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c22807.142022-11-02 at 16:46OmikronIrina AvalonWhenever she appears, her stance, her speech pattern and so on, everything certifies her arrogance.
c398.362022-09-24 at 14:27OmikronMiwa TsubakiIn her epiloge they talk about marriage but they are not married, yet. At least in the English translation. Hence, I removed the trait.
r54657.52022-09-20 at 18:05OmikronLet's not stay friendsCorrected apostrophe..
v22199.72022-09-20 at 18:04OmikronLet's not stay friendsCorrected apostrophe..
c45355.182022-08-07 at 18:19OmikronOribe KokoroScene in bathroom after the doughnat dinner.
c45359.182022-08-07 at 18:17OmikronOribe MakotoScenes with Kokoro and Mana involve this.
c63358.52022-08-07 at 17:41OmikronAsakawa SuzukaAdded "pre-story death" as she died 10 years before the story of the VN even started. I wasn't sure whether to delete the "death" trait or leave, so
c64304.482022-07-12 at 19:00OmikronHeroina di Caballero istaa+1 trait
c64304.472022-07-11 at 21:39OmikronHeroina di Caballero istaaTraits either shown in CG or written in textbox.
c21850.62022-01-23 at 20:01OmikronYamane Yume+1 trait.
c103173.42022-01-23 at 19:59OmikronKagetsuSwitched from main character so side character.
c103173.32022-01-23 at 19:58OmikronKagetsuAdded image.
c103173.22022-01-23 at 19:57OmikronKagetsuAdded some traits.
c103173.12022-01-23 at 19:56OmikronKagetsuAdded a side character.
c45078.52022-01-23 at 19:45OmikronDoumoto Takaya+1 trait, I know it is during the dream, but as they both know it, why not add it as a trait.
c21844.122022-01-23 at 19:45OmikronYukishiro Miu+1 trait, I know it is during the dream, but as they both know it, why not add it as a trait.
c100622.22021-10-19 at 00:11OmikronPrincipalAdded traits
c100622.12021-10-19 at 00:02OmikronPrincipalHe wasn't added before. Now his is.
c36022.222021-10-18 at 23:52OmikronKouzuki IoJust as Himari, she, too, breaks up with the MC.
c70093.42021-10-07 at 09:41OmikronGasparo..
c38289.142021-10-04 at 08:53OmikronFumiko Mameshiba ShepherdShe is Kenta's maternal cousin. Added that description.
c54827.72021-10-01 at 13:42OmikronYanushi KentaIt is not only mentioned but also shown on screen.
c69013.122021-06-05 at 12:51OmikronSistineremoved wrongly applied trait
c47839.172021-05-12 at 07:51OmikronOkazaki MiharuPart of an CG of Shizuri's route.
c681.112021-03-21 at 18:25OmikronKaiRemoved wrongly assigend trait.
c682.142021-03-21 at 18:24OmikronKurusu MichiruRemoved wrongly assigned trait