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c70093.42021-10-07 at 09:41omikronGasparo..
c38289.142021-10-04 at 08:53omikronFumiko Mameshiba ShepherdShe is Kenta's maternal cousin. Added that description.
c54827.72021-10-01 at 13:42omikronYanushi KentaIt is not only mentioned but also shown on screen.
c69013.122021-06-05 at 12:51omikronSistineremoved wrongly applied trait
c47839.172021-05-12 at 07:51omikronOkazaki MiharuPart of an CG of Shizuri's route.
c681.112021-03-21 at 18:25omikronKaiRemoved wrongly assigend trait.
c682.142021-03-21 at 18:24omikronKurusu MichiruRemoved wrongly assigned trait