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t10543.312020-03-25Best girl poll!Girls: Luce > Karin > Yorihime = Yuuna > Juli > Luluna Routes: Luce > Karin >= Luluna > Yorihime > Yuuna > Juli Suggested route order: There is
t10541.62020-03-14Harem ending??As for games with a harem ending: Maitetsu basically has a harem ending as at the end of the grand route Hachiroku asks you to close your eyes, then
t10957.52020-03-08Who is the best girl?It's Hibiki for me, no doubt...
t13349.162020-02-28Favorite heroineMy opinion: Cro > D.D. > Misaki > Makoto > Miu > Michiru To be completely honest, I think the protagonist is a real dumbass, as he often acted in