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t18014.22022-03-18Regarding r87791.1Ah, sorry about causing confusion. Looking into these two releases again, I suspect that there's currently no difference... I used to think steam
t17804.192022-02-11<insert title preference>Thanks for the job first! "As a consequence of the above, it's not possible anymore to have two titles in the Latin alphabet that only differ in
t15351.22021-01-07Regarding r76423.1Oh, thanks for informing me. Actually there's no such particular reason, but merely because I didn't give much consideration. Given that the story is
t2108.33392020-09-09Candidates for deletionHina Hazuki is an alias of Takeda Hana and Kouchaha is an alias of Yamamoto Kazutomi. I drew the conclusion by comparing this link and previous
t8242.2892020-08-28The how to edit threadCould I ask a not so relevant question? I used to think there's no problem with adding characters' image extracted from official website. However
t2108.32972020-08-05Candidates for deletionlink is a duplicate of link. Sorry for duplication, I should have searched romaji as well.
t14408.22020-07-27Regarding r47124.9Thank you for telling me that! I'll pay attention to that.
t2108.32682020-07-14Candidates for deletionSorry, I'm here again... r73082 is a duplicate of r72854. That was entirely caused my carelessness. Hope that didn't cause much inconvenience.
t2108.32672020-07-10Candidates for deletionKuryuu Akane is a duplicate of Kuryuu Akane. I think that guy was meant to add some description but copied it instead.
t2108.32352020-06-24Candidates for deletionr72663 is a duplicate of r41020. Apologize for duplicating, their titles are slightly different so I made the mistake.
t3617.23102020-06-24Tags suggestions/fixesWow, they are still gushing out! Are we being invaded? EDIT: maybe everyone should be banned from creating tags temporarily (or get his IP banned if
t3617.23082020-06-24Tags suggestions/fixesUmm, I found someone created so many weird tags begun with link... I guess they are just malicious spam. :( EDIT: They could almost be determined as