMO) would be through VNs with game elements like Utawarerumono. Or you could just do what i always do
t2091.12011-10-02HeyIt seems echo already locked your thread. I didn't have the opportunity to tell you this so allow me to bother you a bit: VNDB's objective is to
t2090.22011-10-02Any group picking this up?Hi, I see you've just registered here at VNDB, welcome! It seems to me you are asking if there is anyone here willing to start a translating project
t2080.62011-09-29Can a song sum up a VN?Well, bugger me. Not only moogy presented one that sums up a whole VN it also sums up the whole series. Also: The video is spoiler heavy. You've
t2080.32011-09-29Can a song sum up a VN?I don't think a music can sum up a whole VN. At least not a short one. VNs usually are responsable for evoking different emotions not being
t2067.62011-09-24Favorite Worlds/SettingsAr Tonelico
t1057.372011-09-22Whoa. [spoiler heavy discussion!]Well, Shirou sure does have some Takeru moments so i can understand someone disliking him. I never was very fond of him either. Not agreeing he is
t937.1662011-09-22The Offtopic Wars SagaI can see that, but killing off pabloc?! Why?! No, how?!
t2060.72011-09-21Baseball minigame?? set position?Hitting cats makes Rin unlock new abilities. The more abilities the easier the baseball match gets.
t2062.142011-09-21Clannad fanart in new issue of MADThank god they didn't.
t927.502011-09-21Too many, too much...Meh, probably not. So many revived threads lately i doubt anyone is going to bother.
t2047.42011-09-12Need app locale or Japanese locale?Try using VMs to play games. That way you won't need to keep changing locale each time you want to play a Japanese game.
t2042.22011-09-09There's a movie apparentlyOnly one way to find out. Lots of mixed reviews, tho i guess you could say its mediocre.
t937.1572011-09-09The Offtopic Wars SagaMade 5 months of waiting worth. Tho, is it really ok for you to be necroing a dead thread like this?
t1424.322011-08-26I am new here help me?Gabe, please, lock.
t1424.302011-08-25I am new here help me?@pendel Your joke is lost on me. Don't bother explaining. As for the main subject (which hijacked this thread), I second yimw, it really had
t1424.252011-08-25I am new here help me?That's exactly the problem.
t1424.232011-08-25I am new here help me?Way to go pendel, you really didn't read the last posts at all. @warfolki "Of course you can disagree with the rating of some particular games. Give
t2016.102011-08-25Rewrite sells 24,424 copies... AppallingThat never kept Clannad, Kanon and Air from selling like crazy. I doubt there would be such drastic change on the numbers because of piracy. =\
t2015.112011-08-25Underrated visual novels?I was a moron to expect anything serious from this thread.
t1015.42011-08-25Will JAST USA really work on this??*using necro powers* Just to give eiji-kun a heads up Pre-Orders are up. link Go crazy.
t2016.82011-08-25Rewrite sells 24,424 copies... AppallingIs it just me or the fact Maeda decided to resign had a huge impact on Key's sales? I usually avoid saying that full-fledged companies are solely
t2011.112011-08-23VNDB 2.21: Still not dead yetI'm a spammer myself, and as far as I remember i've barely posted more than two threads a day. =| I doubt anyone would open more than 3 threads a
t2011.42011-08-23VNDB 2.21: Still not dead yetThis was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
t1992.102011-08-16Do you pay for your eroge?Yes and No. The problem with Eroge in my opinion is availability. When I'm able to purchase eroge at reasonable price, i buy it, when i can't, I: 1
t1010.1562011-08-08About eroge influence on RL (poll included!)@choux Please forgive me but, "Anyway, she ended up dumping him and he ran to me in a week. I guess that never happened in any otome game. So ...yeah
t1980.62011-08-07???Is that a effing quote from the game?! Holy cow, i don't want to live in this rock anymore. <Edit> Yep, second screenshot. I'm in despair.
t1010.1462011-08-04About eroge influence on RL (poll included!)"eh? i think you misread me. there's no such thing as a good yandere. :P"I did. But still whats the difference between 'bad' yandere and common
t1010.1422011-08-04About eroge influence on RL (poll included!)I hope that by relationship you are also considering friendship. These cases i'm talking about are mostly about people i'm friends with, but not
t1010.1402011-08-04About eroge influence on RL (poll included!)@137 Mako form DaCapo. Actually, most heroines from DaCapo. =\ As for tsunderes not existing irl, i really disagree. More like most people i met so
t1977.172011-08-04Troll KEY fanboy accountsMateka, you totally misunderstood yorhel's post. He would never do something like that. What he meant was that if he kept ip banning abusers he
t1010.1352011-08-04About eroge influence on RL (poll included!)"What if girls in real life were like the ones in visual novels? Would you guys like it better that way?" That depends. VNs have huge arrays of