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w2796.22021-09-15Nee Nee NeeI too agree new vn are lacking the storyline and we need some new things innovations
t15425.32021-01-20remove tagok i believe cause i dont want to look at that if it is true i thought it was messed up so alright
t15425.12021-01-20remove tag.
w1229.92020-12-29Teakamamire no Tenshii guess i was wrong on ntr part sorry no worries this has been flagged
w1229.52020-12-28Teakamamire no TenshiThe company and front page i mean it is Akabei Soft so i was wrong lol
w1229.32020-12-26Teakamamire no TenshiNow i understand what this visual novel its deep. you guys remember the guy who was holding hand with the girl in the poster of the game. I(I think
t3599.2422020-12-11Some love for the APIThank You I will look into it
t3599.2402020-12-08Some love for the APICan someone tell me how do i use this api in python.DO i simply connect and listen and receive .After that i just login using json in same py file