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t15895.12021-04-19Kanojo Seiiki General DiscussionI noticed that there's no discussion here, so I'm roll the ball. I read the untranslated version (I don't think that there's a translated version
t7128.422021-03-12Who do you like better?Chiaki best grill
t15327.82021-03-12Censor/blurring in H scenesPlay it on PS3/PSVita
t15600.42021-03-08Ok, this might actually be the series redemptionBest grill won already, I don't really see a point of this other than having a better ending and hscenes that we're not gonna get rip
t15181.12020-12-15Has anyone finished this game?I just finished it (I think), I barely know any Japanese, so it was struggle playing the raw version, it was hot af tho, 10/10 recommended.
t15038.42020-12-09Add Summertime Saga back#2 it has all the characteristic of a visual novel, so I don't understand why it was removed.
t15038.12020-11-18Add Summertime Saga backPlease add Summertime Saga back, it is literally a visual novel, and this is my first vn ever, so add it back pls.
t14848.42020-10-12Why Don't More People Read Visual Novels? AnalysisThere's a bunch of otome vns tho, so I don't see the female players going
t14794.222020-10-12Plant Sex additionWait what? This is not the Minecraft Anime Mod I'm looking for.