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-PlayingWHITE ALBUM 2 ~closing chapter~Mari-san's route - soo good!!2020-05-212021-07-13
10FinishedDoukyuuseiCalled the pioneer of the modern eroge. Outstanding. The flag events and endings were amazing and the characters are varied and realy good and the romance was done very well too. Nanpa game but one focused on romance (even if the protagonist doesn't seem like he is as much sometimes.) Took about 41 hrs [*played the remake*]2021-02-092021-02-252021-03-04
10FinishedFureraba ~Friend to Lover~highly enjoyed all routes except Misaki's was good, but not as good as the others2020-03-172020-03-042020-03-27
10FinishedMaking * Loversall 5 routes are top-tier, a lot of amazing romance and comedy2020-03-172020-04-032020-04-09
10FinishedRemember Saiai no Tsuma ga Hoka no Otoko no Ude no Naka de Hohoemu, Mou Hitotsu no IF2020-04-262021-05-242021-05-27
10FinishedWHITE ALBUM 2 ~introductory chapter~AMAZING!!! Even if you've seen the anime, I still recommended reading this!!! (The anime covers the events of this chapter, but leaves out certain events and also the deeper feelings, thoughts, and literary expressions)2020-05-212020-12-052021-02-18