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v4198.122021-03-22 at 14:54colossalKisetsu no HanayomeFixed errors in translation (the protagonist's name had a typo in one sentence on Getchu which was what was translated, so I fixed it with the
c95817.82021-03-02 at 23:53colossalShinohara KoutaEdited to flow better in English in the 1st sentence of 2nd paragraph, feel free to edit if errors are noticed.
c95819.42021-02-21 at 00:28colossalYofune HatsuhoAdded a description translated using DeepL which I verified and edited.
c95818.42021-02-20 at 23:41colossalHakari YuiAdded a description I translated from the main site using DeepL, which I then verified/edited.
c95817.62021-02-20 at 23:00colossalShinohara KoutaAdded older sister trait and added a comma in the description.
c95817.52021-02-20 at 22:59colossalShinohara KoutaAdded a description translated from the character page using DeepL and then verified the translation and tweaked it.
r77926.52021-02-20 at 22:44colossalHajirabu -Making*Lovers- & Making*Lovers - Full HD Remastered Bundled Limited Set EditionAdded to the notes to say everything included in this package
c95816.42021-02-20 at 22:40colossalSonoike SakurakoAdded a description translated using DeepL, which I then slightly edited.
v30456.22021-02-20 at 22:30colossalHajirabu -Making*Lovers-Added a description translated from the "What is Hajilove" section on the main page with DeepL and then slightly edited the translation for clarity.
c94301.62020-12-18 at 23:52colossalMinase YuumaMinor translation and grammar edits.
v29667.82020-12-06 at 16:30colossalYubisaki ConnectionFixed a sentence to sound a little better
c94192.42020-12-06 at 16:29colossalAkizuki MikotoAdded office lady trait which is stated in her intro page on the main site and is apparent in her apparel.
c94190.52020-12-06 at 16:26colossalSakurazaka YuzukiAdded university student trait which was stated in her Dec. 6th introduction video.
c94301.52020-12-06 at 06:02colossalMinase YuumaAdded description translated from the official site: link
c94193.22020-12-06 at 05:55colossalTachibana IoriAdded description translated from the official site: link
c94190.42020-12-06 at 05:51colossalSakurazaka YuzukiFixed a few errors, she's not tsukkomi, she's waiting for the tsukkomi from someone else.
c94190.32020-12-06 at 05:47colossalSakurazaka YuzukiAdded description translated from the official site: link
c94191.52020-12-06 at 05:43colossalFutaba NatsuhoAdded description translated from the official site: link
c94192.32020-12-06 at 05:37colossalAkizuki Mikotoadded description translated from the official site: link
v29667.72020-12-04 at 18:56colossalYubisaki Connectionsmall grammatical fix
v29667.62020-12-04 at 18:44colossalYubisaki Connectiontiny grammatical fix
v29667.52020-12-04 at 18:43colossalYubisaki ConnectionTranslated description from the Intro page on the main website.
v29032.32020-09-01 at 18:57colossalPrincess CrisisAdded description by using DeepL and then reading through the JP source on my own and fixing any errors and awkward wording.
v25838.112020-08-27 at 22:05colossalHime to Aiyoku no SacrificeAdded the main page of the website where the description was translated from.
v25838.102020-08-27 at 22:03colossalHime to Aiyoku no SacrificeAdded translated description.
c21758.72020-08-27 at 04:54colossalHagiwara HinanoCorrected a mistranslation. 捨てる = throw away/abandon/give up - link
r71779.22020-08-24 at 14:34colossalSekai o Sukuu Dake no Kantan na Oshigoto - Download EditionUpdated website link
r33759.62020-08-24 at 14:32colossalSekai o Sukuu Dake no Kantan na OshigotoUpdated website link
v24803.502020-08-16 at 23:09colossalTsuki no Kanata de AimashouAdded particle 'the' to the alias because that is how it is officially shown. Source: link
c90726.52020-08-12 at 21:08colossalAiuchi ShuutaEdited for sentence flow.
c90726.42020-08-12 at 21:04colossalAiuchi ShuutaAdded description which I translated from link
c91334.42020-08-07 at 04:40colossalAmagamine RennaAdded translated description (used DeepL then made some adjustments). Please correct this if there is a mistake, this description was particularly
v24987.192020-07-22 at 01:01colossalEinstein Yori Ai o KometeMinor changes for readability and grammar.
c91780.22020-07-21 at 20:12colossalFlareHer name is written as フレア on her character page on the main site.
v28286.172020-07-20 at 02:05colossalKakenuke★Seishun Sparking!Changed the protagonist's name to be in line with VNDB romanization rules.
c89815.32020-07-19 at 21:30colossalTono YuuChanged his surname to "Tono". I know if his name was written in exact romaji, it would be "Toono", but in English, that double 'o' sounds more like
v28286.162020-07-19 at 21:24colossalKakenuke★Seishun Sparking!Small fix on line 2 for conciseness/flow.
v28286.152020-07-19 at 21:21colossalKakenuke★Seishun Sparking!Added a description which I translated from the story page on the main website.
c91335.52020-07-16 at 19:35colossalKomachi NonokaSmall word substitution. Sounded a little better to me.
c91336.82020-07-16 at 04:22colossalHarizome ShioneRevised the last sentence of paragraph 2 and another minor detail. (I made a mistake. Having looked over the official chara page again, that phrase
c91336.72020-07-16 at 02:09colossalHarizome ShioneChanged the last sentence in paragraph 2 because it's a more common phrase in English.
c91335.42020-07-16 at 01:58colossalKomachi NonokaAdded a description which I translated from the character page.
c91337.52020-07-15 at 23:42colossalHanamaru MariAdded a couple personality traits which I gleaned from her description.
c91337.42020-07-15 at 23:40colossalHanamaru MariAdded a description which I translated from the official character page.
c91336.62020-07-15 at 22:19colossalHarizome ShioneFixed incorrect translations, formatting, and sentence flow. (The DeepL translation wasn't too bad, but going over it myself, there were a few errors
v28633.52020-07-15 at 00:34colossalRen'ai x RoyaleAdded a description which I translated from the story page on the official website.
c83844.332020-07-14 at 20:30colossalKaminoyama MeaSlight change in sentence 2 for better flow.
c83844.322020-07-14 at 19:22colossalKaminoyama MeaSmall grammar fix.
c83845.122020-07-14 at 19:20colossalYotsuya Granger HannaRemoved the "Translated from" because it's not on many other VNDB character entries.
c83843.122020-07-14 at 19:19colossalTanemura KoyuzuRemoved the "Translated from" because it's not on many other VNDB character entries.