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t15703.32021-03-15Sweet Forbidden Romance Story RecommendationsThank you so much for the recommendations! Kurano-kunchi no Futago Jijou is what caught my attention the most at the moment but Gakushoku no Oba-san
t15703.12021-03-15Sweet Forbidden Romance Story RecommendationsHey barfboy, I was browsing through VNDB and noticed that in 2012 you mentioned how the VN "Subete Ubatte Yaru!" was surprisingly a sweet forbidden
w32.22020-09-02Making * LoversYeah that makes sense. My plan is to go through a different date each play through, but it's also possible to just save-load to see all of them the
t14337.32020-07-15Regarding c89935.10Yeah, no problem! I think you did a great job with the translations. I just wanted to make sure we put the best translation we could make out there
t14337.12020-07-14Regarding c89935.10I saw that you changed 極東 from the Far East to Kyokutou in this revision. Are you sure it's not referring to the far east? I feel like it is because
t12407.52020-04-24H codeYes, I got it to work, but I switched over to Textractor and a mouse-over dictionary (Nazeka Firefox-addon) because it's better for learning Japanese
t13789.42020-04-08Which was your favorite route??I like all the heroines. They each have nice romantic and funny moments which are varied and make each route feel fresh.