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t16549.32021-09-20Agewait how kuma sensei is 30, i remember she said in the first game that she is in her 20
t15994.212021-05-20This VN is an award winnerhow about smee other game protagonist like making lover and fureraba they are like kazuki but more over the top. kazuki is so much more tame compare
t15214.62021-02-08The Ending is actually perfect.i don't think it is that meaningless, i mean what is he going to do with all those memories when get back constantly reminiscence about the people he
t15196.42020-12-18Hook code?where do you download the game the one i download can't translate using vnr
t15199.32020-12-18Is they going to make a sequel ?oh thank
t15199.12020-12-18Is they going to make a sequel ?So i already finished the game long time ago and i really love this even if it got some flaw in the story and plot. Can anyone tell me that how good
t12968.182020-08-24favorite heroinei think Mashiro is the best, it is just plain simple focus on mashiro and masaya romance is the best thing i can expect from her route, but for the