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t17013.32021-09-15Is there any hook code for the trial?thank you very much #2
t17013.12021-09-15Is there any hook code for the trial?I want to read the trial but it seem that Textractor can't find any hook for it. If any one has the code please share it with me.
t15418.32021-07-21Reading phone messageI have totally forgot that Textractor has thread linker, thank for remind me, mate
t16626.112021-07-21The Steam Deck.I don't think hold the Steam deck with one hand to F*p is a good idea. Hope whoever came up with that idea have a capable arm to do that.
t15529.12021-02-10Finding H-CodeI have tried to google it but i can't find the right code for this game, if someone have the code please share it with me!
t15418.12021-01-19Reading phone messageDo I need to read all the phone message to understand the story? I use Textractor and can not find the hook for the phone message.
t15115.32020-12-05Hook codeOk, it fixed. Thank you.
t15115.12020-12-02Hook codeSo I have tried all the hookcode i could find on the internet and none of them work, Can someone share hook code work on textractor for me, please.
t14798.72020-10-29So routes reminds me of Wagamama#6 Shio in her route get better and be somewhat dedicated to the mc, I too get annoyed by her in the common but in her route she is sweet.
t14798.52020-10-07So routes reminds me of WagamamaI think they will release a fandisc or something to cover Ameri soon, hope so.
t13271.242020-03-22Reflection Blue announcementAnyone thinks Reflection Blue gonna become a DLC for the English Steam version of Summer Pocket.