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t16206.72021-06-13Animation lagI'm using an 8 year old laptop and the animations still work fine though... AMD Radeon HD 8670M 2 GB + Intel Core i3-3217U 1.8GHz
t15598.172021-06-09One of Smee's worst titles#16 Of course there'd be an uproar XD But as I said in my original comment, I don't mind about that. I'm ok either way and that's not the point. What
t15598.142021-06-09One of Smee's worst titles"Your first mistake was taking Smee seriously in the first place. I mean, what?"Well, M*L was my first Smee game. How was I supposed to know before
t15598.122021-06-09One of Smee's worst titles#11 "I remember Kuon's route, the amount of times the cast called the MC a lolicon on her route was ridiculous. In particular one of the side girls
t15598.102021-06-07One of Smee's worst titles#7 "why are you quoting me?"My bad bud. I accidentally quoted you. I'll edit. "This feels like you attacking those who like virginity... I mean, why
t15598.62021-05-31One of Smee's worst titles#4 Calling out others' rant and then going out one oneself. Talk about meta LOL "The whole game feels forced, there is no chemistry between any of
t15598.32021-04-12One of Smee's worst titles"This game had a lot of other problems too..." What exactly? You haven't mentioned anything and just ranting here... "What was the purpose of even
t15599.72021-02-25New artists/heroine designsThey are discussing the heroine types and game mechanics on Hooksoft official channel live on YouTube now...
w594.12020-12-26Amakano 2Ummm...Azarashi Soft is known for games of this type. If you knew that and still played it then that's on you buddy. Stick to Hooksoft/Smee/Purple
w381.22020-11-20Natsuyume NagisaAny chance your major in college is Creative Writing? That was amazing...
t14787.132020-10-30You favorite Demi MILFIt's Sally for me too. There are tons of son-con eroges out there with carnivorous milfs wanting to spoil you. So while I agree that Yasha's scenes
t14496.152020-09-29i wonder@mikiru Already played through Oyako Rankan. That game is a hidden black gem. Haha Ranman has been on my radar for quite a while. @welbord I have
t14496.122020-09-29i wonder@welbord Wow, checked your page. That's quite a respectable list. Can you recommend games similar to Alicesoft's Heartful Maman?
t14496.42020-09-28i wonderWow...that's some dedication ^_^'''
t14496.22020-09-28i wonderRare? LOL Go and play Anim Mother & Wife games. All of them have biological mothers with pregnancy endings. There are 6 titles already with 7th on
t8757.62020-09-24H-codeJust do what #4 says.
t14584.22020-09-04Premium Package new content?I just bought the premium package yesterday. It is a bundle of the Revolution Go and Eiyuutan Go chapters. It comes with all the previously released
t14601.12020-08-26Who is your favorite heroine?Well, the title explains it all.
t9722.62020-08-18Helpu159500 Anim game cracks are actually quite easy to come across.
t13699.52020-07-28Like itHmmm seems interesting. Gotta give it a shot.
t13832.32020-07-14How does this connect to the previous 2 games?Ah I see. Thank you and sorry for the late reply.
t14193.12020-06-15What is the H code?Can someone please post the H code? Thank you.
t13217.32020-05-03H codeThank you.
t13832.12020-04-17How does this connect to the previous 2 games?How does the story connect to the previous 2 games? I tried google translate on the info page but couldn't understand anything.
t13797.32020-04-11Releases for Toaru Hahaoya no Ayamachi ~Yukari SonThank you! Just bought the game. Works just fine!
t13797.12020-04-09Releases for Toaru Hahaoya no Ayamachi ~Yukari SonI am planning to buy this game, here on vndb it says that it has added CV, but when I tried the trial version from DLsite it didn't have any CV. Can