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t5801.342014-09-30We're at our Prime!Happy Birthday VNDB!
t2745.162014-03-11ReviewI was finished playing Rance 02 (remake version), and only one question in my mind. Who is the blonde girl with red armor in that Rance-02-original's
t2095.1562014-01-13YU-NO - GD9 out of 10 for this game. I just feel disappointed when Takuya do H with his own blood. Anyway, the overall of the game is surprisingly nice. Well
t4948.12014-01-04Is this really a VN?About years ago, I've completed this game. And now, I'm really surprised that this game stored in vndb. As long as I can remember, this game doesn't
t4742.182014-01-01Some hours into it, worried. [Spoilers]I just wanna hear some BGMs and see some movies like in muv luv. Anyway, thanks. Now I know there aren't any extras.
t1066.492013-12-31Happy New Year!Happy New Year !!!
t4742.152013-12-31Some hours into it, worried. [Spoilers]How can I access MLA CGs and other stuff galleries?
t4824.72013-11-24Ikikoi -GD-What parts that still goes unedited?
t3690.232013-03-16Scariest VN's you've Played?v10526 and v40 phenomeno is the scariest one, i think.
t2863.12012-06-27Sengoku gensokyo?I found this link ,yesterday and I think it's a novel . There are narrative texts provided and I do not seem to find it here. I hesitate to determine
t2710.42012-05-18JAST Twitter updatescan't wait for it . thanks for that link , good job bro .
t2025.32012-01-18Warningkey. i'll be careful next time . gomen.
t228.82011-08-30About the gameyeah i agree with echo
t252.32011-08-30Nice gamejust for fapp material. huh