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t17195.32021-10-16How Do I Enable English Text?Thanks for the help. To answer your question, I'm playing on my DSi and the only system I can emulate on it out of the ones this game is available on
t17195.12021-10-16How Do I Enable English Text?So apparently this is a bilingual series, which's pretty nice, but I can't seem to figure out how to enable English text and the UI is in Japanese. I
t950.10472021-10-15VNDB Suggestions!I don't like it, personally. I've always spelt my username all lowercase.
t10302.3212021-10-04Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadDoesn't strike me as suspicious, really. Dude probably just really hates PH2.
t16054.1602021-10-03Reporting MTL releasesThe description says only some of their translations are MTL. Is there any proof of the contrary?
t17113.22021-10-02add engine column when searching by release?Would be nice to be able to select columns for everything(-ish) like you can with VNs.
t10302.3192021-10-02Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadthat Fate score tho lol "Extremely cool themes, extremely cool way of tying its characters into its themes, many many extremely good scenes, explores
t17076.92021-09-30Visual Novel suggestionsWhether or not some of your scores were valid doesn't really matter. You abused the voting system and VNDB doesn't really lose anything by not having
t16147.62021-09-29The black sheep of Empress/Sei ShoujoThere only appears to be a single deleted release. If the delete reason is to be believed, then a translation was in development at some point, but
t2108.40702021-09-29Candidates for deletionThe Melty Blood series is currently listed as an exception in d15#3. The explanation for the exception relies on the fact that all games are listed
t17076.32021-09-26Visual Novel suggestionsYou can just blacklist entire tags (including Netorare) using VNDB's default filter feature. Much easier, quicker and more effective.
t17073.32021-09-25Which release should I play?Asenheim is good stuff. Gets a recommendation from me. Shame it's online-only, but oh well.
t15889.312021-09-25Translation accuracy seriously lacking"So I can't say that a food is bad because I can't cook? Or that a garment is ugly because I don't know how to sew? People are free to give opinions
t17063.22021-09-23Steam VersionThere's no reason for anything to be censored, there's no H in the game. As for sequel and prequels, just look at the relation tree. This is sequel
t3617.26332021-09-22Tags suggestions/fixesThe tags Heroine With Kansai Accent, Sex With Monsters, Consensual Sex With Monsters, Hero With Kansai Accent, Sex With Monsters Only and the traits R
t2108.40482021-09-14Candidates for deletionThe description claims all of the Flash elements are intact, though.
t17006.22021-09-14English InterfaceF95 has it, but it's pre-patched.
t950.10272021-09-14VNDB Suggestions!Wouldn't that mean your Voted label is public?
t950.10202021-09-12VNDB Suggestions!What if you set finished as private and give a second, non-private label to the ones you want public?
t950.10182021-09-12VNDB Suggestions!You can set the Finished label as private.
t16991.192021-09-12Voicing: A ProposalThis proposal seems reasonable, though may be a headache to implement UI-wise. I guess on that front the easiest would be to keep it the way it is
w2732.72021-09-12Tsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-"It's a 50 hour VN. I've dedicated nearly all my free time to it since its release and am just finishing up the first route now. You'd have to no
t12102.262021-09-11Should i wait for steam version?Again? Christ, there has to be something they're not telling. "Server issues" does not delay something by 2+ months. Did they state when they're
w2798.12021-09-099 -Nine- Sorairo Sorauta SoranootoI see what you did there with that score.
t16898.272021-09-09Tsukihime remake has been out for 2 whole days nowThe Switch is region free.
w2785.32021-09-09Rewrite"oh yeah lemme rewrite that"Haha it's funny because that's what the VN is called
t16054.1452021-09-08Reporting MTL releasesr82786
t16977.182021-09-08Offer: Translating MTLs descriptions for Cash!Actually, you may be right. I haven't messed with AniDB nearly as much as its competitors, since I got very quickly tired of the default layout.
t16054.1442021-09-08Reporting MTL releasesr82785
t16977.152021-09-08Offer: Translating MTLs descriptions for Cash!We're getting into very subjective territory here and relatively speaking, I'm very much a newcomer to this site. However, I'm a big fan of the old
t16977.92021-09-08Offer: Translating MTLs descriptions for Cash!People have been and continue to contribute to VNDB with no particular incentive other than simply contributing for years. That's how all wikis work
t16929.42021-09-08H-CodeOh, so that's what it meant. I can finally stop calling them hentai codes.
t16054.1432021-09-08Reporting MTL releasesr47264 is edited mtl according to link
t16962.52021-09-07About completionI'm a bit of a completionist, so I'll usually wait until I've gotten 100% completion before adding a VN to my list. That usually means getting all
t16967.12021-09-07Rewrite+ Partially Voiced?It seems that all releases of Rewrite are tagged as fully voiced... except Rewrite+, which is tagged as partially voiced. Is that a mistake? It seems
t2108.39992021-09-03Candidates for deletionSeems to me like they have the prologue translated, which is more than can be said for the translation it "depends" on.
w2733.32021-09-01Soukou Akki MuramasaHey, I have ADHD. Didn't know I couldn't read books. Thanks for telling me, it seems I've been living my life all wrong.
t16054.1282021-09-01Reporting MTL releasesWas mtl in the early 2000s even good enough for that?
t950.10112021-08-30VNDB Suggestions!Priority for the entries in the homepage latest reviews is messed up. It currently goes like this: time added/author > size (mini/full) > reviewed
t8242.7492021-08-26The how to edit thread...Did you just complain about me agreeing with you?
t16054.1102021-08-25Reporting MTL releasesIndeed. The language list is far more consistent with Google's than with Deepl's.
t8242.7472021-08-25The how to edit threadInfinity Cure's a fan disk that ended up being bundled with future releases, just like many other fan disks here. Nothing more, nothing less. There
w926.22021-08-24Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi.What I find the most puzzling is that the "Overall" score is different from the review score. I mean, isn't the review score supposed to be the
t950.10012021-08-21VNDB Suggestions!It'd be nice to have an "engine" column in a visual novel's "releases" tab.
t16054.972021-08-18Reporting MTL releasesActually, I'm not sure it was confirmed. I remember a lot of people claiming it was MTL, but I guess I do vaguely remember people also disputing
t16791.152021-08-18Sekai Project talks about their KickstartersIn terms of real world applications, Japanese is one of the most pointless languages I could decide to learn, which is saying nothing of the
t16054.922021-08-17Reporting MTL releasesDo games that were partially MTL'd qualify for this? Like the old Clannad fan translation which MTL'd After Story and some of the Higurashi console
w1622.22021-03-07Chrono ClockYou don't have to give equal weight to all rating factors. In fact, it'd be a bit silly to do so, because not all factors are equal in terms of their
t15551.92021-03-06Regarding VNDS.The VNDSx icon could always be used. VNDSx is the original VNDS interpreter so it'd be the most "official" choice. Since it's a DS icon, it'd be
t15551.72021-03-06Regarding VNDS.There's an exception. Some Russian dude made a javascript interpreter with a few exclusive commands and made a handful of VNDS ports that use them