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2022-12-013The Sekimeiya: Spun GlassI am so incredibly bored...
2022-03-242CLANNADNot for me, at all.
2021-12-145Soukou Akki Muramasasex
2021-12-086ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSHVery ??? moments but I can't say I didn't enjoy a lot of it.
2021-12-014Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~So far I have not been impressed. Action/Fantasy just isn't VNs strong suit.
2021-12-016Plastic MemoriesThe main story itself is pretty good, tho the side routes are boring.
2021-06-115Fata Morgana no YakataGood story, but has some questionable attributes and presentation, such as treating adultery and pedophilia very lightly. I wasn't really enjoying myself for a good 80% of it. To those it speaks to, it's probably great.
2021-04-2910Umineko no Naku Koro ni ChiruIs definitely Ryukishi, especially in ep 8, but 10/10 anyway. This is a story that will leave its mark on not just mystery, but all of fiction forever.
2021-04-1810Umineko no Naku Koro niPeople said this was the best mystery ever... I shouldn't have ever doubted them. It's not perfect, but what it achieves is so great, it lapses any of its flaws and then some.
2021-03-243Higurashi no Naku Koro ni KaiAn alright conclusion. This story just isn't really for me. Didn't connect with much of the cast or narrative.
2021-03-203Higurashi no Naku Koro niOnikakushi was amazing, the rest was just disappointing in comparison. Especially Arc 2.
2021-03-096I/OSmart, but convoluted mess. I enjoyed most of it, and in retrospect it is pretty impressive. However it is definitely far above my complexity curve.
2020-11-218.8ROBOTICS;NOTESThe third entry to SciADV and what a great addition it is. Very SoLy, but very hype at times. Best cast SciADV has.
2020-11-089.9CHAOS;HEAD NOAHIncredible masterpiece. One of the best stories I've ever seen.
2020-10-249.8Remember11 -the age of infinity-An unforgettable story. Has some of the best Pacing ever. A cumulation of an idea brought to fruition.
2020-09-136Ever17 -the out of infinity-Better setting and concept than N7. Still had some dumb moments and annoying inconsistencies. One route was particularly useless. The callbacks, references, and connections to N7 were nice and that alone made reading N7 beforehand worth it. The overall idea behind this VN is genius and whoever first thought of it deserves a lot of recognition.
2020-09-014Never7 -the end of infinity-Started off enjoyable, but its lack of events and extraordinarily repetivitive and predictable routes made it a bore very quickly. It picked back up for Izumi Cure tho.
2020-06-136STEINS;GATE 0Good highs, pitifully low lows. You can tell this was rushed.
2020-05-285STEINS;GATE: Senkei Kousoku no PhenogramI read this for the milk. Some routes were interesting, others very questionable.
2020-05-285World End SyndromeThe plot was interesting, one of the routes is made cringe by true tho. The story structure was cool, but quite repetitive. Absolutely beautiful artwork.
2020-04-019.9CHAOS;CHILDMasterpiece of a story overall and addition to SciADV. Has some issues, but also some incredible strengths.
2020-03-244eden* They were only two, on the planet.Started off nice, did things I didn't expect it to. After the main story completed, the remaining half of the runtime was an extremely overextended epilogue. No choices or anything either. 0 replay value.
2020-03-247CHAOS;HEADAbsolutely Genius. The only reason it's so low is because of how incomplete it is.
2020-03-249STEINS;GATEOne of the best time travel narratives ever told. Couple holes and issues with structure tho.