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t17105.512021-10-13Fourteen 🎉Late to the party, but better saying it late than never: Happy Birthday!!
t17173.92021-10-12I find myself hesitating...So basically a cliffhanger for a sequel which is considered a FD rather than a sequel? I don't get it.... Well, thanks again...
t17173.72021-10-11I find myself hesitating...Ah, yeah, one more thing. Why does this game have the technical trait Only good endings? I fail to understand how that tag and Ame's trait don't
t17168.32021-10-11Cannot play the game.. Can anyone help?Hi! Thanks for your reply! I did what you suggested in solution 1 and it worked. I install all my games on C: in one specific folder and none of
t17173.52021-10-11I find myself hesitating...#3 + #4 Thanks, you 2! I think I can read the previous 4 routes without worries then. I'll do just that. From what I could gather for the Grand End
t17173.12021-10-10I find myself hesitating...... because of the AI component of this VN. I started to read Trinoline, and oh god was that a failure. Such a failure that I dropped it after
t17168.12021-10-10Cannot play the game.. Can anyone help?Hi everyone! I need help with this game. I cannot seem to run it... Situation: I downloaded the game from MangaGamer and extracted the file. I got
t17133.12021-10-06Cutest girl?Which girl do you like best? Why? :P
t17041.242021-09-25is Nekonyan a American or German company?It wasn't my intention to sound harsh or to gang up on you. I guess, however, that you know that there are more than enough people out there who
t17041.222021-09-25is Nekonyan a American or German company?@18 You don't like - don't read it. Simple. As mentioned above - some things cannot be translated word for word because it wouldn't make any sense
t14121.222021-07-19[Poll]Best Yuzusoft VN yet?You are very welcome!
t14121.202021-07-19[Poll]Best Yuzusoft VN yet?I suggest reading Sanoba Witch. It does have a few SoL parts, but I would not go as far as saying it is just that. There is a lot going on in terms
t13749.62021-07-18Who is the best heroine?I can't disagree more, speacially with the second part of your argument. Sorry. As someone who really suffered in real life I do know what
t16227.102021-06-15What factor stops you from buying a VN full price?If it is a VN I am hyped for or I have been looking foward to a long time, I don't mind paying full prize. Others that interest me, but not in a
w1767.112021-06-06Muv-Luv AlternativeThanks - I will! *bows
w1767.92021-06-06Muv-Luv AlternativeThank you so much for your input! Now the picture is clear! "but apparently there are people who believe it's meant to be erotic and thus reject it
w2173.52021-06-05Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Ero Mahou Gakuen!I am about 1/3 into the game, and so far I came to the exact same conclusion. Usually, I don't play Nukige games, as more often than not there is
w1767.72021-06-05Muv-Luv AlternativeThanks for your answer. I don't mind VNs getting really emotional. Nevertheless, I feel like my second question hasn't been answered completely
t16059.22021-05-16Chronos character in VNDBI think you should leave it as it is, because at the end of the day, they are the same character despite the differences.
w1521.32021-05-09Grisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia-Yuuji seems like a 'bad' guy who treats (his) women with disrespect, but only because he doesn't know better at that point. Even without having read
t15994.82021-05-09This VN is an award winnerI respect your opinion. Yet, you might want to consider the protag in My Fair Princess as really annoying! Believe me, he is much worse than Sugar
t9027.172021-05-05After reading Shirone's routeSame here. I started this VN without any knowledge of androids, the devs and so on. Just wanted to read a VN. But as #16 said, a MC having no
t15944.72021-04-30I am wondering...Thank you guys for your input. While it clears up a lot, I still can't put my head around that stuff...
t14260.42021-04-29R18 Patch on JP locales only?I am so sorry! :D Ok, thank you for the info!
t14260.22021-04-29R18 Patch on JP locales only?Nearly a year later. Maybe someone has infos about my question now? ;-)
t15944.12021-04-28I am wondering...... what is so fascinating about anything that involves "tentacles" and/or "rape"? Maybe someone can provide me with their insight as for why some
t15578.442021-04-28First VN?My first VN was NinNinDays, which I read in summer 2019. This lead me into the world of VNs. After that I read NekoPara and kept on reading since
w1243.22021-04-23Hoshi Ori Yume MiraiI could not have found better words to describe this VN. Although I only finished 2 routes so far and am now after the confession of the 3rd, I found
t15684.182021-04-20MG Survey 2021Thanks for the clarification! ;-)
t15684.162021-04-19MG Survey 2021As I have participated in the survey for the first time, when, if ever, are any results of the survey provided to the public? Also, how are winners
t15875.62021-04-15Need help with bgm settingThe English menu differs greatly from yours. I had the option about dynamic BGM activated. IRC, everything worked fine that way. Other settings of
t15875.22021-04-15Need help with bgm settingWhen I played the game I had no issues with the volume of the BGM. Turn it even lower? Or try to set English as the displayed language, maybe you'll
t15847.72021-04-12Game's contentありがとう Arigatō!
t15847.52021-04-11Game's contentOh, well. I still think I wanna try it, though. ;p Thanks!
t15847.32021-04-11Game's contentThank you for your insight! I assume everything turns out well in the end, at least I hope so? Not a big fan of bad endings. ;-P
t15847.12021-04-10Game's contentHello everyone! I posted this question after reading a review about said game. 2 readers replied, thankfully, but I felt my questions were not yet
w1767.52021-04-08Muv-Luv AlternativeThank you for your replies. Still, I'd really like to know a bit more about those things. Would anyone provide me with a bit more insight?
w1767.22021-04-07Muv-Luv AlternativeHello everyone! I, uhm, I am very curious about and interested in both Muv Luv and Muv Luv Alternative (part 2, if I'm not mistaken?) After reading
t15773.72021-03-30This is picked up but...Well, at least up to now every single on of their games have been released on Steam aswell. Let's hope that continues.
t14482.72021-03-30NekoNyan's latest newsThanks. Yeah, one of their reasons for not posting in so long was the Kickstarter campaign. Still, there was some time in between my post and that
t9834.122021-03-30Question about the true endWell, that is true too! But at least for me, all the true routes games I read had, there always was one heroine in its center. In this case it is
t15106.82021-03-30Yuzucurse strikes again.#7 I wholeheartedly agree.
t9834.102021-03-28Question about the true endWhile I do understand your point, I think it still also depends on the readers themselves. Just becauese the devs view THAT end to be the "true" end
t15739.32021-03-23Kickstarter campaignThank you soooooooooooo much! You, beliar, are the (my) hero of the millenium. I contacted NekoNyan nearly 3 weeks ago asking them basically the same
t15739.12021-03-23Kickstarter campaignEvening. Despite knowing, it's already late into the game, I have various questions and I hope someone is able to provide me with answers! About
w1704.22021-03-22Midori no UmiThank you for your thoughts, I appreciate it a lot. Most of what you've written was clear to me, too, I just didn't add in my review. Overall, you
w1413.162021-03-19Kin'iro LovericheNope, haven't read it. I'll wait for the complete game to be released. Then I'll see why Ria seems to be the true route. Thanks! ;)
w1413.142021-03-19Kin'iro LovericheNo one got an answer for me? :'(
t15713.92021-03-18Few ahead-of-time questionsWell, yes, I know, just to reassure you about your first question.
t15713.72021-03-18Few ahead-of-time questionsNow it works! But I am not much more of a help to you... I've checked again, there is no menu showing the list of scenes with their respective title