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t14169.32020-08-21Game guideThank you for the links and the names of these sites. I come back (after several months of no response, LOL) and I wanted to thank you and I
t14169.12020-06-11Game guideHello, is there a guide on how to do the game well?
t14151.32020-06-09The best eroge / visual novel of my themes?Thank you, I already know these games or their series. Afterwards, it doesn't matter for interesting gameplay. I'm mainly looking for a story where
t14151.12020-06-09The best eroge / visual novel of my themes?Hello, sorry for the title which does not say everything but I would like to have the opinion of the players here. I'm looking for a visual novel or
t14039.12020-05-23Part 2 GuideHello, I was wondering. As for part 1 of the game (Zenshou), there was a guide on how to finish part 1 well without being in a bad ending. (link) I
t13991.12020-05-15Guide ?Hello, as I write in the title, I would like to know if there is an internet link to know how to get to the right end (or to several) because I