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t17694.32022-01-23How is the play time calculated?#2, Thank you, I have been wondering about that for some time now.
t17694.12022-01-23How is the play time calculated?How is the play time calculated, is it a single read through [1 route], or is it the time it takes to read all routes? I have been wondering about
t17693.12022-01-22Steam ratingEven if steam marks r85902 as adult only, wouldn't 17+ make more sense, since it contains no H? I think having it marked at 18+ is going to confuse
w3339.22021-12-20Momoiro Renge ~Shimai to Tsumugu Ecchi na Kankei~I am personally enjoying this right now, but my one complaint is that the translator doesn't seem to understand English as well as an English
t9785.102021-10-18Translation by Sakura Game slated for Nov. 15"#7 by kamenreader If you want information on how Sakuragame proceed you can check this article as expected it's mainly through deceiving companies
t17131.32021-10-05Add localization to staff section@2, Crap, I even searched through the discussion forum, I don't know how I missed that. Thank you!
t17105.492021-10-05Fourteen 🎉I am a little late, but happy birthday to the best database in existence!
t17131.12021-10-05Add localization to staff sectionI think that the localization staff [Tanslators, editors, TLC'ers, QC'ers etc] should be added to staff section on VN pages, at least when it is
t17050.12021-09-21Walkthrough [DeepL] *WIPGoogle sucks so I used DeepL to translate Aya's route on the walkthrough on seiya-saiga. I might edit it later to perfectly match the game
t15590.52021-08-20Censored version available?CTRL button is what I use when I reread a eroge and don't want to reread every H scene. ;)
t16809.432021-08-20Romance VNs and how do you react to them.@sanahtlig, thanks for telling me what the little birdie told you! Knowing this info is coming from you, I am sure that "little birdie" heard it
w2627.42021-08-19Study § SteadyI forgot to add, make sure to restart your computer when prompted.
w2627.32021-08-19Study § SteadySeeing that the error message is not in Japanese means you don't have your locale set to Japanese! Seeing that you have to set your locale to
w2627.12021-08-19Study § SteadyI read a single route and it did not crash once! You might have to play it in Japanese locale [my laptop is always in Japanese locale so I can play
t16777.132021-08-19About russians in this VN@OP, I am not Russian, but do disagree with you about the taste of Vodka. I have drank high quality Vodkas that are so smooth that I actually did
t16809.382021-08-19Romance VNs and how do you react to them.@sanahtlig, I am not sure if this title ["Moto Yankee Tsuma Hinako"] is considered NTR, but I think it is the most heartwarming nukige that
t16757.22021-08-14Question#1, He appears and is voiced! Some of the original heroines appear too! That is all I will say so I don't spoil you too much.
t16519.12021-07-01Should this include a partial patch....Should this include a partial patch in releases for the package edition since Maji Translations plans [the last I heard on their discord server] to
t16115.12021-05-26Is this a VN?I couldn't tell whether this was actually a visual novel, or something else?
t15293.42021-02-24Is it possible to read this without any yoai H?Thank you for answering my question, it definitely makes it easier to look forward to this VN translated!
t15293.12020-12-30Is it possible to read this without any yoai H?Not sure if I want to read this, so my question is if I can read this VN without seeing any male on male H scenes? If not, will I miss any major plot
t13520.552020-07-31Game really could have been an 18+ titleI would rather play BL than sit though Key H Scenes! [I would skip most of the VN though]. Key probably stopped putting H in their VN'S because they
t14076.32020-05-28Has Age anounced who the translators are yet?#2, The shit storm would last years. It would be like going back to the days when you couldn't go anywhere VN related without seeing SP hate every
t14076.12020-05-28Has Age anounced who the translators are yet?Has Age announced who the translators are yet? Just curious, hopefully they don't try doing it in-house with non-native english translators!
t13955.12020-05-09I thought porn was illegal in China?As the title say's, I was under the impression that 18+ games were illegal in China, but this 18+ game was developed in China. What is the law on