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2021-05-2710Remember Saiai no Tsuma ga Hoka no Otoko no Ude no Naka de Hohoemu, Mou Hitotsu no IF
2021-05-258WHITE ALBUMYayoi's route finished.
2021-05-109Doukyuusei 2Played Windows 対応 version. Kinda inconvenient with needing to look back and forth at a guide. But, the stories of the romances, rivals, and etc were done really well! Sasuga Doukyuusei series! So far finished: Mirei, Misako, Sakurako, Tomomi, Minori. Save 1 has started Kozue route and is before the onsen trip since I didn't go on that trip yet.
2021-04-189Sugar * StyleFinished Mao's so far- she is one of my top fav. heroines now and is a year younger tsundere amaenbo who likes to stick to the protag and is wholly welcoming of him in her "dere" stage.
2021-03-0510DoukyuuseiCalled the pioneer of the modern eroge. Outstanding. The flag events and endings were amazing and the characters are varied and realy good and the romance was done very well too. Nanpa game but one focused on romance (even if the protagonist doesn't seem like he is as much sometimes.) Took about 41 hrs [*played the remake*]
2021-02-2110WHITE ALBUM 2 ~introductory chapter~AMAZING!!! Even if you've seen the anime, I still recommended reading this!!! (The anime covers the events of this chapter, but leaves out certain events and also the deeper feelings, thoughts, and literary expressions)
2020-11-169Amakano 2AMAZING COMMON ROUTE!! There are romance/sweet situations even in the common route. The music, character designs and personalities are superb! This VN makes you feel like you're in an onsen/hot tub. Rei: in my top waifu list (~37 hours to get to the ending common route incl.).
2020-08-319IxSHE Tell(JP ver) Ayaka's route (8/7/20) was really great. She was very proactive in the relationship because of her high confidence side, but she also has another side to her which was a cute gap. I also really liked Kasumi and Shirori, Kasumi's route had a shock factor towards the end.
2020-04-178Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren'aiOnly finished Shiina's so far. Good romance but heavy focus on comedy.
2020-04-0410Making * Loversall 5 routes are top-tier, a lot of amazing romance and comedy
2020-03-177Oshi no Love yori Koi no Love
2020-03-178Acting Lessonsinteresting and unexpected plot
2020-03-178Princess Evangileonly finished Ayaka's, am in Rise's
2020-03-178LoveKami -Pureness Harem-only finished Yukari's
2020-03-1710Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~highly enjoyed all routes except Misaki's was good, but not as good as the others
2020-03-177Sakura Sakuraonly finished teacher's route so far
2020-03-178Wagamama High Speconly finished the sister route so far
2020-03-179Hoshi Ori Yume Miraiso far only finished Rikka's (but her's was HIGHLY EMOTIONAL!!! [in a good way])
2020-03-179Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura DokiKonami (blood-sister) route was amazing, great drama
2020-03-179Sanoba WitchMeguru (best girl!) and Touko's finished so far
2020-03-179Senren * BankaYoshino and Murasame's finished so far