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r85757.42022-05-27 at 17:00freesiaHamidashi Creative: TotsuLinks +2.
v17101.492022-05-27 at 16:57freesiaANONYMOUS;CODEUmm, maybe not necessarily included in the game itself. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
v17101.482022-05-27 at 16:49freesiaANONYMOUS;CODEStaff +3, cast. link
s26635.12022-05-27 at 16:48freesiaOkaki HarukaNew seiyuu.
v19953.332022-05-27 at 16:38freesiaCHAOS;CHILD Love Chu☆Chu!!Staff +2. link
s26634.12022-05-27 at 16:32freesiaKushita MineNew musician.
v33205.32022-05-27 at 11:32freesiaHamidashi Creative TotsuTitle.
r91782.42022-05-27 at 10:13freesiaIrotoridori no Sekai - HD Re:GENERATIONRelation.
r91782.32022-05-27 at 10:11freesiaIrotoridori no Hikari - HD Re:GENERATIONCensored.
r91782.22022-05-27 at 10:10freesiaIrotoridori no Hikari - HD Re:GENERATIONOops.