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t17646.42022-01-14Regarding r86183.1Just report to this thread link The mods will do it.
t17646.12022-01-14Regarding r86183.1Regarding r86183. I'm not sure why a separate entry should be made. Also the loc group is more like staff than a publisher. My suggestion would be
t17634.32022-01-12Shinri as a protagonist.He is more memorable than any heroine. That's how good he is.
t17615.22022-01-08Johrenlink and head to offgamers link
t13727.3872022-01-06Flagging Imageslink visible blood
t13727.3822021-12-24Flagging Imageslink Explicit posters and covers in the background
t2108.44222021-12-22Candidates for deletionr70831 most likely dead. They couldn't work it out with Steam and eventually went for DLsite.
t17523.42021-12-22rejected by steamInteresting the news mentioned a Chinese localization was planned. I wonder how they could reach the Chinese audience without Steam.
t13727.3792021-11-10Flagging Imageslink Should be suggestive with background adult toys.
t8242.6392021-07-07The how to edit thread#626 @beliar I have no idea why no patch notes or any update info could be found on Steam, but its wikipedia page does mention the release schedule
t8242.6242021-07-06The how to edit threadWhat do we do with a later completed partial release, as with r53454? It was done through an update rather than a DLC that was initially promised.
t2108.38572021-06-26Candidates for deletionI'd agree with that, since Saya no Uta and Venus Blood -Frontier- have the same treatment with exclusive patches for either language option, and they
t2108.38552021-06-26Candidates for deletion^In case you haven't noticed, Eiyuu * Senki has the same issue, which ended up in two separate entries r46920 and r62069
t950.9442021-05-28VNDB Suggestions!Not sure if it’s been suggested before, but would the length of a title be better voted? Median length in actual hours or percentage of each option
t16104.122021-05-28Suspicious reviewsIt’s honestly a complicated issue. The site doesn’t prevent people from voting as they like, so they’re not against the rule. But this single
t16104.102021-05-28Suspicious reviewsInitial discussion here. t10302.195 @7 Having a few freshly created accounts posting perfect 10/10 reviews on a not so popular game doesn’t give
t2108.37642021-05-17Candidates for deletionOli Jan dupe of Oli Jan
w2063.22021-05-16Sadistic BloodI've already replaced two blood spilling screenshots with the JAST version. Stay put.
t15578.562021-05-15First VN?Memories Off 2nd back in 2004
t15997.22021-05-07Hikari FieldI wouldn't say ashamed. But if so many of your customers complained about them being affiliating with it, it shouldn't be surprising they'd choose to
t13727.3722021-05-07Flagging Imageslink boot stepping on the head should be considered violent
t15915.122021-04-24any good?I can assure the protagonist being a yandere is explicitly mentioned in the Chinese intro. From the top viewed Chinese reviews, their main concern is
t15915.32021-04-23any good?The protagonist is a yandere with psychological trauma, so it gets dark soon. The Chinese player base just don't take it kindly, hence the complaints
t15883.62021-04-18All age nukige from Orcsoft - is it a joke?I wonder what Sekai is trying to achieve here. If only they’d put the time and effort cutting contents from a typical nukige to a more plot driven
t15850.62021-04-12Financial success? Yeah, no.Sadly, copywriting is a skill not everyone has. Much as a niche market VN may be, a few lines of well constructed intro could do wonders. @2 I
t3314.24612021-03-19TraitsKuro-Gyaru is a trait, but the description clearly suits a tag.
t2108.35782021-01-23Candidates for deletionAs short as they may be, Jingse Xiaoran and Yingse Lingluo are standalone stories, rather than a remake of the original. I don't think they belong to
t15225.32021-01-17Worth it?Thanks for the reply. Info on this one was lacking. I see now there's also a review. Not a big fan of puzzle tho.
t15341.122021-01-09Average vote#5 #6 The number in parentheses is the average of how your ratings compared to the average of those you've voted.
w1287.82021-01-04Mugen Renkan ~Chijoku ni Mamireshi Fushiki no Rinbu~#2 It's not that bad. The most disturbing scenes are not shown visually, so if someone is looking for guro fetish here, they'd be very much
t15313.22021-01-02Jane Doe's nameYou can put it as alias, but I doubt it is not spoilery. Or you could leave it in description marked with spoiler tag.
t15225.12020-12-21Worth it?Recent release on Steam. Anyone familiar with this one could shed some light on how good/bad and how long it is? Thanks in advance.
t15171.32020-12-12Komachi routeSimply put, her traits need fixing. Also, I don't think you need to follow her route entirely to know whether she's a virgin or not. Lastly, Claris's
w1144.62020-12-12Ryuusei World ActorIt's quite obvious the clarification was directed at the misunderstanding or speculation. Anyway, I just hope we wouldn't wait too long for it to be
t2108.34522020-12-05Candidates for deletionr76229 dupe
t15123.32020-12-03Unable to add screenshotsI've done that for you, if you'd like to try again.
t2108.34472020-12-03Candidates for deletionr13013 dupe of r13014
t2108.34442020-11-30Candidates for deletion^You were actually one minute earlier than the other entry, But the other one has more info to it tho.
t3617.24282020-11-28Tags suggestions/fixes^If you do find a VN warranting these tags, then you could just propose them. Otherwise, there's no point keeping a tag that is not linked to
t14948.12020-11-02Denpa link format changeNot sure where to put this one. It seems Denpasoft has changed their product link format. Instead of<code>, it's now
t14896.42020-11-01Uncensor patch on the newest Steam version#3 Both.
t14939.32020-11-01Naruko Ending (Spoilers)You just don't find "happy ending" in Bokuten. That's what the writer intended to do. If they end up happily ever after, Bokuten would be just
t14003.52020-10-29R-17 ?After some research into this one, here's what I've found out. The game doesn't have any explicit contents to start with. The dev did release an off
t2108.33892020-10-20Candidates for deletion^Updated r75143 to include the latter two, so r75160 and r75161 are now redundant.
t14863.22020-10-16English Release from JAST USAHow are they related to each other? It doesn't seem MB is a prequel to SB. Can you elaborate on that?
t2108.33842020-10-16Candidates for deletionr75080 dupe
t14859.52020-10-16DLsite Lose sale@4 That’s helpful info. Wasn’t aware of the thread before.
t14859.12020-10-15DLsite Lose salelink Monobeno, Maitetsu, Gothderi -Gothic Delusion- all at 500 yen, which is around 5 bucks in usd. Even if you are like me who don't speak Japanese
t14740.52020-09-17Regarding c55765.7It's alright. It's been a while since I played it, so not remembering the route name.
t14740.32020-09-17Regarding c55765.7Sorry, I'm not sure what hono no yakusoku is. Is it a VN? It just seems confusing to me that you just edited that one character in Tsukikage no