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t19652.92023-02-02How do you even download these patches?#5 Where and how? I went to your sites of Princess Lover or Koikishi Purely ☆ Kiss and I cannot find any info for which release your patches meant
t18906.72023-01-29EndingTo answer my own question: Following the guide on Otakulair the full harem ending is End 1. I just don't know why it's called 'Underworld Harem End
t18906.62023-01-20EndingIs there a harem ending in which he ends up with all 9 heroines? If so, which one is it? I am following the walkthrough on Otakulair. Thanks, guys!
t19652.32023-01-12How do you even download these patches?Morning. I got a question too. How do I know for which release your patches are made for? I already made the mistake once of buying a game which
t19625.42023-01-07The provided MTL is ...As I never had anything to do with SVN before, not even heard of them, I didn't know anything. But thanks for the heads up. I think I will have to
t904.542023-01-06English TranslationAh, yeah, one more thing - is there a way to see for which release a patch made available is meant for? Not just for PL but many other VNs as well
t904.532023-01-06English TranslationIs the newly added MTL patch readable? Has anyone tried it? Also, this MTL patch is intended for which release? Thanks in advance. ;)
t19625.12023-01-06The provided MTL is ...... for which release exactly? I've made the mistake before of buying a game and downloading the TL patch only to realize afterwards the patch was
t18111.72022-12-23Gallery issues with thumbnails & CGs not appearingYep, let's hope so.
t18111.52022-12-23Gallery issues with thumbnails & CGs not appearingHeya. Thanks for the reply. Well, it seems it'll go unsolved which is a shame... :( As for the spoiler tags - Yes, I know how they work, but at the
t19427.92022-11-27Question about storyline progression and romancePersonally, I enjoyed reading the side heroines' routes. It is a VN with a story evolving around a great mystery. More so, if you think about all
t14777.42022-11-23Question about structure of vn and romanceMy take on the 'partial part' is, that because all 3 parts make up one whole story but were released separately no single part was complete? Not sure
t14777.22022-11-20Question about structure of vn and romanceQuite late to answer that question, but it might be of help to someone in the future: 1 - Yes, each part starts where the previous left off. It is
t11965.162022-11-20h-scenes actually part of game or in menusI just finished Corona Blossom. Each volume offers 3 h-scenes. They can be accessed from the menu from the get go. They have nothing to do with the
t19369.52022-11-14Problems with translation patchOr I'll kust wait until I've learn to understand Japanese. XD Well, thank you for help and input. I really appreciate it!
t19369.32022-11-14Problems with translation patchThat's what I feared. Do you have any idea how to acquire the 2014 script? And is it compatible with the download version, do you think?
t19369.12022-11-14Problems with translation patchHeya! I've bought, downloaded and installed the game - it runs smoothly. Problems start to arise once I try to install the translation patch. In
t12968.432022-11-12favorite heroineHeroines: Mashiro > Asuka > Misaki = Rika Routes: Asuka > Mashiro > Rika > Misaki Aoi or Satouin having a side route would have been a welcomed
t19301.72022-10-31I'd like some directions, please.I have no idea why you feel the need to be cynical - what's the point? Sure, there is something I am waiting for, but your answer doesn't do
t19301.52022-10-31I'd like some directions, please.I'm not sure you know what I trying to get at... I'll try it again - I like the concept of this sport. But having to read through highly predictable
t19301.32022-10-31I'd like some directions, please.I do enjoy the concept of FC but not how it's presented, especially during the tournament. If that continues to stay that way, what is the point of
t19301.12022-10-30I'd like some directions, please.Spoilers! I just finished the first tournament in chapter 6 of the CR. I'll go over the main issues I am currently having with this VN: - I
w5301.12022-10-15Newton to Ringo no KiI want to add two aspects: 1st: The art style of Yuuji's partner felt off, as it seemed oversized in most CGs and it looked like a real mushroom
w5274.222022-10-11Ren'ai x Royale#20 I can only read translated VNs as well, which limits me greatly. Grisaia: I only read the 3 main parts. But gathered from previews and such, all
w5274.192022-10-10Ren'ai x Royale"I will binge read on my next day off. Cheers."lol Have fun!!
w5274.172022-10-10Ren'ai x RoyaleHeya. #13 Just wanna add some things to the list presented here: 1: Grisaia e.g. The way I see it, Grisaia was intended to be a single game, not a
t14643.282022-10-08Best girlNatsume for me. I didn't dislike any other girls but she left the biggest impression on me. Suzune was a very pleasant surprise. Only Kanna felt the
t19153.312022-09-30Fifteen 🎉Happy birthday!~
t15611.52022-09-27Best heroine?Strangely enough, in this poll I picked Kazusa while in my review I chose Hikari as best girl. Haha... *sigh* Maybe I'm getting old...
w5087.42022-09-27Hitotsu Yane no, Tsubasa no Shita deAppreciate your kind words! Yeah, Kazusa definetly was something else. I liked her a whole lot. To be honest, I cannot even remember why I put Hikari
t19125.52022-09-22Shopfront on MangaGamerWell, that's that then. Thanks again!
t19125.32022-09-22Shopfront on MangaGamerThanks. That means, it no longer can be purchased, right?
t19125.12022-09-22Shopfront on MangaGamerIs it just me, or is the shopfront for this game not working? Using the link to the official websites brings some kind of website crash (?) with it
w4751.72022-09-13Café Stella to Shinigami no ChouWill do! Maybe someone will answer it here, so we both will be educated at the same time. :D
w4751.52022-09-12Café Stella to Shinigami no ChouVery sorry for the late reply. Yes, that helped a lot. So, once again it comes down to personal preferences, as per usual. Have you heard the term
t18111.32022-09-12Gallery issues with thumbnails & CGs not appearingAnyone? :S
t13053.292022-09-08[poll] Favourite heroine?Agreed. I've said this before in another poll-like discussion thread, it is not that easy to separate a heroine entirely from her route as her route
t13053.272022-09-08[poll] Favourite heroine?I am a defender of the 'everyone is entitled to their own opinion' faction as well. I didn't intend to say that there is only one correct answer or
t13053.242022-09-07[poll] Favourite heroine?#22 I guess it is because of her personality and the emotional rollercoaster of a route. I wouldn't say she is unterrated. It's just that other
t17783.292022-09-04I can't believe this is a English translationThanks you two. I'll take a closer look in the upcoming days. Just to be sure: 4chan's patch works on both download edition and regular/first press
t17783.262022-09-03I can't believe this is a English translationNever mind, found it. But it says "order acceptance is suspended" ... Seems I am not supposed to buy/read it. :D
t17783.252022-09-03I can't believe this is a English translationThat is entirely new to me, never heard of that before. What is Getchu?
t17783.232022-09-03I can't believe this is a English translationThanks for all the input. But as I stated in another thread before, I don't own PayPal nor a credit card their store front accepts. So it seems my
t17783.212022-09-03I can't believe this is a English translationThat got me confused. I am not planning on doing anything illegal nor discussing the likes of it. Still, that link didn't really answer my answer
t17783.192022-09-03I can't believe this is a English translation#16 Yeah, from what I could gather only 2 routes remain at this point. #17 I got you. But how do you plan on reading it once it's fully translated
t18708.252022-09-02How would I be able to...I still think my best option is to hope for a full translation which will also be available to me at one point without having to do who-knows-what
t18708.222022-09-02How would I be able to...How? I have no idea how any of that works.
t18708.202022-09-02How would I be able to...Yes, a partial patch has been released. Common route, Celia's and Lisa's route are finished, 2 more to go as far as I know. But doesn't the problem
t18407.102022-09-01Can I just force skip the first 3 route?Thanks.
t18407.82022-09-01Can I just force skip the first 3 route?Well... some say she is' not, others say she is. :D She is listed as main heroine here in VNDB. But out of the 4 main heroines she is the only one