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r70929.72020-07-07 at 04:22diesiureHoukago Cinderella - 20th Anniversary Commemoration First Press Deluxe EditionReverted to revision r70929.5, sorry, seems it's just my browser's problem...
s999.122020-06-28 at 22:42diesiureYahiro MamiAlthough she uses "du" in her twitter account, I saw link so maybe in vndb we shoule use "zu". Sorry if it's wrong.
s469.552020-06-26 at 09:15diesiureGotou MaiSpace consistency.
r57521.52020-06-21 at 08:10diesiureLoca Love: Jinja x Senpai - Package EditionGetchu link went 404... So I removed it temporarily. Is that OK?
r70929.62020-06-19 at 05:46diesiureHoukago Cinderella - 20th Anniversary Commemoration First Press Deluxe EditionLooks better with space.
v20432.162020-06-17 at 02:16diesiureHatsukoi * SyndromeI saw release titles should only contain half-width '*' so is VN title also same like that?
v27456.102020-06-13 at 22:51diesiureRe CATION ~Melty Healing~Maybe OP lyrics is staff?
s10070.122020-06-13 at 11:57diesiureTaichi Youredundant alias?
c6650.92020-06-13 at 02:19diesiureYomogi SeijiNormal space.
c6651.72020-06-13 at 02:19diesiureUtsumi KaliNormal space.