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r10169.32021-10-19 at 22:12poudinkFatal Relations: Demo Version 1Removed dead link (no archive available). Unvoiced. Added resolution.
r10171.62021-10-19 at 22:10poudinkFatal RelationsResolution.
r10170.52021-10-19 at 22:10poudinkFatal Relations: Demo Version 2Unvoiced (source: readme). Resolution.
r10171.52021-10-19 at 22:09poudinkFatal RelationsUnvoiced (source: readme)
r10170.42021-10-19 at 22:09poudinkFatal Relations: Demo Version 2Archived link.
p1637.32021-10-19 at 22:07poudinkDigital Satin ProductionsArchived sites.
r76345.32021-10-16 at 04:40poudinkTime ZoneSource link
r76342.32021-10-16 at 04:38poudinkWizard and the PrincessSource link
r67503.22021-10-16 at 04:36poudinkMission AsteroidSource link
r74643.52021-10-16 at 04:34poudinkMystery HouseSource: link
r57902.142021-10-16 at 03:31poudinkUmineko no Naku Koro ni SakuArchived link.
r58242.22021-10-16 at 01:59poudinkDate (Almost) Anything DLCproperly handle dlc release
v32532.32021-10-16 at 01:07poudinkBubblegum Crash!Anime relation.
r359.72021-10-14 at 04:58poudinkDesireArchived link.
p422.22021-10-14 at 04:05poudinkThe SnarkArchived site.
r1477.42021-10-14 at 03:51poudinkAmy's FantasiesRemoved original name, archived link.
r9792.22021-10-14 at 00:47poudinkPhoenix DriveArchived link.
v9280.102021-10-03 at 04:47poudinkAngel Beats! A Third ViewTrack Zero and Third View are both unofficial Angel Beats! VNs, but they are officially related to eachother as they were both created by the same
r68169.32021-09-29 at 04:04poudinkFlatcheez English versionEngine.
r81696.42021-09-29 at 02:33poudinkA New Dawn 0.9official, obviously
r53019.122021-09-27 at 03:58poudinkThe Spirit Master of Retarnia -Conqueror of the Labyrinth-Engine.
r17000.62021-09-26 at 21:26poudinkJunk SeekerOops, accidentally set the game to uncensored last edit.
r17000.52021-09-26 at 21:24poudinkJunk SeekerArchived hongfire link and removed redundant info from the description.
r11443.52021-09-23 at 05:09poudinkRei Ayanami - Angel of SexArchived hongfire link
r21629.112021-09-23 at 03:41poudinkOrion HeartEngine.
v8765.42021-09-23 at 03:11poudinkOkasare Miki-chan to Hentai Oji-sanAnime relation
v29169.62021-09-23 at 01:05poudinkMy Mother Kyoko - NTR FallenGrammar
r81696.32021-09-23 at 00:10poudinkA New Dawn 0.9Itch.io page
s24219.32021-09-23 at 00:09poudinkVNAnonReplace redundant twitter link with itch.io page.
r81696.22021-09-23 at 00:06poudinkA New Dawn 0.9Release date added
r40262.22021-09-22 at 17:45poudinkMinecraft: A True LoveEngine.
r24381.52021-09-21 at 23:28poudinkHaruka na SoraAdd translator
r64697.172021-09-21 at 22:36poudinkWhite Album 2Add site
r31514.162021-09-21 at 22:34poudinkWhite Album 2fix link
r64414.32021-09-19 at 05:36poudinkAshita Deatta ShoujoPlatforum
r57048.52021-09-14 at 01:08poudinkThe Chikafag and ChikaLink in notes and official site only had info about the sequel. Added itch.io page. Added engine.
r25012.152021-09-14 at 00:57poudinkThrob! The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era! ~Second Science Club–A Secret...Engine.
r27655.152021-09-14 at 00:53poudinkSpace Pirate SaraEngine.
r14056.72021-09-14 at 00:37poudinkBecome tentacle, destroy the town and humiliate girls!Correct engine.
r55278.62021-09-13 at 03:17poudinkAnimal Pleasure SixthEngine.
r61360.32021-09-13 at 03:16poudinkShe Falls to a Perverted BastardEngine.
r43752.42021-09-13 at 02:06poudinkShin Matai Toshi - Download EditionWell, it's definitely some sort of NScripter, though there are some oddities. Scripts are in the first NS2 (00.ns2) archive for some reason and I
r70709.92021-09-11 at 19:40poudinkKud WafterProgress has restarted link Updated status
r72666.62021-09-11 at 19:35poudinkKud Wafter - All Ages EditionProgress has restarted link
r57852.122021-09-10 at 06:44poudinkLilipalaceEngine.
v26731.32021-09-10 at 01:39poudinkHero CummyAnime relation.
r27651.112021-09-09 at 21:10poudinkFree Friends - Download EditionUnity engine, as the notes already pointed out.
r2804.92021-09-09 at 12:46poudinkDual Phase ~ Soukakurou (Anal mo Vagina mo Hirogacchaimashita)Engine.
r59665.102021-09-09 at 01:21poudinkAnother Story of Fallen Maidens: Fallen Hero and the Magic Sword of TruthEngine.
r64736.32021-09-09 at 00:24poudinkJuukan Ace No.07 2007 JulyEngine.