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t12572.92020-07-15Longest game quick reviewI have not played Zaku Zaku actors, but I think that criticism about the menus is not as huge of a problem in Monster Girl Quest Paradox. With some
t12572.72020-07-14Longest game quick reviewI think it's important to emphasize how good I truly think Monster Girl Quest Paradox is since I am afraid my previous comments - especially the
t14039.22020-05-25Part 2 GuideHi. On the same wiki, a guide for both part 1 and 2 can be found here I am pretty sure there is no "bad" ending in parts 1 or 2 (though maybe there
t12572.62020-05-20Longest game quick reviewSome games are definitely known for their music. A LOT of them however sure aren't. Indeed. Though as you can see, I was referring specifically to
t12572.42020-05-18Longest game quick reviewApparently I cannot edit my previous comment anymore, so it seems I have to post another one. After relistening to this game's OST, it seems I may
t12572.32020-04-25Longest game quick reviewOne aspect of this game that I wish was better is the soundtrack. While it does have some good music here and there (such as the final boss theme of