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t15836.12021-04-09Guide?Does anyone know one that isn't from (if it has one)?
t15765.62021-03-30savedata locationI was able to find the save file locations for all the episodes but for some reason they are split between C:\Users\(Your PC username)\AppData
t12973.322021-03-29Is this the last game in the series?#31 Oh, the complete edition is non-H only? Does that mean that the new content will also be non-H only? I would think that they would release an 18
t12973.302021-03-29Is this the last game in the series?#29 I know but there are people who are looking at this thread that haven't played the game. Like me for example, when I didn't even play episode 1
t12973.282021-03-29Is this the last game in the series?Just finished Ep 4 and yeah there is going to be more, with "New Episode" being about Miyako's route since supposedly it's the only branch that
t15765.42021-03-29savedata locationHow do you transfer save data? I got a 100% save file from a friend for Ep 4 but I don't know how to put it into my game (steam version). I have
t15761.32021-03-28I love Ghost (Spoilers)Yeah, I also loved playing Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road and I even realized that her voice actor plays Azusa in it. Man I really wished she had a
t15761.12021-03-27I love Ghost (Spoilers)Does anyone else just love her after she becomes your ally? Like her joining you in battle was pretty cool and then after when you just bring her out
t15700.12021-03-14Questions about Extra 2, Extra 3, and ZweiSo I just want to confirm for Extra 2. It's happening right, cause from what I'm seeing it's actively in development and is going to release this
t15654.12021-03-06Sort of disappointed in the ending (spolers)To be honest I'm a little disappointed about the true ending. I really liked the story and loved Atri, but I really thought they were going to pull a
t15409.232021-02-21Translation dropped^I think I was able to understand everything pretty well. The translating machine was able to form sentences that were understandable and I was able
t15409.212021-02-21Translation droppedDoes anyone know and can give instructions on how to edit the text files. I want to do my own translation of Yuzuki's route and maybe Mizuhara's
t15404.22021-02-14Guide for all CGsFound this: link First week survival guide: To not have her leave you don't abuse Yuu monitor her mood; gentle/happy etc.. Day 1: buy Coffee, you can
t15535.12021-02-13English?Does anyone know if it will come out eventually? (MOD EDIT: moved from Wagamama High Spec OC)
t15404.12021-01-16Guide for all CGsCan someone give me a guide or just tell me how to get all the CGs?
t14939.82020-11-02Naruko Ending (Spoilers)The ending where they lose their memories is the good one right? Because the other one where they don't date, but like each other, stay as friends
t14939.62020-11-01Naruko Ending (Spoilers)I think that the entire world was affected somehow and no one remembers their relationship. Kiyohito said that it was rare for Tomoe to be meeting
t14939.42020-11-01Naruko Ending (Spoilers)I know that all the endings are sad, but isn't making them forget everything about each other a little too much. I mean look at the other couples
t14939.12020-11-01Naruko Ending (Spoilers)Just felt like talking about it, but this was a really sad ending to me and I'm sure many others felt that way especially how it was so abrupt and in
t14788.12020-09-26I feel depressed after Kotona routeAfter playing the Kotona route (which I think is the true ending), I feel really depressed. I'm not really sure you can say it's a happy ending. To