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t15847.32021-04-11Game's contentThank you for your insight! I assume everything turns out well in the end, at least I hope so? Not a big fan of bad endings. ;-P
t15847.12021-04-10Game's contentHello everyone! I posted this question after reading a review about said game. 2 readers replied, thankfully, but I felt my questions were not yet
w1767.52021-04-08Muv-Luv AlternativeThank you for your replies. Still, I'd really like to know a bit more about those things. Would anyone provide me with a bit more insight?
w1767.22021-04-07Muv-Luv AlternativeHello everyone! I, uhm, I am very curious about and interested in both Muv Luv and Muv Luv Alternative (part 2, if I'm not mistaken?) After reading
t15773.72021-03-30This is picked up but...Well, at least up to now every single on of their games have been released on Steam aswell. Let's hope that continues.
t14482.72021-03-30NekoNyan's latest newsThanks. Yeah, one of their reasons for not posting in so long was the Kickstarter campaign. Still, there was some time in between my post and that
t9834.122021-03-30Question about the true endWell, that is true too! But at least for me, all the true routes games I read had, there always was one heroine in its center. In this case it is
t15106.82021-03-30Yuzucurse strikes again.#7 I wholeheartedly agree.
t9834.102021-03-28Question about the true endWhile I do understand your point, I think it still also depends on the readers themselves. Just becauese the devs view THAT end to be the "true" end
t15739.32021-03-23Kickstarter campaignThank you soooooooooooo much! You, beliar, are the (my) hero of the millenium. I contacted NekoNyan nearly 3 weeks ago asking them basically the same
t15739.12021-03-23Kickstarter campaignEvening. Despite knowing, it's already late into the game, I have various questions and I hope someone is able to provide me with answers! About
w1704.22021-03-22Midori no UmiThank you for your thoughts, I appreciate it a lot. Most of what you've written was clear to me, too, I just didn't add in my review. Overall, you
w1413.162021-03-19Kin'iro LovericheNope, haven't read it. I'll wait for the complete game to be released. Then I'll see why Ria seems to be the true route. Thanks! ;)
w1413.142021-03-19Kin'iro LovericheNo one got an answer for me? :'(
t15713.92021-03-18Few ahead-of-time questionsWell, yes, I know, just to reassure you about your first question.
t15713.72021-03-18Few ahead-of-time questionsNow it works! But I am not much more of a help to you... I've checked again, there is no menu showing the list of scenes with their respective title
t15713.52021-03-18Few ahead-of-time questionsFor me the link is either not working or something went wrong during the upload, I don't see any image.
t15713.22021-03-18Few ahead-of-time questionsHi there! 1. No, there isn't. The only scenes that can be replayed are the h-scenes. 4 of them for each heroine and 1 additional after clearing
w1677.92021-03-17Onii-chan, Kiss no Junbi wa Mada Desu ka?#3 Thank you for the clarification. ;)
w1677.22021-03-16Onii-chan, Kiss no Junbi wa Mada Desu ka?1. I am a bit confused - why is this game not a nukige? 2. Which choice do you mean? I read it to, and I unlocked all CGs and scenes. Did I miss
w1413.132021-03-15Kin'iro Loveriche@Bcirno Thanks again. I am just wondering - why is Ria main heroine and not Slyvie as she seems to be the front girl? I am a bit confused.. O.O
w1413.72021-03-14Kin'iro Loveriche@Bcirno Thanks! Sylvie is the true route, or am I wrong?
w1413.32021-03-14Kin'iro LovericheAm I right assuming that by 3p you mean 3 people in one scene? There are terms I am not familiar with...
t12919.222021-03-03Best girl?Best girl: Yayoi > Mahiru > Saya > Asahi Route: Saya >= Asahi > Yayoi > Mahiru None the less, it's a harem game so individual routes count very
t9834.82021-02-25Question about the true endDifferent readers, different opinions as well as different interpretations of various endings and such. Personally, I don't have an issue with the
t9834.62021-02-24Question about the true endDo you mean the true end? If so, in what way is it incompetent and why do you feel that way?
t14574.32020-08-22A review , a poll and maybe a discussion? (2)Yep, I started to prefer tsundere-type heroines in the past too.
t14574.12020-08-22A review , a poll and maybe a discussion? (2)My review of "Under One Wing": Whether I recommend it or not depends on one's personal preferences mostly. Here's why: The game has its common
t14234.62020-08-22Question about Kana's spoiler tagsI didn't check it 'cause I'm not interested in it. And again, it wont add a new CG, only a variation if at all.
t14482.52020-08-08NekoNyan's latest newsThanks a bunch! At least there is a bit more told than on their homepage.
t14482.32020-08-07NekoNyan's latest newsThanks for the quick reply. Have you got a link for me?
t14482.12020-08-07NekoNyan's latest newsJust a quick question: Is it just me, or wasn't there anything posted on their website since March 19th? That last update is nearly 5 months old so
t14171.112020-08-04What's it with this VN?Thank you, too!
t14171.92020-08-03What's it with this VN?Thank you!
t10438.122020-07-28Best girl poll!Yuzuyu for me. She encourages the protagonist, which doesn't happen too often, at least not in the VNs I've read so far. But I felt like she was the
t14002.52020-07-09A review , a poll and maybe a discussion?Well, you played the best route anyway. if you ever get back to it, try Ayame's route... But stay away from the other two. Thanks for your thoughts
t11965.152020-06-27h-scenes actually part of game or in menusTwo months later.. can someone please tell me, whether the h-scenes are truly "only avoidable" or if they are part of the actual game flow? (Not
t14260.12020-06-27R18 Patch on JP locales only?I am really interested in this game, but from what I could gather so far, after installing the R18 patch it will only work on JP locales. Does this
t14234.42020-06-23Question about Kana's spoiler tagsI totally agree with you. If you liked my review about Kimi o Aogi Otome wa Hime ni, see my other votes on VNs by clicking my name and then you have
t14234.22020-06-22Question about Kana's spoiler tagsHiho. Takamine Kana is NOT a robot. There is a robot character in the game, but it is not Kana. I advise you to read my review as well as other
t14171.72020-06-13What's it with this VN?Thank you so much for your insight! Now, I really can skip that one. Maybe, I'll retry it in the distant future...
t14171.52020-06-12What's it with this VN?I like my romance stories. So I can skip that on without any regrets?
t14164.82020-06-11Best delinquent main heroine?Agreeing, disagreeing, doesn't matter. Everyone is entitled to their respective opinion, sure. Yet, it still doesn't change the fact, that I
t14171.32020-06-11What's it with this VN?I did and I am well aware of those tags. Still, I don't know what to make of it. I don't mind a harem but I don't care about it either. So, is there
t14171.12020-06-11What's it with this VN?I have a request: Can anyone tell me whether there is more to this VN than just the MC trying have his way with all the heroines? I started the game
t14164.52020-06-11Best delinquent main heroine?While it is true, that Azusa is a heroine in the FD, she isn't in the main game. If you read the title, you'd now why I didn't include Azusa
t14164.12020-06-10Best delinquent main heroine?Whom do you like best? I'm also interested in your reason!
t14149.42020-06-09Worst GirlWell spoken! :D
t14149.22020-06-09Worst GirlIs there a reason why Kotori is not an option? Don't get me wrong, she is my most favourite heroine. Just wondering... I had to choose between
t12451.132020-06-09worst visual novel everKono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete - the worst VN ever? I can't disagree more! If you really think this VN is bad, you clearly haven't played any