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t14121.102021-01-03[Poll]Best Yuzusoft VN yet?With the official English release of Riddle Joker, I now rank the games as: 1. Riddle Joker 2. Senren * Banka 3. Dracu-Riot! 4. Sanoba Witch 5. Noble
w1260.12020-12-29Riddle JokerI agree with you on how they handled Hazuki's route. IMO she has the weakest route among all the heroines (maybe slightly better than the bonus route
t15204.82020-12-29favorite heroineNot gonna lie, I came for Nanami and I stayed for Mayu
t14121.52020-06-04[Poll]Best Yuzusoft VN yet?# 4 Oh man, that is kinda freaky :O I was just literally reading your comment in Senren Banka discussions
t14121.32020-06-04[Poll]Best Yuzusoft VN yet?As of right now, Sanoba Witch and Senren Banka are indeed the only officially translated. Although I feel bad about playing Noble Works and Dracu
t14121.12020-06-04[Poll]Best Yuzusoft VN yet?I have only played a couple of Yuzusoft VNs as most are not translated to English. If I had to choose the 2 best VNs from my limited choices, I would
t14092.32020-05-30[Spoilers] Nene's Wish On Other Routes#2 Isn't it sad losing your best friend but having no memory of it?
t14092.12020-05-30[Spoilers] Nene's Wish On Other RoutesWe all know that after Nene fills her bottle, she gets transported to an alternate timeline with her parents together. I just realized that this will