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-StalledACE Academy2020-04-222020-02-24
7FinishedAlchemy Absorption: Melody2021-07-082022-02-092022-02-11
6Left UnfinishedAlone With YouCouldn't find the last ending...2021-12-112022-02-06
5FinishedAlways The Same Blue Sky...Nice visuals and music. However, it also has a weird story structure, skips characters bonding, and then it suddenly goes from 0 to 100 near the end.2021-01-132022-06-032022-06-03
-StalledAn Adventurer's Tale2020-07-202020-01-15
6FinishedAozora Meikyuu2020-04-222017-11-132017-11-13
7FinishedArtificial MansionA VN where you fight for your life. It is intense while giving time to learn more about these dolls. I enjoyed it from start to finish.2021-07-082021-08-272021-08-28
6FinishedAscendant HeartsWhile I like the art and Shiori's character, I feel that this VN could've been more. It felt too focused on the story rather than giving more group interactions and some characters more time to develop. Also, it gave us romance near the end that felt a little rushed.2021-07-042022-01-102022-01-13
6FinishedAspiring Light2021-08-072022-05-262022-05-29
7FinishedA Sun of SaltA VN that I thought very little of when starting it surprised me in more ways than one. It also scared me.2021-03-162021-04-152021-04-16
6FinishedBattle Girls2020-05-012021-04-132021-04-13
5FinishedBattleship BishojoSome parts of the story are repetitive and the ending wasn't satisfying.2020-04-252018-11-302018-11-30
7Finishedbeat refleI didn't see every event in the Memory tab. I'll come back to it someday.2022-08-022022-08-012022-08-06
7FinishedBistro DaysSTOP MAKING ME HUNGRY!!! THE FOOD ART IS TOO GOOD!!! ...*Ahem* This VN is good.2020-09-132022-07-062022-07-17
7FinishedBoku to Joi no Shinsatsu Nisshi2022-05-072022-08-152022-08-16
6FinishedBurokku GirlsBurokku Girls 2 when?2020-04-252018-11-302018-11-30
7FinishedCabin FeverA good VN with English voice acting. Mallory is a fun character and the protagonist is intelligent and smart. I wish it was longer.2021-07-062022-01-132022-01-16
5FinishedCarpe DiemOne memorable moment. Otherwise, nothing else to it. At least it's free.2020-05-012020-07-182020-07-18
6FinishedCatch CanvasA decent art-focused VN.2020-04-252018-11-302018-11-30
-StalledChampion of Realms2020-11-11
-StalledCorrupted Kingdoms2020-12-28
7FinishedCOSPLAY LOVE! Enchanted princessA nice-looking VN about a guy and a girl bonding with cosplay thrown in. It is a fun read. The interactions between the two main characters are nice, especially when they say lines from the anime that they like.2022-04-012022-06-012022-06-02
3FinishedCriss CrossMade a review for this VN.2021-01-142022-06-262022-06-28
7FinishedCursed SightA VN that reminds me that not every VN has a happy ending. I did enjoy Gai's interactions with Miyon. Also, Sasa is a cool character.2020-04-222022-06-182022-06-26
6FinishedDevil's EyesBrings interesting things but doesn't develop most of the characters within its short length.2021-12-282022-01-072022-01-07
7FinishedDice RollersCan't find one CG :(2021-01-162022-07-232022-07-27
6FinishedDivine Slice of Life2020-04-222017-11-242017-11-27
-StalledDoki Doki Literature Club!Will come back to someday. One particular part scared me too much.2020-04-252017-09-29
6FinishedEternal SecretA decent VN. My main problem with it is that I felt a couple of things were just revealed too quickly. Before I could question anything, the VN was over.2021-07-102022-01-162022-01-22
7FinishedFamicom Tantei Club: Kieta Koukeisha2021-04-172022-10-072022-10-11
7FinishedFamicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo2021-04-172022-10-112022-10-23
7FinishedFind Love or Die TryingAn interesting premise, but most of the girls don't get much development. Only Kat and Allie have a good amount of it.2021-08-172022-03-092022-03-11
6FinishedFox HimeA nice VN that I felt could've been given more time for the protagonist and Liya to bond.2020-04-252022-01-112022-01-15
6FinishedFox Hime Zero2020-04-252022-11-192022-11-25
4FinishedGames&GirlsEp 1/2/3/4/5 - 6/6/4/4/1 -- The first two episodes were fine. When the story started to change, things got a little weird. Finally, the ending was just a bad conclusion to this VN about game consoles turning into girls.2020-04-222017-10-222022-01-06
6FinishedGetaway IslandJunko is one of my least favorite characters in any visual novel. Aside from that, it is a decent VN about characters stuck on an island. I feel like they cut some corners near the end.2021-08-182021-09-042021-09-06
7FinishedGijeog-ui BunsigjibA VN with fun and interesting female characters as well as lots of shaved ice. I just wish Mira had an afterstory as well. Philia's is good and really interesting.2020-04-222020-01-052022-04-11
7FinishedGlareI wrote a review for this2020-11-052019-08-272019-08-29
7FinishedHaishinHaishin can be REALLY scary in a couple of scenes, most notably in the bad endings. My only complaint is that the pig's spawn positions can be a little unfair at times. Overall, it is an enjoyable gameplay-focused visual novel.2021-06-192021-10-142021-10-22
5FinishedHajimete Tateta Ocha ga Coffee no Watashi wa, Hachamecha na Otemae ...Would've been a decent VN if not for its horrendous English translation. At one point, there were no spaces between words. The tea ceremony sounds interesting though.2021-07-272022-11-062022-11-11
6FinishedHakoniwa no GakuenWhile some of its mystery moments are interesting and it has a nice beginning, there are a lot of unanswered questions and things (including the endings) in this VN that left me confused.2020-04-222021-10-062021-10-14
4FinishedHanapon PrincessI wrote a review for this2021-04-242021-08-202021-08-20
7FinishedHello Lady!A VN with good routes, a good story, good visuals, good music, and a memorable protagonist. However, it could do better with romance. Also, the true route has a few things I found questionable. Overall, I enjoyed it.2020-04-122022-01-232022-10-02
-StalledHero Cummy2021-04-06
6FinishedHrustal'nyj Gorod: Ostanovite Zemlju, Ja Sojdu2020-04-222017-10-242017-10-24
6FinishedHuanghun Xia de Yuetai Shang, Shaonü Zheng Ceshou Weixiao2020-08-162022-11-252022-11-29
7FinishedIdolDaysTsubaki wasn't bad at all. She didn't annoy me and was a good character. IdolDays is good.2021-06-192022-02-142022-02-16
5FinishedidolYAKI: From Delinquents to Pop Stars...I read through it so fast, I can't say anything about it.2021-07-092021-10-022021-10-02
5FinishedI Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin' Good Dating SimulatorFunny concept, but not really entertaining2020-04-222020-04-242020-04-25